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  • PILPRES CURANG, E-VOTING, DAN E-COUNTING | by @guslongbanget

    Adakah negara yg sudah menerapkan e-Counting? Ada! Pada bulan Mei 2010 yg lalu, Filipina, negara tetangga kita. #ecountingFilipina punya sejarah kelam terkait manipulasi suara pemilu sehingga e-Counting merupakan solusi utk menekan kecurangan. #ecounting30. e-Counting akan merubah cara masy dlm memilih calon, dari mencoblos menjadi menulis/memberi buletan pd calon yg dipilih. #ecountingE-counting merupakan tahap transformasi metode pemilihan modern yg mengedepankan IT namun tidak melanggar az... Read More
    1962pv 23 1 15/07/2014 17:28:21 WIB
  • Counting Energy Savings from Behavior – Can it be done?

    Counting Energy Savings from Behavior – Can it be done? - Energy Efficient Behavior Blog:I just voted for 'Counting Energy Savings from Behavior – Can it be done?' - what do you think? Read More
    1051pv 4 5 18/05/2013 09:12:05 WIB
  • Nonton Running Man Ep 461 - Drakorindo

    He picked up running a decade ago and since then he has run 461 races and counting proving that you can pick up the pace at any age!He picked up running a decade ago and since then he has run 461 races and counting proving that you can pick up the pace at any age! Read More
    13956pv 29/07/2019 09:21:21 WIB
  • #pansus #ruupemilu RDPU dengan BPPT, Rektor ITB, PT INTI, dan Kemkominfo (11 Januari 201..

    #pansus #ruupemilu Kominfo: definisi e-counting KPU & masy beda#pansus #ruupemilu BPPT: kita lakukan dulu e-counting dan e-rekapitulasi#pansus #ruupemilu Rektor : e-counting yg ke 2 definisinya terkait rekapitulasi#pansus #ruupemilu Rektor : e-counting definisi 1 ini harus bertahap pelaksanaannya.#pansus #ruupemilu Rektor : klo e-counting definisi ke2 yg rekapitulasi bisa dilakukan serentak#pansus #ruupemilu Rektor : e-counting definisi pertama yaitu proses perhitungan secara elektronik#pansu... Read More
    752pv 5 11/01/2017 19:01:32 WIB
  • Download Running Man Eps 461 - Drakorindo

    He picked up running a decade ago and since then he has run 461 races and counting proving that you can pick up the pace at any age!He picked up running a decade ago and since then he has run 461 races and counting proving that you can pick up the pace at any age! Read More
    4375pv 29/07/2019 09:24:29 WIB
  • Sedih, Baca Bagaimana Media Luar Negri Beritakan 270 Petugas Pemilu 2019 Meninggal Di Pr..

    This is insane: 270 people in Indonesia die from sweltering temperatures and overwork counting votes in the recent election.Counting the 17 April vote in Indonesia is proving to be a brutal process, with more than 270 election workers dying from fatigue-related illnessesworld's biggest single-day elections, more than 270 election staff have died, mostly of fatigue-related illnesses caused by long hours of work countingthem.Their welfare needs thought about too despite pressures to deliver qui... Read More
    1192pv 1 29/04/2019 17:31:06 WIB
  • Sowing the Seeds for (Numerical) Literacy Conference

    LOTS of counting opportunitiesSome of ’s fave books for counting have nothing to do with counting: put me in the zoo #stsnlKnowing counting words verbally vs counting and understanding quantity are different skills. Beware of this! #stsnlCounting to 3 is natural for children - push them to go further in whatever book they like. #stsnlThe 'Great Race' counting game is found here: Be sure to follow the instructions of 'how to play' #earlymathNumeracy we’re born with: importance of quantity ... Read More
    1172pv 6 23/02/2014 07:48:44 WIB
  • 300 Races VR46

    ....and still counting. Grazzie mille, il Dottore... | pics by #ValeCobra from #MabesVR46Kaskus page 481. Read More
    854pv 4 1 06/06/2014 13:13:47 WIB
  • Count #easyenglish

    Ex: "I'm counting on the meeting finishing on time, or I'll miss my train." #easyenglishEx: I didn't read the contract fully before I signed it so I'm counting the cost now #easyenglish Read More
    3253pv 2 1 01/07/2013 06:32:54 WIB
  • TwitLEAK : Erdogan - 1 by @fuatavnieng

    For those who observe the vote counting he just said "Kick them out."Vote counting is done openly & citizens have a right to observe it. #TurkeyvotesPresiding officers will somehow make board members sign coded, blank protocols and act as if the counting ended. Read More
    1526pv 9 3 04/11/2015 22:09:25 WIB
  • For results come dropping slow ... #ae11

    Much criticism over counting system.#ae11Are NI water counting these ballots? #ae11#ae11 #beln11.Counting suspended for night.So many delays in the counting of the votes. #ae11Counting has finally begun for the Mid Ulster count #ae11I mean, if they were as zealous about their counting....#ae11Counting finally underway in Omagh for West Tyrone #ae11#wt11Computer illiteracy holding back counting for #fst11 #wst11 #ae11Rest of UK waiting on them before the can start counting AV #AE11All counting... Read More
    3289pv 2 07/05/2011 05:47:16 WIB
  • Keluhan DJ Amsterdam Yellow Claw Pada Pelayanan Garuda Indonesia Malah Jadi Blunder

    2440pv 7 13/04/2017 22:41:00 WIB
  • [Meme] Ekspresi Kocak yang Biasa Ditemuin Waktu Gajian Tiba! :))

    . 😐🙈 Anyone else counting down until #payday again?! 🙈 Read More
    5757pv 7 02/02/2016 15:34:21 WIB
  • Salah Entry KPU

    KPU siap jika UU ke depan perintahkan e-counting.UU Pemilu (Psl 393-413) blm beri peluang e-countingRead More
    359pv 08/05/2019 12:31:02 WIB
  • #NASA Launches #Discovery One Last Time

    #STS133 T-5 minutes and COUNTING!#STS133 T-3 minutes and counting.1 hour, 49 minutes and counting to go!We're counting down to a 4:50 pmET launch.#STS133 T-1 minute 30 seconds and counting#STS133 T-9 minutes and counting! We will hold at T-5 if the range issue is not resolved.T-3 Hours and COUNTING. Standing by for the Astronauts to leave the Operations&Checkout Building. #sts133T-9 Minutes and COUNTING. The Ground Launch Sequencer has now control over the countdown. #sts133Clocks are countin... Read More
    1434pv 31 1 user 3 25/02/2011 14:09:20 WIB
  • Meski Editan, Video Presiden Afrika Selatan Gagap Nyebut "In the Beginning" Ini Bikin Pu..

    Itu dubbing, aslinya sih lagi counting. 😂 Read More
    3574pv 5 2 23/11/2017 10:11:23 WIB
  • Obssesive compulsive disorder (OCD)

    Perilaku kompulsif #OCD spt Bersih2(washing),ngitung2 (counting),periksa2 (checking) ini mrpkan 3 gejala khas kompulsif pd pasien #OCD Read More
    602pv 2 01/05/2013 11:22:16 WIB
  • Dongeng Poetri Soehendro - Pohon Perasaan

    Dress nicely mommies, coz wikend is counting! Jam 7.30 TweetDongeng, jgn lewatkan! #dongeng #dongengyuk #tukangdongeng #storytelling Read More
    1069pv 24 23/02/2016 16:55:32 WIB

    6).Timbangan Counting, yaitu timbangan hitung yang biasa digunakan untuk menimbang barang yang berjumlah,sebagai contoh timbangan counting ini sering digunakan untuk menimbang baut, mur, sparepart kendaraan dan sebagainya. Read More
    7356pv 4 1 31/03/2015 13:28:30 WIB
  • My Trip to Doha @InspektorGembul #NguliKeQatar

    Counting 2 hours onward. 2 jam lagi mabur Read More
    749pv 3 16/01/2013 12:56:47 WIB
  • Going Nowhere on Weekend? Check it out this #ACEtips #cooking

    Yes,build their math skills w/ counting & measuring. #ACEtips #cooking Read More
    1083pv 4 04/02/2013 16:56:19 WIB
  • #30HariMenulisSuratCinta 2016 | Hari Ke-13 | Akun P-S

    #30HariMenulisSuratCinta Hari ke-13 "Almost Five Years, and Still Counting..." … oleh Read More
    564pv 1 13/02/2016 00:12:31 WIB
  • Dongeng Poetri Soehendro - Kapak Si Tukang Kayu

    Dress nicely mom, coz wikend is counting! Jam 7.30 ada TweetDongeng "Kapak Si Tukang Kayu", jgn lewatkan! Read More
    1276pv 19 08/06/2016 13:07:25 WIB
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