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  • .@axlrose Guns N' Roses: Presiden @jokowi_do2 Bersikap Pengecut Saat Detik2 Eksekusi Mat..

    4. 4 Widodo 2 b out of the country during his big statement refusing 2 take calls or read any last minute pleas 4 the condemned is cowardiceBTW...the guy made a crime. He knew!The People of Indonesia deserve better.35 people were executed in the USA in 2014. Is Indonesia a special case for you?? Wake up and smell the coffeeThe Indonesia people need to be free from narcoticsBy the way , how about your own country? Why don't you try to erase the death penalty first? If you do nothing, I thing y... Read More
    3280pv 10 4 03/05/2015 20:51:35 WIB
  • Gamal Abdul Nasser, The Pivotal Figure of Arab World

    The attack was condemned at an international level, so British and French had to withdraw their forces from Suez. #TLAA2015In 1956, Nasser was the only candidate for the election. Then, he became the 2nd President of Egypt. #TLAA2015In the same year, Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, provoking an attack by the French and British. #TLAA2015Nasser built the Aswan Dam, supported by the Soviet Union as British, French, or USA couldn't help the project. #TLAA2015Nasser led the Egypt, as Arab lea... Read More
    784pv 15 2 12/04/2015 20:37:53 WIB
  • #Indonesian maids face exploitation, domestic '#slavery' in #Hong Kong: report

    Amnesty International on Thursday condemned the "slavery-like" conditions faced by thousands of Indonesian w…So no wonder, if the problem of labor exploitation in the country resembled as the modern practice of slavery!So no wonder if the condition of human civilization today no more than 10.000 years ago,15. although the civilized world today has such “great ideas” such as human rights and democracy,This exploitative perspective of Capitalism ideology has invested the modern slavery fo... Read More
    1468pv 72 22/11/2013 19:11:20 WIB
  • Looking at why yesterday was a low point in American politics #birthers

    Things Obama did today besides the birth cert 5: Condemned anti-union legislation in the states #newsyoumissedThings Obama did today besides the birth cert 6: Condemned AZ-style immigration law in GA #newsyoumissedThey're blaming the victim for the racism, completely ignoring the racists. Makes me sick.(2/3) "...But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press."Obama stays above the fray and ignores the birthers: he's weak. Obama fights back against the ... Read More
    1374pv 3 29/04/2011 04:14:03 WIB
  • Pernah Sebut Imigran Muslim Sebabkan Teror di Selandia Baru, Momen Senator Australia Fra..

    Anning was widely condemned for his "final solution" speech last year.Australia’s Prime Minister has condemned Fraser Anning’s statement, describing it as disgusting.People just posting videos and comments saying it’s disgusting the way the kid was treated etc.The guy who slapped an egg on Frasier Anning’s head is my hero.Aside from this, the #ChristchurchMosque attack has been met with shock, condemnation and sympathy across the political divide in Australia.The remarks by Senator Fr... Read More
    819pv 16/03/2019 15:20:01 WIB
  • Wasiat Imam Ali

    Dont shed the blood of Muslims under the banner: The Imam has been assassinated! Only the assassin should be condemned to deathThe End..Proclaim the truth; work for the next world. Oppose d oppressor & support d oppressedIt is the pillar of your religion..Do not yearn for the world & do not be seduced by it..Attend to their nutrition and do not forget their interests in the middle of yours..I have heard the Prophet, peace be upon him, say: “Mutilate not even a rabid dog...”Persist in jiha... Read More
    802pv 6 07/01/2013 15:07:32 WIB
  • Awas Jantungan! Bisa Hitung Berapa Kali Cewe ini Lolos dari Maut Ketika Ditabrak Mobil?

    When you want to die desperately but u r condemned to rot on Earth.The human version of froggerI think this might be fake due to the fact that nobody slows down... hits the breaks or swervesEverybody stayed in the lane like should of.... Read More
    2314pv 1 10/06/2017 22:42:10 WIB
  • Resumen diario de noticias de Palestina (6/08/2015)

    Israeli FM: Jesus wanted to alter the Jewishness of Israel & he was condemned 2 the most excruciating deathThe day after 9/11, Kagan father-son duo said ‘take the war’ to PalestineThe Palestinian media freedoms violations exceeded the Israeli during JulyThe Zionists are using a new kind of bulletGaza: Our Child’s Shattered Face in the MirrorShell-Shocked: On The Ground Under Israel’s Gaza AssaultIsraeli and Palestinian women meet despite the checkpointsDo The Math: Global War On Terro... Read More
    812pv 5 1 07/08/2015 02:48:46 WIB
  • "Soekarno Defiantly Condemned #Colonialism And #Imperialism" By @RadicalLeftist

    Sukarno defiantly condemned #colonialism and #imperialism at his "trial"Reading about #Sukarno, the "founding father of #Indonesia" who established close relations with the Indonesian Communist PartySukarno was, not surprisingly, overthrown by the US"Since his first visit to Beijing in 1956, Sukarno has began in the 1950s to increase his ties to the People's Republic of China..."In addition, #Sukarno formed a close alliance with the #DPRK and #Vietnam"#Sukarno's speeches and meetings was ofte... Read More
    515pv 1 21/03/2013 06:16:00 WIB
  • Human Rights Committee

    The provinces should facilitate free higher education & grant of special funds in FATA#HRcommittee: Condemned murder of HR activist Zarteef Khan Afridi on 8thDec; recommended highest peace award / financial assistance for him#HRcommittee In-Camera session was attended by Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who assured the implementation of Committee's recommendations. Read More
    1174pv 8 1 13/12/2011 13:00:48 WIB
  • #Jerusalem: Settler march reported by ‏@allissonCD #E1

    From 1989: "Why is South Africa so harshly condemned while different standards apply 2 black Africa?" Sound familiar?"Did the Americans give the Indians a state, no. Did the Australians give the natives a state, no. Why should we"-- pro-settler protester.File this story under the self-inflicted stupidity of the Jewish communityZDQ can mean "justice" or "was right", depending on the vowels. In this case, it means the latter, as in, "Kahane was right!"Thousands rallying now in Ma'ale Adumim for... Read More
    745pv 3 14/02/2014 00:37:43 WIB
  • "Australia Interest On The Issue Of East Timor In 1975" by @KicauHI

    In this international response, Fraser govt condemned the Indonesian military action and voted against Indonesia in UNGA #timor #historyNow, let's examine the successor or Whitlam; Fraser's policy towards the issue of East Timor during the course of 1975 #timor #historyOn 28 November 1975, Fretilin declared the independence of the Democratic Republic of East Timor #timor #historyIt is interesting to examine the dynamics of Australian FP on East Timor before and after the 1975 succession #timo... Read More
    936pv 4 5 02/04/2013 05:25:06 WIB
  • Australian Foreign Policy on East Timor 1975

    In this international response, Fraser govt condemned the Indonesian military action and voted against Indonesia in UNGA #timor #historyNow, let's examine the successor or Whitlam; Fraser's policy towards the issue of East Timor during the course of 1975 #timor #historyOn 28 November 1975, Fretilin declared the independence of the Democratic Republic of East Timor #timor #historyAmongst the ambiguous shifts was the termination of a Darwin Radio used to established communication with Fretilin ... Read More
    910pv 4 30/03/2013 19:14:30 WIB
  • Northern Ireland: Arrests in the prison officer murder yesterday and Robert McCartney mu..

    NI murder condemned across the House :: The Irish Times -- Michael O'Regan: #Ireland #UlsterH Clinton: The US remains resolute in support of the people of NI, who have condemned violence & embraced the path to peace & reconciliationNI murder condemned ahead of North-South council meeting :: The Irish Times -- Gerry Moriarty: #Ireland #UlsterMcGuinness slams prison officer murder: Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has condemned the murder of a pr...Dissident murder: One of those rare occ... Read More
    2956pv 4 03/11/2012 03:10:05 WIB
  • #TURKEY COUP ATTEMPT HAS FAILED [ @intlspectator ]

    BREAKING: Fethullah Gulen, who Erdogan blamed for coup attempt, has condemned the attempt and distanced himself from it.BREAKING: Erdogan says F-16s are flying above Istanbul Airport to protect the country, the President and civilian aircraftBREAKING: Erdogan says the country will not be frightenedBREAKING: Turkish Government says it has full control over Ankara, the capitalBREAKING: Turkish air force is striking the headquarters of Turkish intelligence agencyBREAKING: Turkish mosques encoura... Read More
    1409pv 16 16/07/2016 11:57:36 WIB
  • Respon YouTuber Pewdiepie Pasca Namanya Disebut oleh Pelaku Penembakan Massal di Masjid ..

    White supremacy and platforms that allow such movements to persist and thrive should be called out and condemned. They are complicit.The entire country will rally around them. It's the kiwi way.The shooter, I mean. He just wanted to throw them under the bus because of his IslamophobiaMuslims were the targets. It's awfulThe Muslim community in NZ is fantastic. They were heavily involved in helping people during the earthquakes.We judge people on visible actions in the community here. We have o... Read More
    4965pv 15/03/2019 14:00:22 WIB
  • Resumen diario de noticias de Palestina (5/07/2015)

    US was the only country that voted against a resolution passed Friday by the 47-member UN body, which condemned...Top analyses of the week: The Palestinian situation | PNNArming Apartheid: the UK arms trade and Israel - CounterfireReport: Settlers using 'security zones' to expand in the West BankPHOTOS: Palestinians climb over the wall into Jerusalem for RamadanIsrael giving Egyptian army free hand in Sinai, official says | The Times of IsraelPalestinian Security Services Launch Arrest Campai... Read More
    1040pv 7 1 06/07/2015 03:03:04 WIB
  • Northern Ireland: Firebomb explodes at #Derry hotel

    Everglades bombers condemned8am SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has strongly condemned an overnight bomb attack in the Everglades Hotel in DerryRacist abuse directed at our MLA colleague Anna Lo is shameful & unacceptable & needs to be unreservedly condemned by all.2/2 ALL Assembly/ Council members should be querying the hassle of this as well as the cost of the heli...(the heli that is)Please please ask the why the need to fly their heli over Derry so low? 1/3We are a city on the rise says the out... Read More
    1370pv 3 1 30/05/2014 15:41:43 WIB
  • Socialism vs Fascism & Stupidity

    So why isn't the US condemned for the 3 million dead Vietnamese? Or a million dead Filipinos?Why aren't we condemned for a million dead Iraqis? Or the thousands of dead Afghans?The country's still bad from the fall of the USSRNo, I don't live in the greatest country in the world, I live in the US.No, you're missing the point. Socialism is the common ownership of the means of production, for the people.And Russia was in the USSR, wasn't the USSR itself.The USSR wasn't invading other countries ... Read More
    1723pv 22 20/12/2011 12:28:38 WIB
  • Another bomb at the City of Culture office in Derry, Northern Ireland

    Derry bomb attack condemned by PSNI: Police in Derry have condemned those behind a bomb attack in the city centr...Human Rights Chief Commissioner has condemned last nights bomb attack at the City of Culture offices in Derry.just want to join the condemnation of the ballbags who planted the bomb in derry. Scumbags!I reckon if the media stopped calling it Londonderry and called it Derry, it might be the start of the solution to the problem...The. Point?To the thugs who planted the bomb at the ... Read More
    1817pv 5 13/10/2011 16:13:18 WIB
  • Guess who's detained again! It's @ioerror! This time in Texas!

    I liked the part where America condemned humans rights abuses in other countries.Of all the detainments, I think I enjoyed this more than Newark with the Army but less than the time in Seattle with the forensics guy.The ongoing persecution of attests to the fact that the US aren't all that far behind China in the totalitarian repression stakesNext time, have the lawyer meet you with the writ already prepared.When my dad first visited the US in 2007, the first thing he said about the security ... Read More
    1862pv 11 12/04/2011 18:32:27 WIB
  • Int'l Media Hysteria about #Japan and #Fukushima: The Debate

    At "Nuclear Ghost Town In The Ukraine" has already condemned #Fukushima. Keep the shit flowingThe company said the discovery would not change efforts to bring an end to the crisis at the plantwhat's the inaccurate quote in the article?Tips2 on Radiation Rumors: Go to the original source, not the quotation. ex. The EPA site does not say most of the stuff rumors claim.that's the problem... IMHO you're making accusations w/o reading the stories.Where's the full article?A lot of times the less ca... Read More
    1029pv 11 18/04/2011 12:41:51 WIB
  • Northern Ireland: Bomb in Cathedral Square, Belfast

    Arson attack at Lisburn Alliance office condemned: Petrol was poured through the shutters of the Alliance part...Leaders condemn 'despicable' city bomb: The First and deputy First Ministers have condemned a bomb blast which...Leaders condemn 'despicable' city bomb: The First and deputy First Ministers have condemned a bomb blast which...Arson attack at Lisburn Alliance office condemned - Belfast Newsletter:We'll have the latest on the explosion on at 7.58The peaceful majority will prevail in ... Read More
    2892pv 2 15/12/2013 00:29:51 WIB
  • Elie Wiesel, Auschwitz Survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dies at 87

    "Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to life as long as God himself""I pray to the God within me that He will give me the strength to ask Him the right questions."Elie Wiesel gave the Holocaust a face and the world a conscience viaIn a mad world, isn’t the madman who is aware of his madness the only sane person?"Witness to the HolocaustIt's a strange feeling, a weariness which is neither physical nor mental, which affects neither the body nor the brain but only the mem... Read More
    784pv 2 1 03/07/2016 11:57:54 WIB
  • My First Chirp

    Man is condemned to be free. _SartreThen he said, "The Son of Man is no slave to the Sabbath; he's in charge."And, dead... is not the end.Your father’s blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains (Gen 49:26)Educate them to be happy, so when they grow up, they know the value of things not the price ~ AnonymousThe different between every relationship is the deeper of it. How far, how long, how close.. How deep..Treat people the way you want to be treated.When stress is o... Read More
    957pv 1 11/04/2013 00:12:20 WIB
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