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  • Bocoran! Teaser Poster Film "Rudi Habibie" Film Kedua dari Habibie & Ainun!

    Diskusi dengan aktor berbakat Reza Rahadian untuk membahas project terbaru dari MD Pictures Read More
    3686pv 7 30/01/2016 15:29:49 WIB
  • Gercep Banget, Habis Keluar Novel Akhirnya Cerita "KKN Desa Penari" Difilmkan dan Akan R..

    MD Pictures? Hm.. agak sangsi ya nggak sih. Read More
    829pv 23/09/2019 06:12:03 WIB
  • perhitungan untung rugi pembuat film (produser)

    Ya, kira-kira sejumlah itulah yang didapat MD Pictures milik Manoj Punjabi dari Habibie & Ainun. #filmID Read More
    1239pv 7 1 04/02/2013 13:12:15 WIB
  • Ketika “Nikahi aku, Fahri” Bertemu Pikiran Iseng dan Jempol Usil Netizen, Pagiku Bahagia..

    Disney beli MD Pictures, Fahri ngalahin semua pangeran mulai dari Erik sampai The Beast. Read More
    3585pv 3 10 30/12/2017 11:06:57 WIB

    Hingga berita ini diturunkan, akun MD Pictures sendiri belum merilis poster teaser seperti yang dijanjikan. Read More
    15413pv 12/09/2019 13:11:08 WIB
  • #magang di @DapurFilm

    Client kami saat ini MVP pictures, Starvision, MD dan Mahaka pictures #magangDapurfilm bukan PH sebagaimana Multivision, Starvision atau MD. Kami lembaga tempat anak2muda belajar Film #magang Read More
    5791pv 3 28/07/2013 18:11:21 WIB
  • Ngekek... Khayalan-khyalan Iseng Netizen Siapa Yang Akan Jadi Pemeran Jika Ahok Dijadika..

    #HABIBIEAINUN) #MAKSIMAL #NOMAT MD #APRIL_DO!!!My Stupid Boss (2016) Berperan sbg Bossman, Reza menyabet 2 penghargaan bergengsi FFI 2016 Credit: Falcon Pictures Read More
    2207pv 12 26/04/2017 10:04:58 WIB
  • Temple G.

    Thinking in pictures is amazing. I think verbally. #5013G3BTW, I teach in a 500 student school below DC in MD. I'm the sped push-in and pull-out only for interventions. #5013G3 Read More
    939pv 1 15/02/2012 11:28:01 WIB
  • @mrarbib klipingin TL @arbib @berita @tokoalatpijat @dkipusat

    Ragam_Jakarta: Perlahan namun pasti, itulah yang terjadi pada film kotroversial ciptaan Sony Pictures Entertai...Coklat Lagu Yang Di Putar Like Cc Md Beda Euy...!!!UNGU Lagu Yang Di Putar Terbaik Cc MD Beda Euy...!!!CJR Lagu Yang Di Putar Lebih Baik Cc MD Beda Euy...!!!NurBayan Lagu Yang Di Putar Oplosan Cc Md Beda Euy...!!!Viola Arsa Lagu Yang Di Putar Selfie Cc Md Beda Euy...!!!": Lagu Yang Di Putar KAPOKMU KAPAN Cc Md Beda Euy...!!!"Reny Seblak Lagu Yang Di Putar Dusta Cc Md Beda Euy...!!!... Read More
    4393pv 2 3 08/01/2015 13:26:31 WIB
  • Aftermath & Live-tweeting at Global Alliance for #Genomics and #Health #GA4GH2016 @GA4GH..

    People taking pictures of the Beacon poster - here's a PDF: #GA4GH2016MD: We need to take our great ideas, put them into practice, and test them out. #GA4GH2016MD: key to get participants back was to give them feedback on the "big picture" they were contributing to #ga4gh2016MD: it's really important to remember that all people do science - we are all curious, we all have tools #ga4gh2016MD: we found that we need to open data to scale analysis - but we don't just want to limit sharing to scie... Read More
    1220pv 6 19/10/2016 05:33:30 WIB
  • #FreeAJStaff: Al Jazeera staff sentenced to jail in Egypt

    Please keep tweeting thoughts/pictures/outrage! #FreeAJStaffAJE acting MD says today is "dark day for #Egypt judiciary" #FreeAJStaffAJE acting MD going through judge remarks point by point, says convictions based on no evidence #FreeAJStaffAJE MD Giles Trendle "this is about media freedom. Accreditation is an administrative issue, not a criminal one"AJE MD : "We will not rest till Baher, Peter and Mohammed and the six others tried in absentia are free" #FreeAJStaff"We will not rest until Bahe... Read More
    2427pv 17 1 29/08/2015 21:07:32 WIB
  • Tweets from #PMWC Personalized Medicine World Conference

    I remember this slide of pictures of human embryos well. #PMWCTools only useful if applied to a personalized plan of care -Snyderman MD, Duke University #PMWCCost of Sequencing dropping => $110,000 by late 2010, $30,000 by late 2011 -Niederhuber MD of Inova Health #PMWC#PMWC Keynote @ 9:10am: Future of Translational Research + Personalized Medicine by John Niederhuber MD of Inova Health#PMWC Keynote @ 8:50am => Personalized Medicine: From Theory to Practice by Ralph Snyderman MD, Duke Univers... Read More
    1289pv 9 19/01/2011 11:25:17 WIB
  • #AwasSinabung #PRBMitigasi

    7 MD dan 2 lainnya kritis dgn luka bakar akibat awan panas #DukaSinabung #AwasSinabung#Sinabung Sequel pictures of the #eruption March 29 - 17:25pm as seen from Payung#Sinabung by Sequel pictures of the #eruption March 29 - 17:25 pm as seen from Payung#sinabun(g) #EndroLewa Jan 19 - 22:16-22:19 pm Sequel pictures of Pyroclastic flows [1] view Gundaling#sinabun(g) #EndroLewa Jan 19 - 22:20-22:21 pm Sequel pictures of Pyroclastic flows [2] view Gundaling Read More
    2720pv 15 5 10/05/2016 16:50:53 WIB
  • ABAI 2013 Autism Conference LiveTweet

    cute dog pictures #ABAIA13House (from House MD) is sometimes sarcastic. #ABAIA13Bring in the fMRI pictures! #ABAIA13Toys, unusual placement (clown wig on giraffe) and pictures were the categories, they then assessed stimulus generalization across #ABAIA13 Read More
    1090pv 2 1 04/02/2013 06:00:27 WIB
  • From #Bahrain

    pictures of Zainab Alkhawaja, Asma Darwish & Sawsan Jawad in #Bahrain #UN office -Bahrain Interior Ministry md statement making clear intends to charge them, despite UN saying it doesn’t want to press any chargesHalf dozen of defense lawyers md detaild statemnts abt torture of their clients. Judge acceptd request for civilian med exam of defendants.UN Spksmn Najeeb Faraji sys UN calld Bahrn police to remove 3 hungr strikrs aftr "they md points they wntd to make" but refusd to go MORE Read More
    1862pv 7 16/06/2011 03:20:20 WIB
  • #slpchat Feb 3/4 2013 on Phonological therapy

    I was always going to be an MD, but then decided I wanted a 9-5 job for family life. SLP!!!! Love it, never looked back #slpchatQ1: only one material with pictures in NL (on print), Logo-art, they also have an app, LOGO-art OOPS. So lost of creativity! #slpchatQ1 I like the DEAP, various word lists for diff features, like polysyllabic words, clusters etc and my collections of pictures! #slpchat Read More
    4084pv 24 05/02/2013 01:48:01 WIB
  • Biology of Genomes 2013 (#BoG13)

    This is great - there's a photo montage in the lobby of pictures that were taken less than two days ago. #bog13Mark Balxter showing pictures of parasitic nematode a that take me back to Parasitology 101 at Nottingham Uni #bog13correction: that was my question, not a statement by MD. #bog13Audience with ability to attain MD or PhD opts for latter. Coincidence?Also, I did my Master in Sweden, so I loved the pictures of Sweden. I have to say, it only looks like that a few weeks a year ;-) #bog13... Read More
    13241pv 3 1 09/05/2013 04:27:56 WIB
  • Excellent Day5 Live-Tweeting at #ASCO17 #cancer #cancerresearch #Oncology @ASCO #Precisi..

    Apologies for the many pictures of a stadium but baseball is my new sport #rounders #ASCO17Gerhard Zugmaier, MD of explains.Cannot believe speaker showed two pictures of Cambridge - Cambridge UK and Cambridge Ontario (Canada) and omitted Cambridge, Mass. #aSco17MD conference in #cancerresearch #ChicagoChaired by Greg Fuller, MD Anderson. #ASCO17#DoctorInTheHouse: Jason Westin, MD is running for CongressSelfie with Dr Aman Buzdar at MD Anderson get together. #ASCO17Gerhard Zugmaier, MD Discuss... Read More
    2130pv 4 07/06/2017 00:53:04 WIB
  • Bio-IT World 2012 Conference & Expo

    Pictures to come. :)The fundamental question asked by Keith Anderson of MD Anderson #bioit12Keith Perry, MD Anderson: Are we implementing technology that supports or hinders how medicine is practiced? #bioit12Keith Perry, deputy CIO of MD Anderson Cancer Ctr: "medicine is outpacing the life cycle of typical IT applications" #BioIT12Keith Perry: 806% increase from 2006 to 2010 in clinical and molecular data at MD Anderson - data fountain became a data flood #bioit12Biospecimen data integration... Read More
    3815pv 4 27/04/2012 07:57:33 WIB
  • Excellent Day3&4 Live-Tweeting at #ASCO17 #cancer #cancerresearch #Oncology @ASCO #Preci..

    Thanks to for the pictures of having makeup before the #ASCO17 video interview & toMD Anderson's Dr. Amy Hassan will be at the MD Anderson booth 17105 12:45pm-1pm for q&a! Come stop by! #ASCO17Next talk from Dr Yee from MD Anderson #ASCO17MD Anderson was a participating trial location.Brooks: The MD Anderson salvage algorithm. #ASCO17#lcsm folks: this is a great MD to follow! #ASCO17At the MD Anderson reception: with Dr Buzdar #ASCO17With Mark Awad MD from before his CDA in lung cancerOxnard,... Read More
    2854pv 3 05/06/2017 22:06:28 WIB
  • Big Data in Biomedicine (#bigdatamed)

    MD PHD as co director! #bigdatamedSigmas and Pi on slides from Alice Whittemore... this audience gets it, and is even taking pictures of slides! #bigdatamedAnd now Stanford MD/Ph.D graduate Eric Horvitz! #bigdatamedMD: Specialled celsl that communicate through a language of cytokines and synapes. #bigdatamedMD: there will be a big data fruit salad-- combo of efforts, methods infrastructure #BigDataMedMD: Immune system boosters from Whole Foods have not been tested at molecular level. #bigdata... Read More
    10322pv 2 25/05/2013 06:35:43 WIB
  • Daftar Pertanyaan Seputar Taylor Swift VS Kim Kardashian Yang Viral

    Mahfud MD memberi pendapatnya terkait Erick Thohir yang kini menjadi ketua Timses Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin. Apa kata Mahfud MD?friend, memek, artist, artis, payudara, pupa, kiss, kissing, travel, traveling, blogger, blog, blogging, miss universe, naked picture, naked pictures Read More
    713pv 10/09/2018 13:54:30 WIB
  • #updatedseinfeld

    Elaine finds videos of George cumming on printed out pictures of his mom on porntube. #updatedseinfeldKramer moves to MD + gets a job with the DoA. Bowls alone every Thurs + erupts in furious rage at what his life has become. #updatedseinfeldGeorge wanks to pictures of Sarah Palin. Jerry violates the terms of his Google+ account. #updatedseinfeldJerry buys a Nissan Leaf, which Newman gets jealous about and blackmails him with photoshopped porn pictures. #updatedseinfeld Read More
    6290pv 20 11 31/07/2011 04:19:12 WIB
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