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  • #EMchat 96: College Fairs!

    A1: In the Fall it's a combo of visits & fairs. Spring is all fairs. #emchatWe're talking college fairs tonight--join us!We're talking college fairs tonight with #EmChatThat includes visits & fairs though. #EMchatAnyone out here go to career/job fairs? #EMchatWe've started seeing them at a couple high school fairs... #EMchatQ3: How do you input the data you receive from college fairs? #EMchatLove talking college fairs. I still have my rolling suitcase and a addiction.Fairs-wise, I'd say at le... Read More
    2256pv 1 28/02/2014 21:29:23 WIB
  • #EMchat 44: College Fairs & Open Houses

    Put the phone down at college fairs! #emchatTonight was college fairs & open houses #collegecashCombining open houses and college fairs in this one. #emchatCombining open houses and college fairs in this one. #emchatQ2: How do you create engagement during college fairs? #emchatJoin the convo - we're talking Open Houses and College Fairs. #highered #EMchatRT : Q2: How do you create engagement during college fairs? #emchatcoming to any fairs in DC in Oct? I'm an alum volunteer for a few #emchat... Read More
    2425pv 5 28/09/2012 09:28:38 WIB
  • Antoni #Torres #fcblegend

    #Torres debut pd musim 1965/66 di ajang Fairs cup melawan Antwerp dr Belgia dan kalah 2-1 #fcblegend#Torres mempersembahkan 4 gelar bagi Barca yaitu, Fairs Cup 65/66, CDR 67/68 dan 70/71 serta la liga 73/74 #fcblegendWlpn debutnya berakhir dgn kekalahan, justru diajang Fairs cup #Torres berhasil meraih tropi pertama bagi Barca #fcblegendMeskipun mjd juara, uniknya laga final fairs cup ini jg mjd ajang dimana #Torres pertama kali menerima kartu merah #fcblegend Read More
    686pv 5 11/03/2013 20:37:14 WIB
  • Kiprah Roma di Kompetisi Eropa

    Pd masa itu Fairs Cup sdh brgnti nama menjadi UEFA Cup #RoaminEuropaAS Roma Mengikuti Fairs Cup di musim 1959/60 dan lolos sampai babak perempat final #RomainEuropa[Highlight] Finale Fairs Cup 1960/61, AS Roma 2 - 0 Birmingham City (agg. 4-2) : #RomainEuropaTampil menjanjikan di awal, Roma harus puas menjadi semifinalis Fairs Cup di musim 1962/63 #RomainEuropaMusim berikutnya Roma kembali mengikuti Fairs Cup. Di musim 1960/61 ini Roma berhasil menjadi juara #RomainEuropaMusim 1963/64 Roma mem... Read More
    1786pv 12 26/10/2012 10:44:49 WIB
  • Sejarah Arsenal FC

    Selasa : Juara Piala Fairs ( 1969 – 1970 )Arsenal menjadi juara untuk pertama kalinya dan sekaligus terakhir di ajang Fairs Cup (Fairs Cup diganti Piala UEFA sejak musim 1971-72) Read More
    2318pv 9 2 23/02/2013 10:04:26 WIB
  • Asiatiska Avanti: INGENJORER vard matematik och vetenskap massor

    Engineers host math and science fairs AsianPacificPostcom Chinese via Read More
    690pv 2 09/03/2013 13:33:44 WIB
  • aher bank jabar banten pertahankan sister priovince

    Lantern fairs were held at many places in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. #ChineseNewYear Read More
    376pv 21/02/2018 11:58:37 WIB
  • Kubala, Predator yang Dibuat Patungnya di CN by @FCBI_Jakarta

    23.Musim 1957/58 ia melewati 29 partai dgn 19 gol, barca berhasil menjuarai Inter Fairs cup kala itu #kubala32.14 gelar itu adalah 4 La Liga, 5 Copa De Generalismo, 2 Inter Fairs Cup, 1 Latin Cup dan 2 Copa Eva Duarte #kubala27.Musim 1959/60, ia mencetak 20 gol dr 23 partai, dan kembali memberi barca 2 gelar yaitu La Liga dan Inter Fairs Cup #kubala Read More
    934pv 14 16/10/2012 20:36:06 WIB
  • Gelar2 FC Barcelona by @FCBI_jakarta

    Inter-Cities Fairs Cup thn 55 berjalan selama 3 musim (55-58) sementara thn 58 berjalan dua musim (58-60)Barca 3x juara Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (55, 58, dan 65), sekarang kejuaraan ini bernama UEFA Europa League Read More
    1219pv 25 08/09/2012 09:12:55 WIB
  • 5 star Dublin hotel elegance!

    Radisson Blu St Helens Dublin Wedding Fair, Wedding Fairs Dublin, Weddingszone Read More
    975pv 16/05/2012 23:20:59 WIB
  • #Segarra legenda bek barca yg kharismatik #fcblegend

    Di musim 1959/60 selain La Liga, #Segarra jg mengantar Barca meraih Inter Cities Fairs Cup #fcblegendMusim 1957/58 #Segarra meraih tropi kedua diluar kompetisi domestik yaitu Inter Cities Fairs Cup, cikal bakal UEFA Cup #fcblegend27. 4x La Liga, 6x CDR, 2x Duarte Cup, 1x Latin Cup dan 2x Inter Cities Fairs Cup adl 15 gelar #Segarra bersama Barca #fcblegend Read More
    1049pv 10 25/05/2013 12:55:52 WIB
  • Tropi FCB per maret 2013

    Barca 3x juara Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (55, 58, dan 65), sekarang kejuaraan ini bernama UEFA Europa League #fcbtrophyInter-Cities Fairs Cup thn 55 berjalan selama 3 musim (55-58) sementara thn 58 berjalan dua musim (58-60) #fcbtrophy Read More
    924pv 6 25/02/2013 14:49:19 WIB
  • Sandor #Kocsis "Mighty Magyars" #fcblegend

    Di musim keduanya 1959/60 #Kocsis mempersembahkan Fairs Cup dan La Liga #fcblegendMusim terakhirnya 1965/66, Barca berhasil memenangi fairs cup namun #Kocsis sdh tdk bermain lg, hny terdaftar di skuad #fcblegend Read More
    1170pv 18 10/03/2013 20:23:49 WIB
  • Sándor Kocsis, Legenda FC Barcelona - by @BarcaBandidos

    Di musim keduanya 1959/60 #Kocsis mempersembahkan Fairs Cup dan La Liga #fcblegendMusim terakhirnya 1965/66 sebenarnya Barca berhasil memenangi fairs cup namun ia sdh tdk bermain lg, hny terdaftar di skuad #fcblegend Read More
    1059pv 1 21/12/2013 21:24:14 WIB
  • #EMchat 80: Road Warriors - Territory Mangement

    NACAC Guidelines for National College Fairs for Alumni reps #EMchatMore and more fairs only allow alum reps with professional staff. #EMchatHave parents/alums join me at fairs, host receptions in their homes, etc. #EMchat- saw interesting article the other day on NACAC rules at fairs re: alum reps! #EMchatBouncing off of we connect with alums for help with fairs, adopting schools, connecting over coffee chats. #emchatA4 Invite Alumni & parents of students to join you at college fairs. Good wa... Read More
    1269pv 1 27/09/2013 20:07:43 WIB
  • "Titah" G.Losi untuk Marquinhos! Sejarah #NumeroTre AS Roma!

    Pemain berkebangsaan Italia yang dijuluki "Core de Roma" ini membawa Roma menjuarai Coppa Italia 2x dan Fairs Cup 1x #NumeroTreSebnagai pemain yang cukup lama menyandang nomer 3 di Roma, Corsini mempersembahkan gelar Coppa Italia dan Fairs Cup #NumeroTre Read More
    2103pv 15 2 25/01/2013 21:48:44 WIB
  • Paper HAM, climate change and social capital

    [PAPER] Human Rights as a Perspective on Entitlements: The Debate Over 'Gypsy' Fairs in England Read More
    898pv 8 03/06/2013 15:15:24 WIB
  • #EMchat 103: Enhanced iBooks & New Recruitment tools with @Tosler

    At fairs that allow for it. High volume fairs mean a combo of the iPad and cards or just cards. #emchatAnd of course, at fairs, visits, etc. #EMchatcollege fairs, school visits, mailings. #emchatHow to Maximize your ROI from Student Fairs #emchat #sachatI love being energized by students and families at fairs! #EMchatThose panoramas draw quite the crowd at college fairs!! (or at least so we've heard... haha) #emchatQ2: At college fairs, what type of media attracts the most attention? Video? P... Read More
    1658pv 10 2 29/03/2014 04:03:16 WIB
  • #EMchat 50: Roadwarrior Tips & Tricks for staying sane and healthy

    Depends...many fairs run in "circuits," so reps all travel to the same fairs yes. #EMchatQ3: How do you keep your energy levels up traveling between schools/fairs in one day? #EMchatI try to talk to others at the fairs. I go home every night so that's different as well. #EmchatI also recommend asking people about their meal plans...lunch after fairs, dinner before, etc. #EMchatA5: As a question (but I DON'T want to mess # ), Do you typically see the same reps at fairs/schools? #... Read More
    1666pv 3 09/11/2012 21:35:20 WIB
  • #DuPageChat - May 21, 2013

    Wheaton classic cars and art fairs #dupagechatSpending time visiting art fairs in Dupage every week taking photos. #dupagechatQ4 Polo, classic cars, outdoor concerts, art fairs, the list goes on of summer events to partake in. What are your must sees? #dupagechat Read More
    1188pv 25/05/2013 01:10:29 WIB
  • Perbandingan Gelar FC Barcelona vs AC Milan per februari 2013 karya @BarcaBandidos

    Barca 3x juara Fairs Cup / UEFA Cup (1958, 1960, 1966) Milan belum pernah Read More
    3309pv 3 3 19/02/2013 08:58:38 WIB
  • #FCBLagend El Gran Capitan Joan Segarra Irachet

    14.Kemudian 2 gelar Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: 1955–58, 1958–60, 1 gelar copa latina (1952),2 gelar copa eva Duarte(1952,1953).... Read More
    948pv 3 14/02/2013 14:10:35 WIB
  • Perbandingan Tropi klub dan pemain terbaik dunia - eropa Barca vs Madrid per Mei 2013 #e..

    UEFA cup : Barca 2x (dulu msh fairs cup namanya) | Real Madrid 2x #elclasico Read More
    2683pv 3 18/05/2013 22:07:24 WIB
  • Perbandingan gelar Barca dan Madrid by @FCBI_Jakarta

    13.Inter-Cities Fairs Cup : Barca 3x – Madrid belum pernah (cikal bakal UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League) [wiki] #elclasico Read More
    2791pv 89 82 07/10/2012 09:43:57 WIB
  • Careers Fair 2012

    #CareersFair2012 One of the best fairs we've been to this year! #sussexuni #brightonuni we've run out of guides too! Read More
    919pv 5 08/11/2012 16:33:38 WIB
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