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  • Netanyahu speech at Congress, 24 May 2011

    All "growth" is due emergency to aid.A must-read from Haaretz's Merav Michaeli, nailing the mindset of the current Israeli leadership:Focusing on suppression of democracy in Iran rather than growth in Egypt/Tunisia works with this sycophantic, dumb audience. #bibispeech Read More
    8254pv 6 1 user 25/05/2011 08:10:29 WIB
  • #icot2013 part 1

    Countries that seem to do well in test taking find it hard to be creative with an entrepreneurial mindset #icot2013Chen: NZ is seeing a growth in the non-European population. How do we deal with that tiger? It can be the engine of our salvation. #icot2013 Read More
    3822pv 1 28/01/2013 03:32:23 WIB
  • all the buzz at International Marine Conservation Congress @IMCC2014 #IMCC3

    A serious growth problemGrowth or decline? #IMCC3#IMCC3 left me with a lingering feeling that we have a ways to go to rid ourselves of a colonial mindset in consAge structured grouper model relies on growth, luckily there are a fair few growth estimates in FishBase <-- #IMCC3Linked to population growth, increase in effort from 1950-2010 #IMCC3Lavigne: If we "take this brave step" we can realise that infinite growth is not possible #IMCC3Infinite growth is simply not possible on a finite plane... Read More
    10061pv 20 2 13/08/2014 00:02:27 WIB
  • AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.0 (to 2014/11/10) #reinvent

    Could the convergence of #crossfit and #Christianity #reinvent and pump up the growth of the latter?How To #Reinvent Yourself With An Entrepreneurial Mindset #LifeReimaginedHow To #Reinvent Yourself with An #Entrepreneurial Mindset | December 9, 3PM UTC viaHow To #Reinvent Yourself with An #Entrepreneurial Mindset | December 9, 3PM UTC via#Mindset "My Self is ruler of the universe." Lesson 253 from A Course in Miracles Life is what you make it. #reinvent Read More
    7063pv 22 2 09/11/2014 18:57:13 WIB
  • An Honest but Hurtful Question Leads to Healing Around Heterosexism, Homophobia and Heal..

    Discomfort = growth n the end.Having said that, I just had to reflect upon and acknowledge my own heterosexist mindset because... Read More
    5948pv 25 24/12/2011 10:47:05 WIB
  • PBLcourse

    Mindset and infrastructure!A1: sts nd ts develop a growth midset thru PBL #pblcourse Read More
    5075pv 12 7 14/06/2016 02:45:07 WIB
  • Minnesota Bloggers Conference 4 #mnblogcon

    Talking about Google+ growth #MnBlogConWrite when you have the mindset, as much as you can. #mnblogcon Read More
    4622pv 3 21/10/2013 00:45:07 WIB
  • ASHG 2012 (#ASHG2012)

    PP and Hap B of KIR better supports the growth of the baby. #ASHG2012Pe'er #ASHG2012 Ashkenazi jewish IBD not well fit by exponential growth,People were more influenced by the mindset that they came into the studies with, rather than their actual genetic test results #ASHG2012IP: Ashkenazim show 2 periods of population growth with a strong bottleneck 800 years ago #ASHG2012250% M/M sample growth in 6 months & 1,100+ users are actively ID'ing disease causal variants in #NGS Data, #ASHG2012IT: ... Read More
    17931pv 11 1 10/11/2012 06:18:30 WIB
  • Toure and Dr. Goddess Discuss (Post) Blackness, Then & Now, on Twitter

    Of course that hurts us all I like her points about allowing room 4 growthI thought he was so clear that he was talking about his mindset at 19, but some ppl won't hear Read More
    10513pv 18 3 22/07/2011 21:24:46 WIB
  • Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference - Dublin May 2014

    Listening to Leiden's tale of battling the #functioningAsDesigned mindset with #Blackboard hierarchies. Very entertaining #BbTLC2014Positive growth rate of digital replica content and whole course solutions expected to exceed tipping point by 2017-2018 #BbTLC2014 Read More
    4181pv 1 03/05/2014 02:35:26 WIB
  • #OEB12

    Allows sustantable growth in companiesWhere's the tool to support my mindset???In a vuca world we need vuca mindset i agree #oeb12Meeting in the Salon hosted by Daniel Stern: Creating fertile ground for intellectual growth and critical and creative thinking #OEB12 Read More
    6253pv 02/12/2012 06:15:15 WIB
  • Relevant April & May Updates on research #genomics #genetics #covid19 #covid19research "..

    How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact Global Bioinformatics – Asia to Witness Fastest Growth by 2020 Market Growth and Status Explored in a NewCoronavirus growth in Western countries: May 3 update viaAlso, $TXG withdrew FY20 guide of 42-46% growth amidst #COVID19.I’m of the growing mindset we should expose everyone to #COVID19 & let nature take control.I’m of the growing mindset we should expose everyone to #COVID19 & let nature take control.I’m of the growing mindset we should expose ... Read More
    354pv 01/05/2020 23:11:38 WIB
  • AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.3 (2014/11/13) #reinvent

    ., founder & CTO of : containers are key to our growth #reinventHandling security through a DevOps mindset. Sec Auditing & alerting must be a continuos process #reinventInfographic showing growth of #bigdata and #analytics in the cloud: #reinvent#AWS reaches 1M business & government customers, tops 40% revenue growth via #reInventAmazon S3 rapid growth is based on heavy automation and precise metrics for all features #reInvent., views flexible IT as a competitive advantage, enabling enterpris... Read More
    13330pv 5 1 13/11/2014 16:16:15 WIB
  • #educationfest

    Need a change of mindset!#educationfest Love work on growth mindsets25% of the growth in the economy in the last 5 years is down to start-ups & new companies. Read More
    7256pv 2 24/06/2013 17:30:17 WIB
  • buzzzing Updates about #nanoporeconf #nanopore #nanopores #genomics #bioinformatics #ng..

    Part of "welness" industry growthNanopore a different mindset (as said)NL “I think it requires different mindset” commenting on nanopore #GI2014Rapid and Label-Free Nanopore Proximity Bioassay for Platelet-derived Growth Factor Detection #nanopore Read More
    20633pv 52 1 30/07/2014 07:43:02 WIB
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