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  • Fakta2 di Balik Mitos Oei Hui Lan yg Foto Mistisnya Ada di Hotel Tugu Malang, Putri Pria..

    No feast last foreverNo feast last forever, indeed.Cerita di balik foto di Tugu Hotel Malang 😍 , ada yang punya ‘ no feast last forever ‘ ? 📚📚She’s the daugther of the richest man in indonesia back then, and she’d lived an incredible life, no tragedy. Read More
    Social Problem 4984pv 7 06/12/2017 13:13:11 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    That’ll stay with him, forever. #hplccThey’re his last remaining family, I have no choice. He needs to grow up away from the spotlight. #hplccBUT LAST YEAR I HAD 38! #hplccLet the feast begin! #hplccMay the feast begin! #hplccI’ll see you at the feast? #hplccLast time I saw yeh, yeh was only a baby #hplccWicked, Hallowe’en feast! I’m starving. #hplccBefore the feast begins I would like to say a few words. #hplccHaving a last meal Potter? When are you getting the train back to the Mu... Read More
    Social Problem 2220pv 17/04/2012 04:15:48 WIB
  • Einstein on the Beach

    “: #einsteinonthebeach Amazing evening.A lyrical feast. Didn't want it to end.”genius Robert Wilson chat soon atwow #einsteinonthebeach engrained in my mind forever. Amazing musical score, design & performances all roundHaving one last caffeine kick!!Maybe for the last time in my life.Once will last me a lifetime! #theatreAn "opera" experience like no other.Einstein on the Beach, Philip Glass's 5-hour, no breaks, no plot opera UK premiering at Barbican tonite, is sold outMT : takes a bow ... Read More
    Media & Entertainment 2461pv 20/04/2012 22:51:43 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    No! One last try, please? #hplccNo, much worse. You still live, but your soul is gone forever, you’re an empty shell. You have no memories, no emotions, no nothing. #hplccTheir idea of a feast. #hplccThat’s everything, so let the feast begin! #hplccUnfortunately around Easter one of our number will leave us forever. #hplccI musta been the last ter see him before he killed all them people! #hplccBut last year I got a warning for magic a house elf did at my uncle’s house! #hplccDementors ... Read More
    Social Problem 2157pv 116 02/05/2012 04:26:40 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    It’s no problem, I should be getting to the feast now. #hplccDobby is bound to serve 1 house, 1 family forever. House elves cannot leave, they must be set free. #hplccOnly came out last month. #hplccDo you know who it was the last time?’ #hplccHarry Potter got a Nimbus 2000 last year. #hplccThe last time it was opened, a Mudblood died. #hplccArthur, your sons FLEW that car to Harry’s house and back last night! #hplccNo, no. Stand back! #hplccAnd father won’t tell me anything about the... Read More
    Social Problem 2748pv 19/04/2012 19:40:52 WIB
  • Harlod Begins

    "shall we feast in some breakfast before the days travels?"It him his charge to forever hold that memory in him. And to one day reunite withwhich are his last wordsWith him last ounce of strength, bill noose lunge at the gray man pinning him to the wall with him antlers and considerable mass "no!" cryLast time Harlod learning of him birth. What next?Harlod fail to finish him upon last encroachments.Sometimes I wonder if... no. No.No. Livingsrom? No. Where is the manOh noOh noRead More
    Media & Entertainment 7765pv 16 4 18/03/2012 05:24:06 WIB
  • NBA Conversations on LeBron James & Miami Heat - 2013 NBA Champions

    in the stats BUT its forever written in my mind and heart what a Champion looks like is what heHakeem would feast but Rockets didn't have anyone 2 break Heat down or create open 3's off P&RBoston and Indiana last yearNo rebounds,no champAnd it's not about making the last shot/play but about the willingness to take the last shot or dictate to defense.No more than 3 in the 80's, no?Finally did last night and it was vicarious liberation...Or his not making a field goal in the last 9:30 of G5 tha... Read More
    Sports 5200pv 8 15 30/06/2013 15:20:16 WIB
  • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev-Jahar(@J_tsar)'s all tweets 24/Oct/2011-18/Apr/2013

    one day you will close your eyes, forever.woke up to a chicken calzone and spaghetti, tonight i feastjk about the last posti can't remember the last time i forgot somethingfinally finished the last essay of the semester #naptime-no. -"no don't go" or "no, go" -yea my new roommate seems like a total herb just like the last one #anotherbird-No you'll be the first :) No, I won't be...see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil until the morning alarm goes off and all hell unleashesThe figh... Read More
    Fun 11174pv 8 1 21/04/2013 09:14:23 WIB
  • All Of The World's (14/Feb/2011)

    Lovers forever!!! @ Taman Tasik Perdana Lake GardensLast minute husbands (via )No.1Snow in Shinjuku last night. Very unexpected! /ccNAKANO NO.5I would like to thank all who made this bountiful feast possible, namely @ AwesomehouseNo matter what.Fim de tarde no Bar UrcaWrong picture last time. THIS is the fabric for the drawers. @ Jo-Ann CraftsPor si no la vieron ayer: "Aprende a Regalar tu ausencia a quien no valora tu presencia." Read More
    Media & Entertainment 4118pv 15/02/2011 10:22:28 WIB
  • Adventures of a #snakeonthetown

    It's gonna be a feast in the city tonight fo sho! #snakeonthetownDid you know Duran Duran played at the Hudson last night? Awesome show. No Cobras there. But was! #snakeonthetownOnce they hear my beautiful pungi music they'll be forever mineWhile you may have been found, your silence makes me feel like I've lost you foreverEnjoy your last few moments uncaged.Mongoose, you're this city's last hope."Last seen at the Seinfeld Restaurant. #snakeonthetownIt won't last. Trust me on this one. #snake... Read More
    Study 4966pv 86 65 29/03/2011 17:55:05 WIB
  • Northern Ireland: Ian Paisley dies

    Yes / No」というのが出てくるので、"Never" とダミ声でつぶやいてNoをクリックした。"We loved him and he adored us, and our earthly lives are forever changed." Baroness Eileen Paisley. #IanPaisley"We loved him and he adored us and our earthly lives are forever changed," Eileen Paisley on the death of husband IanCondolences to Ian Paisley family & friends, had great craic when he visited City Hall with Michael D in Nov for Feast of Columbanus lunchRow at hospital lea... Read More
    Politics 2486pv 6 1 12/09/2014 20:06:55 WIB
  • Northern Ireland: the Royal visit: Day Two, Belfast (and the handshake)

    Mohenjo Daro: Could this ancient city be lost forever?Sayıng no offence commıtted wıth flag or wordsChildren at Hillsborough bit disgruntled no walkaboutDerry’s the plaice for festive food this week: Local foodies can look forward to a feast of festive maritime fay...Watching live pictures with no sound of Queen being shown a present.New blog from asking, is this the last of the 'big handshakes'? Well, not quite...Gerry Adams tells the BBC () that Sinn Fein has no objection to the Queen/... Read More
    Politics 2750pv 2 27/06/2012 19:06:28 WIB
  • #EidMubarak: Tweets from #Gaza

    Call 00970828+5 Random No. to Call Gazan Families For Support and Today is Eid El-Fitr(Muslim Religious Feast) #dogoodPALESTINE FOREVER! #GazaMassacre #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #ICC4Israel #BBC #bbcnews #CNN #RT #Alarabiya_KSA #AlJazeeraRunning on the sand - the last steps of Palestinian boys killed by Israeli shellNo Israeli flagGo and read 's tweets in the last 30 mins. #EidMubarak #Gaza #humanityNo worries of any bombingsI am seriously the last person on earth you want to tell something like ... Read More
    Politics 3677pv 18 5 28/07/2014 11:46:17 WIB
  • MuslimRage (archive)

    Forever!FoxNews forever feeds #MuslimRageNo, my name isn't 'Abdul', just like your last name isn't Mc. #MuslimRageI can actually go forever with this trend #MuslimRagetaking forever to load a video. #MuslimRage #YoutubeBlockLast one dropped 9/22 of last year. #muslimrageNo, it is not my job to condemn every last action of Muslims around the world #muslimrageWhen in marriage or if its the feast we don’t use fireworks we use BOMBSwork :D #MuslimRage in ur face redneck :pMissed out on the last... Read More
    Fun 14499pv 18/09/2012 03:28:16 WIB
  • Roast Friday

    But his O face is something you can laugh about forever. #RoastFridayUnless, that pin falls down her 'giner, then it's lost forever. #RoastFridayGet a louder rape whistle, unless you want to be a virgin forever. #RoastFriday #FFHow many days until next Easter and that feast o'chocolate? Ask . He's counting down the days. #RoastFriday #FFLast time I checked, it was my account.As a matter of tradition, always saves his best tweet for last. Sadly he continues and it wasn't his last. #RoastFriday... Read More
    Fun 14954pv 49 31/03/2011 09:28:34 WIB
  • all the buzz at 33rd Annual @jpmorgan #Healthcare Conference #JPM15 #healthcare #biotech..

    Thank you for bubbly to begin annual #JPM15 PR/media feast.Besties forever #JLABSparty #jpm2015Jan 12: #JPM15 Coverage; Living ForeverBig3Bio:SFBay for Jan 12: #JPM15 Coverage; Living ForeverA little embarrassed by the 'no alcohol' tip last yr, but the rest stands.Is today the last day of that #JPM15 BS? If so, #biotech will soon drop, no more news = no more pump fest. $HALO $KITEOnce you are sequenced, you are forever known. Could usher in new roles for patients. #jpm15This is my 1st year w/ n... Read More
    Health 13429pv 26 1 14/01/2015 12:20:07 WIB
  • Innovate 2014 Conference tweets

    Invite all to take part in the 'feast' #eschools14The moment you have sent a photo to someone you have lost control of it forever. #eschools14No Sign inNo Sign inNo Sign inLast day at #eschools14 I know it will be just as good as the last two days!Have a blessed last day.Last day @ #eschools14 Are you ready?The last 30% won’t get it. #eschools14it's a no-brainer! #eschools14 Read More
    Study 4151pv 13 2 12/10/2014 02:58:00 WIB
  • #edutech

    #edutech degrees that last forever and only taken back when u stop. Brilliant idea. Life long learningThat is what #edutech has been like a pedogogical feast"Learn as if you were to live forever.” Ghandi#edutech oh no watched same stuff I saw last year. The problem is I have done 1% I need to watch him for another 100 years#edutech Alan November, no change in test scores in the last 20 years. 20th century education has reached it's max efficiency.We can’t stay in conference-land forever, ... Read More
    Study 11406pv 1 07/06/2013 05:36:27 WIB
  • #educon

    Her last day of work was today. No #educon this year.Learn as if you were to live forever. Gandhi I believe this says so much! #educonOnce again and the SLA family set the table for a wonderful feast of learning sharing and community. Thanks #Educon #educon25last session #educon whoo!Last morning of #educon 2013No condom = no sex #educonwas my last post a bit much? #educon“: "Last morning at #educon. Last breakfast of Coke and Tasty Cakes" Is this an official diet? :)No photographs? No vide... Read More
    Study 8360pv 2 31/01/2013 06:44:48 WIB
  • Launch of Portas Review

    At last. If I can get all groceries in local high street (no green grocer) I would not drive out." at last some common sense ideas!#PortasReview mentions #WestNorwood Feast as case study in good markets/festivals - see p24#PortasReview Not sure 'how we shop has changed forever'. Domination of global high st brands at best a persisten…We’ve lost 65,000 shops in last decade. Question of retail agglomeration? #PortasReviewAs Mary Portas #PortasReview says we can't blame the internet forever.... Read More
    Miscellaneous 6575pv 1 14/12/2011 01:30:28 WIB
  • AWS re:Invent 2014 Vol.0 (to 2014/11/10) #reinvent

    Well... noVai lá no Blog!Learnings for SA #brandy: A Japanese Single Malt Was Just Named 'Best Whisky in the World' | First We Feast #ReInventOh no! Look what is on the loose at #reinvent. #GeeksInVegasHeading to Vegas for #CAWorld and #reinvent < Two great partners...Back in 2008 SOASTA & AWS change the world of App Testing forever.Last time as an AWSer, this time a customer.Last year the boys led (or trailed) 98:2 #reinventWe had such high hopes around that time last year... :-(I'm really ... Read More
    Computer & IT 6129pv 22 2 09/11/2014 18:57:13 WIB
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