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  • "Bisa gak jangan mikir yang tidak-tidak?" Video Kuncian Leg Lock Yg Menyulitkan Penculik..

    Ajari anak kuncian Leg Lock ini agar menyulitkan penculik anak. Barangkali berguna🙏🙏🙏 Read More
    1155pv 08/03/2019 09:43:52 WIB
  • #theraid #raidrules2for1 behind the scene by @ghuwevans

    For a kick you can't use a real leg… #raidrules2for1None of us on crew, that actor included had any fucking idea how to pick a lock… Movie magic! #theraid #raidrules2for1For 2nd part we put a hand through the trouser leg&shoe, still hurts but not as much :) #raidrules2for1My fav contribution to the choreography is coming up - head lock Mad Dog lifts his legs to swing and throw Andi #theraid #raidrules2for1That leg swing guy earlier into the concrete pillar… concrete was CGI - it was act... Read More
    1355pv 3 1 11/04/2014 16:14:41 WIB

    Find/lock/wipe your phone remotely.Just kicked off the NZ leg of FST Media's Business Intelligence seminar to a full house here in Aukland #FSTBI Read More
    1081pv 27/05/2011 06:46:26 WIB

    Find/lock/wipe your phone remotely.Just kicked off the NZ leg of FST Media's Business Intelligence seminar to a full house here in Aukland #FSTBIJust kicked off the NZ leg of FST Media's Business Intelligence seminar to a full house here in Aukland #FSTBI Read More
    884pv 27/05/2011 06:47:08 WIB
  • 2 June: Bomb scare in #Watford, Hertfordshire, England

    Watford = Total Grid Lock = Avoid!RT : Watford = Total Grid Lock = Avoid!Looking forward to tonight provided my mum is released from the police lock down in time #watfordbombreally scared about whats goign on in watford, guy with bomb strapped to him done a complete lock down on all shops, :l #watford:S theres a guy with a bomb on his leg in watford co-op.. #watfordbombWill it still be a stand-off if he detonates his leg bomb?#watfordbombNow it appears man has bomb strapped to his leg in Nat ... Read More
    8634pv 11 02/06/2011 18:49:52 WIB
  • #Norway: #Breivik trial: Live tweets (11 - 16 May)

    Lock doors and barricades windows and doors. Switch off lights.Her leg still hurting. #Breivik trialHit in left lower leg. No serious injury.Her leg still hurts if she does a lot of walking. #BreivikFelt pain in leg. Was shot. Rang her dad as she was running.My injured leg hurting. Asthma attack. Was in water 1 hour.#BreivikSaw something that looked like a blood wessel hanging from leg. #Breivik trialShe still didn't realise #Breivik had been shooting to kill, as she was only hit in the leg.1... Read More
    4367pv 5 16/05/2012 23:53:36 WIB
  • Twitter Witnesses the Spectacle of the Baltimore Spectator Sought by the SWAT

    . references police officer who accidentally shot himself in the leg this weekLock your doorlet lock his doors!you have homicide detectives shooting themselves in the leg and blaming anon black men, think about itlock the door from the insideYo, the sticking point on your surrender is being able to lock your top lock yo? Really?!?!?Stipulations so far: will lock his door.leave them a key to lock up afterward lolHoping he can lock his door before arrest;Lock your door dont let them motherfucke... Read More
    11258pv 6 10 02/12/2012 12:22:27 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    She broke her leg so she can't take him #hplccAny funny business, and I’ll lock you in that cupboard until Christmas. #hplccNo, but I saw him and Filch dressing up a wound on his leg. Snape said something about keeping your eyes on all 3 heads. #hplcc Read More
    2513pv 17/04/2012 04:15:48 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    MY LEG! #hplccHow’s your leg? #hplccCome on you stupid lock, open! Just wait ‘til I get my hands on them. #hplccWould have got here faster if it weren’t for this bloody leg. #hplccStop being noble, it’s the first person to the Cup, and I’m not exactly going to make my way to it now with this leg! #hplcc Read More
    3774pv 02/05/2012 04:34:46 WIB
  • #StormontKaraoke (archive)

    You put your left leg in left leg out In out in out and shake the DUP about #StormontKaraokeAll the promises that Robbo made, from the Lock Keepers to the gatekeeper facade... #StormontKaraoke Read More
    2577pv 6 1 11/09/2015 23:14:04 WIB
  • #UK: #Leveson Report published (29 November 2012)

    Deep misgivings re statutory but will draft leg to show how diffThe image that confronts journalists as we arrive at Leveson lock-in. Is Brian trying to tell us somethin?90 mins into the Leveson lock-in, with journos still unable to tell us that it's actually 2,000 pages of badly-spelled Press Mogul Slashfic. Read More
    2516pv 5 29/11/2012 21:00:33 WIB
  • Harlod Begins

    Slumped in a corner, the monster notice the lock on cage is fragile Like human bone.Harlod struck with heat bullets in arm and leg. He fall to the ground in agony.Once, twice, three time he pull: the lock acquiesce to the formidable strength of the Great Beast. The door swing openThen all of the happen, Harlod feel awful pain in his leg. Oh no, he think. "a prickly bush!"Harlod nod and break an leg off the antique oak end table, a detail too specific to not come into play at some pointHarryte... Read More
    8369pv 16 4 18/03/2012 05:24:06 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    There you are, what happened to your leg? Where’s the grim? #hplccI will lock you in, it’s now 11.55. Five turns should do it Miss Granger. Good luck. #hplccI will lock you in, it’s now 11.55. Three turns should do it Miss Granger. Good luck. #hplccYes, most prisoners go mad within weeks, no need to lock them up when the Dementors send them into madness. #hplcc Read More
    2418pv 116 02/05/2012 04:26:40 WIB
  • KSM arraignment at Fort Meade

    Schwartz says there's an issue over his prosthetic leg.The public affairs major says he'll lock the door of the media room during #KSM session at #Guantanamo. Unlock to leave, rap to get back in.No one has explained yet why guards brought Bin Attash to court strapped in a restraining chair, his prosthetic leg came in separately. Read More
    3013pv 5 05/05/2012 22:43:52 WIB
  • Black Lives Matter:'s TL on #AltonSterling and #DallasShooting #Dallas

    Only two employees remain on lock down at the Bank of America garage.Shetami was shot in the leg. "She shattered her tibia" big sister says. Shetami currently in surgery #DallasPoliceShooting#ElCentroCollege says campus in downtown #Dallas on lock down; students, employees still in main buildings. #DallasPoliceShootingUS Capitol and Capitol Visitor Center on lock down - No one allowed in or out of US Capitol or Visitor Center because of police activity Read More
    2177pv 1 09/07/2016 08:40:48 WIB
  • #Egypt: Field hospitals attacked by the SCAF APC, #Tahrir #Cairo (5 Feb 2012)

    Now, is reportedly shot in back, leg, head. He tweeted it :(a7a Salma's leg RT : ولاد الوسخة بيقولوا ما فيش خرطوش. دي رجل سلميIs a chronic shortage of doctors and facilities forcing #Chinese families to lock up or abandon the mentally ill? |While #MOI denies birdshots r used.. here is a pic of 's leg post injury!!!! #7ekoomaWeskha Read More
    3349pv 7 1 user 1 06/02/2012 04:50:54 WIB
  • #ShauryaDiwas trended on top

    Leg warmer lady doesn't want to hear my fart sauna woe. Advice? #ShauryaDiwasLeg warmer lady doesn't want to hear my fart sauna woe. Advice? #ShauryaDiwasIts time for govt to lock all those supporting it. The same losers abuse democracy.66AThere's a woman at the gym wearing leg warmers unironicaly. I'm not singing Xanadu. Is this a faux pas? #shauryadiwas'Journo' @ IBN #NextSagarikaGhose -> " :#ShauryaDiwas to celebrate Babri Its time for govt to lock all those supporting it.'Journo' @ IBN #N... Read More
    3992pv 3 06/12/2012 23:30:15 WIB
  • The New Sports Bar is Twitter - Interactions with Hoops Fans on 5/24/11 - Bulls vs. Heat..

    It's lock downLock Down defense.Then again everyone thought LA was a lock to 3-peat...with the help of Joe Crawford, anybodys defense can be lock downRT : What team described as "lower leg injury" for Asik is actually fractured left fibula, according to a league source.RT : with the help of Joe Crawford, anybodys defense can be lock down (U don't understand basketball) Read More
    6868pv 22 1 26/05/2011 01:50:45 WIB
  • #Ottawa, #Canada: Shooting at the Parliament Hill and the War Memorial

    Lock doors.Leafs in lock-down hotel downtown.One Parliamentary guard was shot in the leg and is OK in hospital, House of Commons security officer tells us. Another was shot in pantleg. Read More
    2660pv 6 1 23/10/2014 03:40:05 WIB
  • #G8 is starting - tweets from Northern Ireland (page 2)

    He certainly done his homework on Northern Ireland but my leg is soaking.Someone take him to The Oval and lock him in until he agrees to get the club money. Make it happen people Read More
    3533pv 3 17/06/2013 15:38:27 WIB
  • Jack Wilshere #Arsenal (16 February 2011)

    my lock screen is now Jack 'the babe' Wilshere and what a win tonight then eh? <3Photo: Arsenal Vs Barcelona (First Leg)! Fantastic match, man of the match in my opinion was Jack Wilshere.... Read More
    3464pv 4 17/02/2011 06:25:41 WIB
  • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev-Jahar(@J_tsar)'s all tweets 24/Oct/2011-18/Apr/2013

    im telling you kid, snatch or lock, stock and two smoking barretsI got these bros that I'd take a bullet for, in the leg or the shoulder or something nothing fatal thoAnyone else wake up because of a leg cramp this morning? not kidding my calf was going through some shit today, I almost cried Read More
    12212pv 8 1 21/04/2013 09:14:23 WIB
  • Roast Friday

    She may not know where the caps lock is, but she type some funny shit. #RoastFriday #FFComputers of lock up b/c she uses super glue when she cuts & pastes #RoastFriday #FFLeg humps for all! Except you #roastfriday people. Watch your backs...This guy has the worst stripper 'stanky leg' in all the land #roastfridayYou know lives in KY when a case of Heineken and liberal use of the Caps Lock button is a big night on the town. #RoastFridayI only followed these ladies for a few but I think still w... Read More
    16349pv 49 31/03/2011 09:28:34 WIB
  • Page 2 of #Kabulattack (13 September 2011)

    - Shocking cabin fever takes hold as lock-down at #Kabul office continues #Kabulattack...Afghan journalist shot in leg outside building in downtown #Kabul used to attack U.S. embassy. Clashes continue. Read More
    4549pv 11 1 user 13/09/2011 22:01:50 WIB
  • AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote presented by Andy Jassy #reinvent

    AWS DB lock-in? YEP “People talk about lock-in w/#Oracle. But data gravity makes lock-in worse with #AWS” #reInventMore Lock-In....#ReinventSpeedy runners on right already on return leg! Raised $30K for #GirlsWhoCodeJoin as he discusses vendor cloud lock-in at #reInventpeople hesitate using those due to api lock in #reinventJoin JosephCoyleUSA as he discusses vendor cloud lock-in at #reInventWhile you're "avoiding vendor lock-in", your competitors are innovating on #AWS - #ReinventJoin th... Read More
    3145pv 1 30/11/2016 23:12:18 WIB
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