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  • #WeConnect session 4 : Open Discussion

    Thanks for a great discussion today in #WeConnect.#WeConnect session 4: Open discussion will begin shortly, Please introduce yourselvesThank you all for the active participation in the discussion ! #WeConnectIf you have new questions post them to me with #AskWeConnect while the discussion is going on #WeConnectNeed to add to the point of discussion we are having an AIDS awareness walk tomorrow in Colombo #WeConnectI'll be the moderator for the day, and will post the questions we already recei... Read More
    1366pv 19 17 01/12/2012 09:47:26 WIB
  • Plenary Discussion Panel Day 2 #ForestsAsia

    LIVE NOW: Webstream discussion on collaborative approaches to resolve #ForestsAsia sustainability challenges Read More
    573pv 2 06/05/2014 11:18:05 WIB
  • BeterWork4All Week 12 Discussion

    We’ll be back for more discussion about the garment sector, especially in Indonesia, in the #BetterWork4All discussion this evening.Good evening and welcome back to our #BetterWork4All discussion.We hope you’re still excited to join our #BetterWork4All lunch discussion.Thank you for joining our #BetterWork4All discussion and enjoy your evening.Enjoy your lunch and please join us again this evening in the #BetterWork4All discussion. See you later!We’re back again with topics around labor... Read More
    891pv 9 18/10/2015 23:35:17 WIB
  • BP HOLDINGS GENERIC ARTICLE DISCUSSION - Verbesserung der Sicherheit im Irak

    1546pv 3 1 24/01/2013 12:18:44 WIB
  • a short discussion about political and religious views between @HIPratama & @ANDREAS_O_J..

    what part of end of discussion that you don't understand? I respect you and your view. But our discussion is just a loop.let's end our discussion. We walk in different shoes, it's no use. Assalamualaikum. Read More
    895pv 7 1 30/06/2015 12:19:06 WIB
  • Focus Group Discussion Partai Golkar Pt. 1

    akan melakukan live tweet Focus Group Discussion (FGD) DPR RI yang dilaksanakan oleh #FGDGolkar di Gedung Nusantara Read More
    890pv 6 11/12/2015 17:43:24 WIB
  • Forest Asia Summit 2014 : Changing communities, sustainable landscapes, and equitable de..

    the discussion is moderated by Grace wong, Senior scientist of CIFOR #ForestsAsia #45There are three main question in this high panel discussion moderated by Grace Wong #ForestsAsia #45in the end of discussion moderator asked for one key message of every panelist #ForestsAsia #45i joined the High level panel discussion of Changing Communities,sustainable landscapes, and equitable development #ForestsAsia #45 Read More
    850pv 7 1 06/05/2014 15:26:27 WIB
  • BP HOLDINGS GENERIC ARTICLE DISCUSSION - Verbesserung der Sicherheit im Irak

    BP HOLDINGS GENERIC ARTICLE DISCUSSION - Verbesserung der Sicherheit im Irak viaBP HOLDINGS GENERIC ARTICLE DISCUSSION - Verbesserung der Sicherheit im Irak Read More
    868pv 5 1 24/01/2013 15:44:54 WIB
  • Post Event Discussion - The Muktamar Khilafah 2013

    Post-Event Discussion w/ &other guests #MuktamarKhilafahPost-event Discussion. Now. Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta. #MuktamarKhilafahAll the guests of #MuktamarKhilafah sit together on the stage and have discussion with some participants.Post-Event Discussion. One Forum. More than 10 speakers. 3 languages (Indonesian, English, Arabic). One Topic: Islam. #MuktamarKhilafah Read More
    1583pv 13 9 03/06/2013 08:38:29 WIB
  • Discussion: Wildlife Protection Series – Dolphins!

    #SaveDolphin discussion is about to start Tweeps! Find out what we can do to help injured dolphins. Read More
    558pv 06/02/2013 11:20:31 WIB
  • #edchatie 228

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.Looking forward to further discussion @ #TEPE2017. SeeLooking forward to this discussion in one hour's time #edchatie #TEPE2017Thanks all ... lots of discussion and good for thought #edchatieFingers flexed and ready to go... looking forward to the discussion #edchatieThe discussion tonight will focus on 4 questions every 15 minutes posted by #edchatieHi Femi - welcome along to tonight's #edchatie discussion. Hope you enjoyed last SaturdayFlex your t... Read More
    813pv 2 22/05/2017 22:56:59 WIB
  • #edchatie 232

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.We'll be hosting a panel discussion on #homework at this year's #FÉILTE on 7 October in the RDS. #edchatieWe're halfway through tonight's #edchatie discussion on "Junior Cycle English Grade Bands: No merits to a merit"Not too late for the 2nd half of tonight's #edchatie discussion on "Junior Cycle English Grade Bands: No merits to a merit"Welcome to tonight’s #edchatie discussion. As usual before we begin please introduce yourself + don’t forge... Read More
    560pv 1 23/09/2017 13:42:17 WIB
  • ✎ Finding a Roleplay Partner

    — today's discussion. Any question? ^^— and agree with each others terms which lead you to a discussion. (Limits, triggers, etc.) To find a roleplay partner you may need to — Read More
    562pv 1 11/02/2017 18:41:56 WIB
  • Discussion: The South China Sea in High Resolution

    [VIDEO] For those who missed #SouthChinaSea discussion, you can watch the recorded event at Read More
    591pv 27/02/2013 09:46:20 WIB
  • #edchatie 230

    We're well into tonight's discussion on the Modern Foreign Languages spec for Junior Cycle for this first #edchatie discussion of this yearWelcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion on your very own #MFLWelcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion on MFL in Junior CycleYou can share the "how to take part in an #edchatie discussion" poster with your colleaguesTonight’s first #edchatie discussion of this academic year is on “MFL Junior Cert: Help!” See you online in 3 hours time at 8.30Thanks... Read More
    969pv 2 06/09/2017 13:53:23 WIB
  • #edchatie 190

    Welcome to tonight’s #edchatie discussion.Great discussion on tonight's #edchatieLooking forward to tonight's discussion #edchatieDiscussion on favourite books/films also works well.Welcome to and - the early birds for tonight's #edchatie discussion's Literacy Shed has lots of short films to prompt discussion in the classroom #edchatieYes to peer to peer discussion, but kids rarely know enuff to teach each other #edchatieGreat for critical thinking skills, thinking through many aspects of d... Read More
    880pv 3 19/04/2016 03:40:49 WIB
  • #edchatie 259

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.Thanks to all for taking part in tonight's #edchatie discussion on "GDPR and Schools" Transcript will be created tomorrow of tonight's discussionWelcome to tonight’s #edchatie discussion about “GDPR and Schools”.Welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion on "GDPR and Schools" and thanks for taking partWe're into the famous final five minutes of tonight's #edchatie discussion about "GDPR and Schools".It is indeed - I'm popping in some relevant l... Read More
    426pv 1 05/06/2018 01:55:17 WIB
  • #edchatie 238

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.Bring yours to the discussion from 8.30-9.30pm tonightDiscussion is core to good learning #edchatieFred Boss, 2nd level Art Teacher, currently with and very much looking forward to tonight's #edchatie discussion#edchatie loved discussion tonight! Thanks 😀 If any of you want our monthly t&l newsletter please let me know!Welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion. Before we start please introduce yourself & add the hashtag into all your tweetsFlex t... Read More
    833pv 4 14/11/2017 03:10:29 WIB
  • #edchatie 219

    Looking forward to the discussion!Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.Not in hour - tonight's #edchatie discussion is on nowYou can read last week's #edchatie discussion transcript on leadership here ->Tonight's discussion was insightful as always! Have a wonderful week! #edchatieFlex your typing fingers and grab a cuppa - it’s only 5 minutes to the start of the #edchatie online discussion. See you online!Thanks to all who took part in tonight's #edchatie discussion. We're back in 2... Read More
    683pv 2 15/02/2017 14:05:13 WIB
  • #edchatie Number 98

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.The #edchatie discussion runs officially from 8.30pm-9.30pm (in 3 minutes time now)Hi Kevin, welcome along to tonight's last #edchatie discussion of this academic yearThere was a discussion about this on the CESI Mailing list earlier this year - #edchatiecroke park made people stop exactly on time rather than when the discussion is over. :-( #edchatieSorry missed discussion tongt. Will join in for more chat in Sept. Thks for support so far. #edchati... Read More
    1095pv 5 2 01/07/2013 15:39:54 WIB
  • #edchatie 233

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.Great discussion on #edchatie about #eTwinning. Looking forward to downloading the transcript :)Thanks for taking part in tonight's #edchatie discussion on eTwinning - how can it help me in the classroom ?", AnneJust passed the halfway mark in tonight's #edchatie discussion on “eTwinning - how can it help me in the classroom ?”Many thanks to and all our #eTwinning ambassadors for such an engaging discussion on #edchatie last night! Tune in Monda... Read More
    664pv 1 01/10/2017 23:32:48 WIB
  • #edchatie 245

    Join in the discussion onlineJoin in the discussion with Irish Educators.tonight so they can be collated at the end of the discussionGrab a cuppa and settle down to join in with the discussion onlineGrab a cuppa and settle down to join in with the discussion onlineWelcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion on “Teacher shortages. Is there an easy solution?”HAPPENING NOW: Fascinating discussion on the teacher shortage in Ireland. Follow along at #edchatie!We have identified many issues but c... Read More
    683pv 1 16/01/2018 05:36:40 WIB
  • #edchatie 214

    Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.Welcome to tonight’s #edchatie discussion.Great discussion so far! #edchatie #HappyNewYearGreat discussion as usual everyone; goodnight! :)I'll launch a discussion at the next staff meeting #edchatieThanks Fred and everyone for discussion on #edchatie tonight .... have a good week !Hi Adrian, welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion aboout "Effective use of the school’s ICT grant”The first #edchatie discussion of 2017 has been decided and it's... Read More
    836pv 2 16/01/2017 15:15:07 WIB
  • Discussion: Ann Dunham: President Obama’s Mother’s Legacy in Indonesia

    [VIDEO] Watch again today's discussion about #AnnDunham 's legacy in Indonesia at the following link Read More
    708pv 2 08/03/2013 16:57:13 WIB
  • #edchatie 248

    Join in with the discussionWelcome to tonght's #edchatie discussion.Bring your thoughts and questions to the discussion #edchatThanks to all who took part in tonight's #edchatie discussion on #UDL (Universal Design for Learning).Can you start us off with a good definition of #UDL (Universal Design for Learning) ahead of tonight's hour long #edchatie discussion?As usual, before we begin, please introduce yourself and remember to add the hashtag #edchatie into all tweets for the next hour of th... Read More
    555pv 1 13/02/2018 15:57:35 WIB
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