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  • Ngomongin HRD dengan Taqwallah

    Klo kt meyakini personal growth & hubungan baik perlu dijaga, mka kt akan berinteraksi dgn empowerment mindset.Gitu kali ya klo ngomongin HRD dgn mindset yg tdk didikotomi dgn ketaqwaan. Krn sbnarnya kepribadian itu merupakan pola pikir + pola sikap. Read More
    720pv 2 16/01/2013 21:14:24 WIB
  • ATS TeachMeet 2015

    Talking growth mindset with #atstm15 Read More
    1091pv 8 9 11/10/2015 19:26:15 WIB
  • CEO SR Principals Conference 2014 #ceowell

    Carol Dweck Growth Mindset graphic #ceowellGrowth mindset very powerful strategy. #ceowellGROWTH MINDSET AND WHY IT MATTERS Activities and Assignments Linked to Videos (Carol Dweck) #ceowell Read More
    1218pv 2 1 25/08/2014 12:25:47 WIB
  • Quotes 22 July 2015

    24 Mindset Picture Quotes That Inspire Self GrowthRead More
    1219pv 7 1 22/07/2015 14:21:38 WIB
  • Tingginya Pertumbuhan Jumlah Millioner di Indonesia by: @Strategi_Bisnis cc: @VampireMus..

    Jauh lbh tinggi dibanding economic growth.Mungkin sosok2 entrepreneurs muda yg disebut tadi punya "millionaire mindset". Abundance mindset. Pola pikir berkelimpahan.Ini adlh mindset sejati calon milioner masa depan. Read More
    1666pv 7 1 16/09/2014 10:19:26 WIB
  • #edChatRI 8pm EST 7/29/2018

    We can teach habits that encourage growth mindset and risk taking. We can love our students and build relationships with them.mindset, risk taking, etc.test prep, test analyzing, test collection, etc. it also encourages schools and tt to teach to the test and not focus on what’s important- growth Read More
    458pv 07/08/2018 09:27:18 WIB
  • #Spedchat 10/7/14

    We focus on growth mindset, but I love specifically applying it to transition w/a curriculum plan! #spedchatA7 Our HS LMSW teaches resiliency and the growth mindset as they apply to transitioning....really exciting stuff #spedchatCollege mindset begins in early elementary. Read More
    950pv 1 1 08/10/2014 09:54:52 WIB
  • #edChatRI 8pm EST 9/23/2018

    A2: As educators, we must have a growth mindset and tell kids we believe in them.#edChatRI A1 Building a culture & community which encourages a Growth Mindset, flexible thinking & creative learning spaces; foster Ss Read More
    450pv 30/09/2018 21:18:28 WIB
  • Jed Baker on helping kids succeed in schools

    Growth/learning mindset - you only learn by trying things you can't do. #jb Read More
    961pv 23/11/2013 05:55:18 WIB
  • Analisa, Kriteria Reksa Dana yang Bagus untuk Didanai Lewat Aplikasi Bibit dan Hal-hal y..

    Yang kedua, kalian harus analisa CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) kenaikan rata2 reksa dana per tahun.Kalo mindset lo udah bener, pasti keuntungannya bakalan lebih maksimal. Kalo mau untung cepet mending melihara tuyul aja.Buat yang masih pemula, please jangan greedy, investasi itu yang dibangun adalah mindsetnya, bukan seberapa banyak untungnya! Read More
    131pv 21/05/2020 08:10:04 WIB
  • "Dengarkan Penjelasan Orang Ini. Mau Jadi Youtube Bussiness Caranya Juga Kurang Lebih Sa..

    I’m posting a new thread about Instagram, Mindset, and Business every other day.Today, I’m going to break down the fundamentals of Instagram Growth.I don’t believe in “growth hacking” because it brings followers and not customers. Read More
    312pv 17/07/2019 09:13:01 WIB
  • Cara Menggunakan Linkedln untuk Tingkatkan Branding Bisnis Anda by@Ms_Einsteinette

    See the job as a retainership and an opportunity for growth and clientele build. This mindset improves your approach to work.YOUR GROWTHHow to Use LinkedIn for the Growth of your business A Thread.daring attitude to life makes us believe in the power of risks as regards learning and growth.It means you can take advantage of tools created for careers and channel it to the growth of your business.We’ll talk about this in 5 phases: - Your Brand - Your Perception - Your Network (Clients & Inves... Read More
    430pv 01/08/2018 17:44:53 WIB
  • Menerima Pasangan dengan Sempurna

    #GrowthMaka sebelum menikah perlu dirubah 180 derajat mindset seperti itu. Karena dalam pernikahan pasti ada riak-riak perbedaan. #JDD Read More
    1243pv 2 1 28/10/2014 10:19:30 WIB
  • #edchatie Number 146

    Caol Dweck's Growth Mindset research resonates with me too #edchatieIt's truly amazing what a shift from fixed to growth mindset can do for students #edchatieCarol Dweck's research around Growth Mindset is something that resonates with me personally - and with the team . #edchatieAlways room for growth. #edchatiecan be hard for students to make that shift in mindset #edchatie Read More
    2069pv 8 1 13/01/2015 17:01:50 WIB
  • CEO SR Assistant Principals Conference 2014 #ceowell

    Growth mindset is so important for our students to 'get'! #ceowell Read More
    1387pv 6 1 30/08/2014 16:52:50 WIB
  • #Ecommerce4brand by @muhadkly

    Growth visitor indonesia ke online retail store paling tinggi di atas malaysia, philippines, singapore #Ecommerce4BrandThe Body Shop: kl anda mau terjun di ecommerce, pihak management atasnya hrs paham juga, jd mindsetnya hrs kompak #ecommerce4brand Read More
    1272pv 7 07/02/2013 20:28:57 WIB
  • #edchatie 213

    Started 2 teach my studs about growth mindset...getting a bell in rings everytime we make a mistake = learning! #edchatie Read More
    790pv 21/12/2016 15:24:24 WIB
  • #ictot2013 part 2

    #icot2013 Fixed mindset: your failures define you. Growth mindset: Success through failure.#icot2013 Dweck and growth mindset underpinning a lot of dialogue talks about this one mindset to rule them all#icot2013 Fixed mindset: Hard work means I'm not smart. Growth mindset: The more I practise, the more my brain grows.Love the Dweck >> #icot2013 Dweck and growth mindset underpinning a lot of dialogue talks about this one...#icot2013 About 15% of people have a mixed mindset, the rest is split e... Read More
    1660pv 1 28/01/2013 03:08:17 WIB
  • Catatan Seminar César A. Hidalgo oleh Yanuar Nugroho aka @yanuarnugroho

    RT : Hidalgo: speaks Newtonian language, Lego analogies, uses complex data, & offers a model to predict nations' economic growthgmn dg mindsetnya? RT : yg menarik bhw jepang scr budaya relatif lbh homogenous/less diverse dibanding Indonesia misalnya. Read More
    1311pv 3 21/05/2012 09:54:38 WIB
  • #sesi4 #pesat3bekasi

    #pesat3bekasi Membaca Growth Chart#pesat3bekasi Membaca growth chart:KELIRUMOLOGI --> mindset ketika sakit: ke dokter, minta obat, cek lab, ronsen, infus & rawat inap.. #pesat3bekasi Read More
    750pv 3 08/04/2013 16:15:03 WIB
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