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  • The 2012 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    Military Tattoo EdinburghEdinburgh Military Tattoo 2012edinburgh military tattoo; 2012Edinburgh military tattoo #amazingEdinburgh Military Tattoo!... #excited #edinburgh #edinburghmilitaryt @ The Royal Edinburgh Military TattooMilitary Tattoo. #edinburgh ,#scotland , #iphone ,#photoHM Kongens Garde, Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2012. Features electric guitar!The Edinburgh Military Tattoo was brilliant! What a spectacle! So much fun! #EdinburghColors #tattoo #edinburghcastle #unionjack #redwhitea... Read More
    2031pv 7 06/08/2012 22:50:36 WIB
  • BREAKING: #FreeAyman @AymanM detained by the Military!

    Breaking: freed by #Egypt military- Breaking: freed by #Egypt militarydetained by military. Please RT #freeaymandetained by military Please RT #freeaymanhas been detained by military. Please retweet #freeayman▬█► Breaking: freed by #Egypt military.. via #Jan25 #Egypt #FreeAymanMHashtage for ayman is #freeayman. arrested by military in #Egypt. We demand his releasedWe demand immediate release of #aje correspondent arrested by #Egypt military: Please RTLet's get #Freeayman trending. held ... Read More
    3149pv 13 06/02/2011 23:20:42 WIB
  • #Egypt: @Alaa and Bahaa Saber summoned for questioning by military prosecutor

    Why military court? 2. What is military court? 3. What due proces… (cont)you'll have a military trial ?Summoned by military-> MT : Best way to help me is raise alot of noise about the injustice of civilians facing military trials in EgyptRights group condemns referral of activist Ibrahim El Halabyto military court viaMilitary prosecution summons two #activists via #egypt #alaahow can we help this can never continue no to military trialsMilitary prosecution summons two activists Ala Abdel-Fa... Read More
    3095pv 4 25/10/2011 00:28:57 WIB

    BREAKING: 200 pro-coup soldiers at military HQ have surrendered to Turkish policeGRAPHIC: Turkish military units that lost their commanders in coup attempt (Via )BREAKING: Headquarters of pro-coup soldiers in Ankara has been taken by Turkish militaryBREAKING: 1563 military personnel have been arrested since beginning of Turkish coup attemptBREAKING: Erdogan's military aide has been detained on charge of participating in coup attemptBREAKING: Erdogan's office says any military helicopters flyi... Read More
    2687pv 21 16/07/2016 15:45:08 WIB

    When is a #military_coup not a military coup? When it happens in #Egypt, apparentlyVideo: Egyptian military kills peaceful supporter of legitimate prez #Morsi in cold blood . " viaRally planned outside White House Fri 6PM to support #democracy in #Egypt & reject military coup against elected prezMuslim Brotherhood: We unequivocally reject the military coup against elected President & the popular will, refuse deal with usurper regimeReminder to the world: President Morsi is in military custody... Read More
    1238pv 4 05/07/2013 10:53:02 WIB
  • #MaikelNabil Sanad will be retried, instead of being freed.

    Although a Military retrial is the whole point. No To Military Trails.Military police has arrested 2 camera men. #maikelnabilTwo cnc cameramen taken now by military police @ c28 #mikelnabilBlogger #MaikelNabil will be retried in military court #EgyptWe wanted him released today, not another military trial" @ c28#Egypt #Copts RT Military Police just arrested 2 cameramen outside C28 #MaikelNabilCase will be transfered to another military circle, likely to release him in daysRT : #Egypt #Copts R... Read More
    1714pv 6 1 user 11/10/2011 21:08:18 WIB

    #Egypt's military has deep rooted traditions & hierarchal chains of command to both military leadership & civilian commander in-chiefThis is a military coup, those who accept it r given sweets/flags by military Helis. Those who stand against it r shot by uniform police.Using Military might 2 force an individual on ppl of #Egypt is unacceptable.When is a #military_coup not a military coup? When it happens in #Egypt, apparentlyAnd #Egypt enters another military coup cycle. Will the ppl of #Egyp... Read More
    2267pv 37 2 04/07/2013 09:07:49 WIB
  • Recent Updates: Egypt, 9 Days After Military Coup

    Caricature about the military massacre in #Egypt #military_coup #MorsiIt was #Egypt's military. But they back stabbed their own ppl & murdered them.#Egypt's democracy was 1yr old, trying 2 fix 60 yrs of corruption & military dictatorship.RIP Ahmad Assem Senousi, 25-year-old photojournalist gunned down by military police in #RepGuard massacreMedico legal examiner at Zinhom morgue is refusing to issue examination reports of deaths on fear of implicating military. #Police_StateMedical union prom... Read More
    1343pv 6 09/07/2013 15:47:41 WIB
  • (Page 3) Archiving military ultimatum (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    "Your our military!""Your our military!""expect military trials.Just other military vehicles.Asked if they're worried about the military, "la2. we've been a military country for decades"I'm in no doubt a military coup is underway"Here comes another military chopper.... #EgyptPeople cursing the military on the way to RabaaCan't wait to see all the people in #tahrir celebrating military takeover of #egypt return next year to demand end of military rule.Some so-called journalists switched sycoph... Read More
    4193pv 3 1 user 04/07/2013 00:03:13 WIB
  • (Page 2) Archiving military ultimatum (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    "Your our military!""Your our military!"I'm in no doubt a military coup is underway"#Egypt's military begins moving into streets:BREAKING: US Defense Secretary states military coup is underway in Cairo. Egypt military taking control of the country. State is in flux.Can't wait to see all the people in #tahrir celebrating military takeover of #egypt return next year to demand end of military rule.Some so-called journalists switched sycophantic allegiance from Mubarak to Military to MB, now back... Read More
    3228pv 2 03/07/2013 23:35:06 WIB
  • Archiving military ultimatum (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    NO MILITARY RULE! #jUNE30Military denies leaked roadmapAP says Military in Maspero now #Egypt1:03:29 till Egypt's second military coup.Al-Erian: The era of military coups has endedMilitary and opposition respond to Morsi's speechBrotherhood spokesperson rejects military interventionStaff confirm military has taken over, many sent home. "Obviously, military coups no panacea. Global challenge.El Baradie to lead negotiation with the Military #30june Read More
    4689pv 4 03/07/2013 21:06:21 WIB
  • (page 4) Archiving military ultimatum (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    Presidency denounced military statement, says illegal, military has no authorityEgypt military live now on #ajeMilitary statement being read out now: military could not ignore the call of the Egyptian peopleMilitary coup in Egypt, July 3, 2013.Egypt military deploys across country viaEgypt military says there will be elections.Egypt military statement in 15 mins - Al ArabiyaNo to military trials for civilians. Just in case.Egypt military says efforts at "national reconciliation" pursued by mi... Read More
    4836pv 4 04/07/2013 02:08:31 WIB
  • Some legal questions on #BradleyManning

    Does it apply to members of military?You mean a military prisoner could be tortured and there is no pretrial relief?But habeas lies if rights systematically deprived and military authorities refuse to act.US military freely admits that what prosecutors recommend has no bearing on convenor's sentencing power.Geneva covers military - I'll take your word for it, I have no personal knowledge in that context.I am not familiar with the details but I assume this recourse is not available under milit... Read More
    1910pv 15 4 02/04/2011 18:09:52 WIB
  • (page 5) Archiving military ultimatum and coup (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    Military CoupIts a military coup.Presidency denounced military statement, says illegal, military has no authorityChant, "down with military rule!"Military coup in Egypt, July 3, 2013.Egypt military says there will be elections.They are not mere pawns in a military game.Ex-president of Egypt Morsi FB page rejects army statement, calls it military coup (it is a military coup obviously)Military has opportunity to shape it at will.Egypt military says efforts at "national reconciliation" pursued b... Read More
    7106pv 3 04/07/2013 02:43:36 WIB
  • Zainab's Arrest & Detention

    On my way to military court, to witness the sentencing of my father and 20 other activists & leaders.We looked @ each other & smiled, couldn't speak with all the military police in the roomas my brothers have been doing from their rooftops every night, I shouted "Allahu Akbar", until my mouth was covered by a military policemanA military policeman came into the room, walking directly towards me and spat in my face. I looked away and smiled. Jalila looked v. upset Read More
    2018pv 13 23/06/2011 07:19:17 WIB
  • Griffin Boyce (abditum)'s sick obsession with suicide and suicidal people

    To celebrate, we'll be releasing small snippets from our project on GLBT Military.A whopping 91% of US #military members surveyed experienced thoughts of suicide, and 22% had made a suicide plan during active duty. Read More
    1852pv 05/02/2012 23:16:50 WIB
  • Greece: Anti-austerity protests disrupt Ochi Day military parades

    In the end the parade in Thessaloniki took place (minus military units)Greek protesters close down military parade during anti - government protestGrek govt condemns the protests that forced president to flee military parade in ThessalonikiVideo of Greek military unit clashes with protesters during parade - Thessaloniki... via #28ogr #oxiGreek special force units in brawl with protesters during military parade in Thessaloniki, Greece #28ogr #oxiGreek protesters close down military parade duri... Read More
    2757pv 18 3 28/10/2011 18:53:09 WIB
  • #TURKEY COUP ATTEMPT HAS FAILED [ @intlspectator ]

    BREAKING: Turkish military tanks surround ParliamentBREAKING: Turkish military is facing resistance in AnkaraBREAKING: Chain of command in Turkish military has collapsedBREAKING: 17 Turkish police killed in clashes with militaryBREAKING: Turkish military assets are being overrun by citizensBREAKING: Military helicopter is bombing Turkish ParliamentBREAKING: Turkish military tanks firing around Istanbul airportBREAKING: Some Turkish military coup leaders have been arrestedVIDEO: Turkish milita... Read More
    1500pv 16 16/07/2016 11:57:36 WIB
  • Damascus Under Fire -- May 5. 2013

    #Syria TV: 'Israel rockets' hit #Damascus military siteIsraeli rockets hit #Damascus military site: #Syria"[VIDEO] Israeli rockets hit #Damascus military site:": [VIDEO] Israeli rockets hit #Damascus military site: #Syria"#Syria #Damascus The Free Syrian Army Shells Military...: : [VIDEO] Israeli rockets hit #Damascus military site: #SyriaBBC News - 'Israel rockets' hit #Damascus military site #Syria. ": [VIDEO] Israeli rockets hit #Damascus military site: #Syria"": [VIDEO] Israeli rockets hi... Read More
    1475pv 2 1 05/05/2013 09:39:03 WIB
  • Westhill Consulting Reviews: Economic Impact of 30

    Economic Impact of 30 Years of Military Rule in Indonesia and Pakistan Read More
    807pv 1 31/05/2013 12:31:23 WIB
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