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    Religion berakar ke bahasa latin : Relegere. Gabungan 2 kata : Re (ulang) + Legere (membaca). Membaca kembaliBerkali-kali saya menelusur, bagaimana runtutannya, hingga bahasa Inggris menyebut kata "Religion"?. Apakah berhubungan dengan "rely"? Read More
    944pv 23/06/2012 05:08:48 WIB
  • Morality and Religion

    Listen up, folks: MORALITY DOESN'T DEPEND ON RELIGIONYou need religion to inspire you to the unrealisticBTW: I think *religion* needs to recognize this point as well.And how would adding religion help? How would that explain thigs any better?So 'morality depends on religion' may be true, depending on what we mean by 'morality'But it doesn't follow that religion plays no role at all in shaping our moral evaluationsYou don't need religion to be a good human being; but maybe you need it to aspir... Read More
    1840pv 4 22/12/2011 23:33:56 WIB
  • Behead those who say [religion] is violent

    yeah, I'm getting to that. religion-in-govt (NOT "religion of a nation" thanks :>) promotes the following shit:…but take out the religion and the problem WILL STILL REMAIN.Judging by the examples I’ve read, actually, you can scratch “Abrahamic religion” and include “anybody”.same shit different country imo. majority rule based on an Abrahamic religion that isn't Judaism = shit shit shitAnd I argue that the religion of a nation has VERY LITTLE to do with whether they are “better... Read More
    1217pv 3 13/08/2012 01:42:36 WIB
  • 8.18.11 #dwdchat on Death with Dignity & Religion

    i'd say that religion support has a role, but nobody thinks religion should stand in the way of this right #DWDchatRT : religion "should" be personal, but sometimes its not. #dwdchatI'm with - I fear religion tends to cloud the debate rather than clarify it #dwdchatT1: During the dying process what is the role of religion and/or spirituality? #DWDchati mean "nobody HERE" thinks religion should stand in the way.... #DWDchatTrue, though, religion/spirituality often works hand-in-hand with a pea... Read More
    1433pv 3 20/08/2011 00:27:56 WIB
  • For you is your religion, and for me is my religion

    Because true religion does make sense. Gaperlu ragu bwt mncari tahu mngenai apapun dlm agama yg kita anut bahkan yg dianut org lain. Read More
    687pv 2 06/05/2013 17:10:09 WIB
  • How Kal Got Alienated From Religion

    This guy contributed to my alienation from religion as a studentCouldn't debate religion as such bc of PC climate; CollegeDem/Rep debates were badly attended, lame Read More
    1011pv 4 11/11/2011 06:25:57 WIB
  • Carl Marks: Founder of communism

    "religion is the drug of masses ." - carl marks ; founder of communism Read More
    1123pv 2 1 08/03/2012 05:51:50 WIB
  • THE RELIGION OF LOVE [ By: @Nadir_Monash ]

    Be certain in the religion of love there are no believers or unbelievers. Love embraces all (Maulana Rumi) Read More
    1485pv 24 9 04/11/2016 17:19:43 WIB
  • Religion, Christianity & Hypocrisy

    I do find it hard when people laugh at religion, but then bend to say "oh, we so respect Muslims" I respect - Read More
    1806pv 6 12/08/2011 20:59:51 WIB
  • #MisconceptionsAboutIslam @911 by @BonsaiSky

    Islam may be the most talked about religion in the world, but is also the most misunderstood. #dawah #911Islam is not a religion of the Arabs. It is a Message sent as a Mercy to mankind. #MisconceptionsAboutIslam Read More
    1185pv 6 1 12/09/2012 00:36:48 WIB
  • Islam di Amerika : Perbincangan dengan Dr. Shabbir

    Shabbir Mansuri dari Institute on Religion and Civic Values. #IslamInUS Read More
    1029pv 1 28/02/2013 13:58:30 WIB
  • Buntut Bom Belgia, Trending Topic #StopIslam Mengudara, Namun Banyak yang Membela

    Islam is a religion. Terrorism has NO religion. This hashtag is dumb #StopIslamTerrorism has no religion.Terrorism has no religion so focus on issue not #StopIslamIf i make mistake, blame me, "but not my Religion!." #StopIslam !!Terrorism is not a religion. Stop blaming innocent people. #StopIslamTerrorism has no religion, stop blaming whole religions for something mindless people do..It should be stop #StopISIS or does no one understand that terrorism isn't an entire religion of people?we do... Read More
    3586pv 30 34 22/03/2016 23:18:36 WIB
  • @keisavourie ~

    Religion doesn't make you a good person, but a good person makes religion looks good.Imagine there's no heaven, and no religion too. (John Lennon) RT : so what is your religion?RT : as what Hitchens said, "Religion get its morality from us, we don't get our morality from religion."I have no religion, so I don't have the obligation to do good.. But you have religion, have you done any good today?RT : but religion teach us the key of being a good person.RT : do you need religion to tell you "Lo... Read More
    1884pv 8 12/06/2012 23:59:59 WIB
  • Imam Hussain by @Sayood14

    ." - #ImamHussain #Islam #Muslim #faith #religion #Ahlulbayt #wisdom#Ahlulbayt #Karbala #Islam #Muslim #faith #religion #history#ProphetMuhammad #Ahlulbayt #Islam #Muslim #faith #religion #hadith #wisdom #ImamHussain#ImamHussain #Karbala #Ahlulbayt #water #martyrdom #Islam #Muslim #faith #religion #ImamSajjad#ImamHussain #Ahlulbayt #Karbala #Iraq #Arbaeenwalk #Arbaeen2013 #Islam #Muslim #faith #religion #holyshrine#ImamHussain #Karbala #Ashura #Muharram #Ahlulbayt #Islam #Muslim #faith #relig... Read More
    1138pv 3 31/12/2013 15:45:02 WIB
  • "The real jualan agama" Gelandangan Ini Cari Penganut Agama Paling Peduli Sumbang Diriny..

    Religion always workWeed is actualy a religion?I never knew weed smoking is a religion!"Which religion appears to be a majority in this town"religion is the most caring, their religion is the best, etc.. put it on display so the public can see it and voila.. now he's "rich"..weed are religion manx? nabinya sapa anjir? bob marley 😭🤣this guy is a marketing boss.. he knows his audience.. it's not about which religion cares the most.. it's about people will try to prove their Read More
    1389pv 12/09/2020 13:00:58 WIB
  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Examination of Religion's presence in Hip-Hop Culture

    #HipHopEd religion is often institutionalized but it's the ritualized component that makes religion, religion.RT : #HipHopEd religion is often institutionalized but it's the ritualized component that makes religion, religion.RT : #HipHopEd religion is often institutionalized but it's the ritualized component that makes religion, religion.Welcome 2 #HipHopEd we are discussing the presence of religion within Hip-Hop culture. Religion is the traditions/symbols/practicesAn Examination of Religion... Read More
    3372pv 6 3 18/07/2012 09:51:49 WIB
  • Beredar di Dunia Maya, Cerita Angelina Jolie Tentang Bukti ISIS itu Bukan Islam

    Angelina Jolie talking about an ISIS "Terrorism has no religion"ISIS is not islam ,, terrorism has no religion quoted from "angelina Jolie"#AngelinaJolie `ISIS is not #Islam, terrorism has no #religion.` So true! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Read More
    17895pv 84 216 06/07/2015 13:59:03 WIB
  • TS166

    Prompts for #TS166: vacuum, owl, religion. Pls RT.#TS166 his religion made him an owl,all for filling the vacuum.#TS166 put an owl in a vacuum,does it sound like a new religion?#ts166 those of the owl religion have a hoot vacuuming feathers...We're not people of religion. We're creatures of the night wandering around; craving to fill our complex, interconnecting cavities. #TS166#TS166 Chaplain spotted an owl,"a vacuum,lack of faith & religion"he commented adjusting d skull cap,time taught ever... Read More
    1120pv 10 28/02/2012 23:54:19 WIB
  • Serang Tempo dg "Harga Saham Rendah" Sama Bigotnya dg Serang Cagub karena Religion/Race ..

    Itu sama bigotnya dengan org yg serang Cagub karena Religion/Race. Read More
    1760pv 7 30/05/2016 08:09:36 WIB
  • Filsafat Agama, Hamid Fahmi Zarkasyi

    dan karya John Hick berjudul Problem of Religion Pluralism (1985) dan Interpretation of Religion (Gifford Lecture, 1986-87). #FilsafatAgamadan Hick sendiri menulis buku Philosophy of Religion. #FilsafatAgamaMreka lalu mnciptakan apa yg mreka sbut philosophy of religion. #FilsafatAgamaDiikuti karya Wilfred Cantwell Smith (1960): The Meaning and End of Religion, ... #FilsafatAgamaDitambah lagi ketika karya "kroyokan" para filosof dan pakar sejarah agama yg berjudul Truth an Dialogue in World Re... Read More
    2098pv 55 11 19/11/2014 21:40:00 WIB
  • Tentang Pinnacle to the pit dan Uroko.

    "Religion as greedy as industry. Tricking and controlling people with lies.""Free your minds from all religion and Gods...and believe in yourself. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD"Religion as greedy as industry. Manusia pun dasarnya memang serakah. Agama dan manusia jadi cocok, karena dapat kedok pembenaran. Read More
    995pv 8 08/11/2015 18:40:16 WIB
  • Mari Galang Upaya Selamatkan Persafuan dalam Kebhinekaan kita

    Mari mantapkan Pancasila sbg civic religion bangsa demi klestarian bhineka tunggal ika *siap2 dibully yg nggak dong ttg civic religion😀Civic religion tak gantikan agama.Brakar al. pd common values agama2, utk prsatuan : Agama2 sdh ada sblm gagasan meng-Indonesia Read More
    794pv 22 9 22/02/2015 22:02:14 WIB
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