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  • Sisi Lain #Rio2016: Cerita tentang 450 ribu Kondom di Olympic Village

    Celebrate with an Olympic condomOlympic Condom #MarriageJokesthey have 450k condoms in olympic village?!? i wonder if there's ever been an olympic baby made.Olympic condom rings... ingenious!Well said Olympic villege condom machine #nonewsRussell Olympic Brand condoms #BrandTheOlympicsYeah those condoms are much needed for the Olympic Games.There are condom dispensers for men at the Olympic Media Center42 condoms per person in Olympic village. All Hail the Rubber Man!The real winners of every... Read More
    2986pv 18 12/08/2016 08:29:48 WIB
  • @mazbintang dan Opening Olympic 2012

    Calon juara umum Olympic nih pesaing berat America #London2012David beckham ala James bond bawa obor olympic melintasi sungai Thames #London2012Wooww logo olympic berterbangan diangkasa keren..hasil dr leburan baja yg membara #London2012Lintas generasi, ga peduli badan utuh ataupun kurang..smua bersemangat membawa obor olympic #London2012 Read More
    1209pv 2 28/07/2012 08:17:43 WIB
  • Banksy Reveals Olympic Art

    What do you think of Banksy's new Olympic-themed art?Street artist #Banksy strikes again with two new Olympic-inspired murals in London: Read More
    1652pv 4 24/07/2012 23:39:09 WIB
  • Showcasing Japanese technology, Tokyo promises the Olympic Movement will 'Discover Tomor..

    Showcasing Japanese technology, Tokyo promises the Olympic... | Shop | KaboodleShowcasing Japanese technology, Tokyo promises the Olympic M... - Care2 News NetworkShowcasing Japanese technology, Tokyo promises the Olympic Movement will 'Discover Tomorrow via Read More
    750pv 4 11/03/2013 16:28:03 WIB
  • Mengunjungi Karya Luar Biasa Wirausaha Muda Mandiri di #WMMEXPO2018

    Pagi ini saya akan melakukan live tweet event Wirausaha Mandiri Muda Expo 2018 #WMMEXPO2018 yang berlangsung di Mall Olympic Gardern (MOG) Malang#WMMEXPO2018 masih akan hadir hingga 2 hari kedepan, yaitu 6-9 September 2018 di Mall Olympic Garden (MOG) Malang. #BeraniMudaBeraniBerkaryaBuat kamu arek-arek malang dan sekitarnya, bisa merapat ke Mall Olympic Garden (MOG) untuk menyaksikan karya-karya terbaik dari program WirausahaOkay, jadi ini nih penampakan dari acara #WMMEXPO2018 di Mall Olymp... Read More
    620pv 18/09/2018 10:48:17 WIB
  • Serena Williams Walks the Walk after Getting Golden Slam

    Serena Williams beats Maria Sharapova for Olympic goldSerena Williams Trounces Maria Sharapova for Olympic GoldSerena Williams is my favorite Olympic athlete of all time..Olympic update: Serena Williams whomps Sharapova to take goldRT : Serena And Venus Williams Win Olympic Gold in Women’s Tennis DoublesSerena Williams Beats Sharapova For Olympic ... - CBS Los AngelesOlympic update: Serena Williams whomps Sharapova to take gold #musicVideo: Serena Williams Crip Walks After Winning Olympic G... Read More
    2103pv 2 1 05/08/2012 09:36:19 WIB
  • #CatatanMintalk On #Rio2016 Olympic Qualification after #BAC2016 QF and #E16 R2 by @Badm..

    Okuhara today failed, your Fate for Olympic might depend on Saina!Mungkin ga ada yang sadar bahwa Zhang Beiwen dan Setyana Mapasa FAILED TO GO TO RIO OLYMPIC 2016!!!! TOO BAD!4 YEARS AGO BROKE Wang Shixian hope at the LAST Olympic Qual tournament.4 YEARS LATER,she did it again#CatatanMintalk WHO DO YOU PREFER TO WIN THE LAST TICKET TO RIO OLYMPIC 2016?? the Japanese or the Koreans?????#CatatanMintalk If Lee/Chang win tomorrow, FUKUMAN/YONAO HAVE TO KISS RIO OLYMPIC TIKET GOODBYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Read More
    1465pv 7 30/04/2016 11:43:18 WIB
  • Twitter Reflects on Historical Importance of Simone Manuel’s Olympic Swimming Medals

    — watching the Olympic GamesAgain, we want to congratulate fellow Texan Simone Manuel winning Olympic Gold…Simone Manuel is the First Black Woman to Win an Individual Olympic Gold in SwimmingThree days ago, no African-American had ever won an #Olympic gold medal in swimming. Simone Manuel now has 2. Read More
    1975pv 14 36 14/08/2016 14:03:42 WIB
  • #IndonesiaJuara | #AsianGames2018 Jadi Capaian Prestasi Terbaik Sepanjang Sejarah Keikut..

    Non-Olympic Sports.Sembilan dr 31 emas yg berhasil diraih berasal dari cabang olahraga yg dipertandingkan di Olimpiade (Olympic Sports), dan 22 emas dari cabang Read More
    536pv 03/09/2018 17:53:32 WIB
  • So Sweet, Foto2 Atlet Cina Dilamar Pacar di Olimpiade Usai Pengalungan Medali

    Olympic marriage proposal 😍Marriage proposal during Olympic Games. 😂😂😂Olympic Silver medal and marriage proposal..The happy couple at the heart of the Olympic proposal:Olympic proposal 😘😘. Oh very sweet! Si lady baru menang silver,…Rugby player accepts on-field Olympic marriage proposal #Rio2016 #CNNRioThe first Olympic marriage proposal was between a rugby player and her girlfriend how beautiful #LoveWins Read More
    2810pv 25 16/08/2016 09:41:23 WIB
  • Tampak Hampa & Menyedihkan, Foto-foto Venue Olimpiade yang Akhirnya Diabaikan & Terbengk..

    Abandoned Olympic venuesAbandoned Olympic VenuesBeijing's abandoned Olympic venuesAbandoned Olympic venues #OlympicsNew post: Beijing's abandoned Olympic venuesWhat Abandoned Olympic Venues Look Like Today -Check Out These Abandoned Olympic Venues From Around The WorldWhat abandoned Olympic venues from around the world look like todayA real distopic: Abandoned olympic venues around the world #Rio2016A Look At The Abandoned #Olympic Venues From Around The World (54 pics) Read More
    2970pv 22 09/08/2016 13:33:23 WIB
  • Wirausaha Muda Mandiri Expo 2018 #WMMExpo2018 #BeraniMudaBeraniBerkarya

    Acara berlangsung di Mall Olympic Garden, Malang - Jawa Timur. #WMMEXPO2018 #BeraniMudaBeraniBerkarya bareng Read More
    371pv 17/09/2018 22:32:34 WIB
  • [Pic] Wajah Nelangsa dari Pelaku Pekerjaan Paling Sia-sia di Dunia Bikin Ketawa: Lifegua..

    Worlds most useless job, Olympic Swimmer Lifeguard......Most boring job ever, trying to lifeguard an Olympic swimmer.Olympic pool lifeguard. Chances of Swimmer drowning 0%. Seeing history 100% #icanswimIf I was an Olympic swimmer drowning, I'd probably trust a fellow swimmer to get me from the water more than a lifeguard Read More
    3884pv 19 10/08/2016 11:28:05 WIB
  • #Rio2016 Foto-foto Gol Kilat 15 Detik Neymar ke Gawang Honduras yang Pecahkan Sejarah Ol..

    Neymar's goal vs Honduras, the fastest goal scored in Olympic!Neymar scored the fastest goal in #Olympic history when he gave Brazil 15 secs lead in the semis vs. HondurasNeymar's goal vs HON 15 secs after kickoff beats Beckie's (CAN, 20 secs) record of fastest goal in Olympic history.Brazil 6 Honduras 0 - Neymar scores fastest Olympic goal in history as hosts thrash surprise semi-finalists #Rio2016 Read More
    1983pv 12 5 18/08/2016 06:45:53 WIB
  • [Thread] Teori Konspirasi Kapal Titanic yang Sebenarnya Tidak Pernah Tenggelam

    along with the RMS Britannic and the RMS Olympic.also, the windows on the olympic were somewhat unevenly spaced, but more evenly spaced on the olympic. also, by the time of its voyage, the “titanic” had acquired unevenly spaced windows.... just like the olympic.the olympic had been in (as mentioned in the beginning of the thread)first off.. the titanic was 1 of 3 ships created by the olympic class ocean liners at the harland and wolff shipyards in belfast. the titanicon its last leg and t... Read More
    2387pv 10/12/2018 23:15:04 WIB
  • Dr. Doom is not in an ivory tower

    UK policymakers scared so much folks before the Olympic that London is a deserted city: non-olympic tourists are away; londoners are gone!They scared away all non-olympic tourists that pack london all summer;they pushed most londoners to escape;they told 2million to work @ home Read More
    901pv 2 05/08/2012 23:18:48 WIB
  • Negara-negara dengan Seragam Tim Olimpiade yang Juga Dicibir Warganya Sendiri

    Just shown the Australian Olympic Uniforms ...The Australian Olympic team look like they're going to Rio to sell ice cream #olympicuniform #sportscraftDon't mind the new Australian Olympic uniform if I do say so! A little bit corporate, a little bit party.Australian Olympic uniform for Rio looks like cross between "Private School" and "Bananas in Pyjamas". We'll get used to it! #olympics2016 Read More
    3471pv 22 07/08/2016 08:32:24 WIB
  • Douglas Gets Gymnastics Gold; Becomes 1st AA to Get Individual All-Around Medal

    Olympic Champion! #BlackGirlsRock#fact Gab Douglas is the only american who holds an Olympic Team Gold and an Olympic All-Around Gold. #olympicsGabby Douglas is 16 years old and has 2 Olympic gold medals. Insanity.How is Gab Douglas at the olympic finals today??? I'm rooting for her! :)First woman of color to win the Olympic all-around gold! #London2012 #OlympicGold": Congrats to Gabby Douglas All Around Gymnastics Olympic Champ!! #blackisbeautiful"USA's Gabby Douglas crowned Olympic champion... Read More
    2117pv 5 03/08/2012 01:29:50 WIB
  • Karena Ganti Kelamin, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Harus Kembalikan Medali Olimpiadenya?

    Bruce Jenner won an Olympic Gold medal. Caitlyn Jenner's courage more impressive.Bruce Jenner should give back his Olympic gold medal since he wants nothing to do with being a male anymoreBruce Jenner has an Olympic gold medal for the manliest thing in the world and we're supposed to call him CaitlynThe movement to take away #BruceJenner/#CaitlynJenner's Olympic Gold Medal is appalling and quite frankly, disgusting.Someone made a petition to take away Bruce Jenner's Olympic gold medal... That... Read More
    1915pv 9 05/06/2015 14:07:53 WIB
  • A Quest for Wisdom - Exploring the Thoughts & Philosophy of Brooks Johnson

    Psychology of Athletes: Brooks Johnson thinks all Olympic athletes he's ever coached have had a screw loose:I remember this incident from the 1972 Olympic games p Thanks for setting the record straight Coach Johnson:Olympic Gaming -Another great story from Brooks Johnson involving Flo Jo -Valerie Briscoe Hooks -Bobby Kersee & others Read More
    3400pv 6 5 01/05/2011 23:10:26 WIB
  • 5 Teori Konspirasi Seputar Tenggelamnya Kapal Titanic

    HMS Hawke menyalahkan Olympic atas kecelakaan yang menimpa kedua kapal itu.Akibatnya White Star Line dibanjiri tagihan biaya hukum, perbaikan, dan kerugian selama Olympic tak beroperasi.RMS merupakan kapal besar pertama yang dibuat untuk mengarungi samudera, namun pada pelayaran kelima Olympic bertabrakan dengan kapal pesiar, Robin Gardinier, mengungkapkan Olympic sengaja ditukar menjadi Titanic serta sengaja ditenggalamkan untuk mencairkan asuransi dalam jumlahTENGGELAM BUKAN KAPAL TITANIC' ... Read More
    304pv 27/01/2020 13:39:18 WIB
  • Lin Dan : Kelanjutan Setelah Olimpiade London

    Untuk meraih hattrick gold medal Olympic! #huwoooYang mau admin share adalah cerita kehidupan Lin Dan pasca Olympic kemarin. Siap-siap.... :DMeraih kembali gold medal Olympic, dan yg terpenting pernikahannya dgn XieXingfang setelahnya.Setelah Olympic kemarin, LD cuti dari ajang internasional. Dia hanya berpartisipasi di Liga China, Kejurnas, dan invitasi Copenhagen MastersIya iya yg sampai skrg meraih 17 titles, lalu medali emas Olympic kemarin. Dpt hadiah byk dr sponsor, price money pun lanc... Read More
    2893pv 11 03/01/2013 15:43:56 WIB
  • Stuxnet, Virus Komputer Perkasa Kolaborasi AS & Israel

    Stuxnet adalah upaya serangan cyber yang dikenal dengan kode "Olympic Games" di kalangan pejabat intelijen AS.Olympic Games dimulai pada 2006, yaitu saat Iran memulai kembali program pengayaan uranium mereka di Natanz. Read More
    688pv 2 24/12/2012 11:38:40 WIB
  • Stuxnet, Virus Komputer Perkasa Kolaborasi AS & Israel

    Stuxnet adalah upaya serangan cyber yang dikenal dengan kode "Olympic Games" di kalangan pejabat intelijen AS.Olympic Games dimulai pada 2006, yaitu saat Iran memulai kembali program pengayaan uranium mereka di Natanz. Read More
    521pv 17/01/2013 13:33:48 WIB
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