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  • Israel Jews, Palestinians, And Humanity

    They dare to pointing guns to kids and women. They will easily beat a woman, they even shoot a kid. Read More
    707pv 1 14/03/2013 23:06:33 WIB
  • ShahdAbusalama

    28 murdered ppl in Gaza, incl 8 kids, 3 women, 4 elderly. Over 300 r suffering serious injuries, incl101 kids & 96 women.Medics: 24 ppl killed in Gaza since Wed, inc 8 kids, 3 women, 4 elderly ppl. 270 ppl got injured, incl 101 kids & 96 women.28 murdered ppl in Gaza, incl 8 kids, 3 women, 4 elderly. Over 300 r suffering serious injuries, incl101 kids & 96 women. #PrayForIsraelThe ministry of health: 69 killed, inl 20 kids, 8 women, 9 elderly. Over 660 injured, incl 224 kids, 113 women, 50 el... Read More
    1279pv 26/11/2012 03:54:23 WIB
  • Ucapan Selamat Hari Kartini @ridwankamil Bersambut Komentar Setengah Protes & Komentar L..

    (((namun tetap mengutamakan keluarga))) lol like EVERY women decide to be married and have kids 👋🙅Hope today's Indonesian women are better at work but still prioritize family" Read comments too Read More
    2363pv 4 2 21/04/2016 13:52:34 WIB
  • Ngikik! Parodi Interview Viral Profesor dengan BBC, Ini yang Terjadi Seandainya Ibu2 yan..

    Was she trying to make the point that women are more nurturing than men? Why does she think we ask them to be full time mommies? 😂😂Here’s how a working mom would’ve handled her kids crashing the infamous live BBC interview 😂Sorry, BBC Dad — THIS Is How A Working Mom Would Handle Her Kids Interrupting A Live Interview!:… #Celebrity #NewsWoman Parodies BBC interview dad & shows him how a mom would handle kids crashing her live chat...Is that a bomb? Read More
    1696pv 7 3 17/03/2017 16:26:39 WIB
  • Solutions for Somalia

    RT : #SolutionsforSomalia Invest in women and children. Women empower men, kids look up to men.RT: : #SolutionsForSomalia no private schools, officials have to send their kids to same schools as everyone else Read More
    1053pv 4 21/01/2012 02:50:27 WIB

    13- She explained how ISIS locked women up in guest houses in Raqqa. Said her kids got sick, they didn't let her take them to hospital.Kids w/ such irresponsible parents r real victims.21- This is me sitting with the wives & kids of ISIS fighters. I'll share more details with you tomorrow after my report is aired.10/ But other ISIS women told the Baghdadi groupie: Don't bother he is already taken: he has 4 wives &15 (sex) slaves.6- The Raqqa women wanted to beat up Indonesian ISIS family, sho... Read More
    3912pv 10 1 27/06/2017 08:56:57 WIB
  • @therealpriceman's #Uppers ruminations

    I'm sure you can find common ground between throwing kids off welfare and forcing women to have those children, (R)s. #Uppers #p2 Read More
    997pv 1 1 04/12/2011 22:27:28 WIB
  • Wawancara Jurnalis TV Arab Ungkap Fakta Mengejutkan Kehidupan Istri Anggota ISIS di Suriah

    13- She explained how ISIS locked women up in guest houses in Raqqa. Said her kids got sick, they didn't let her take them to hospital.21- This is me sitting with the wives & kids of ISIS fighters. I'll share more details with you tomorrow after my report is aired.6- The Raqqa women wanted to beat up Indonesian ISIS family, shouting: What r u doing in our county? U r responsible for our misery.8- Indonesia women told me: "ISIS deceived us with propaganda." I said: "So u saw beheading vids &th... Read More
    6450pv 3 8 26/06/2017 13:29:33 WIB
  • #Syria: @DrMohjaKahf's details of revolution martyrs #Daraa #Duma #Latakia

    Fallen heroes #Syria Ibrahim Mubayyed married, 5 kids;Naim Mukaddem married,two kids;Ahmad Fawwaz, 27 yrs old.All: #Duma, govt sniper, Apr 1#Syria Suhair baack on FB hour ago-respcts to fallen heroes, concrns fr the newly imprisond; she n othr women sang freedom songs behnd bars!Fallen Heroes #Syria - Yasser Abu Aesha married 3 kids; Orfan al-Durrah 19 yrs old; Mohamad Alayia. All: #Duma, govt sniper Apr 1 Read More
    1420pv 3 04/04/2011 09:59:23 WIB
  • My Two #PlanB Rants & Surprising Hope for the Left

    They're kids.But I don't have kids so...Even they didn't intend the drug for use by kids.i can’t imagine it. but again, i don’t have kids.The GOP Hates Women. (via ) #p2 #TFYJust ask the women of New Hampshire.Already gotten a couple "Oh this you care about but not OBAMA DRONES KILLING KIDS"Bcuz for women that is just barely what he is. #prochoice #p2. | HHS: Let's Treat ALL Women Like Children | The Nation #p2 #tfythat’s true. some kids are forced to grow up fast through circumstances ... Read More
    1885pv 11 3 10/12/2011 06:12:28 WIB
  • Tak Terpikirkan oleh Polisi yang Lain, Petugas Ini Bikin Gadis Kecil Tersenyum di Lantai..

    God bless out men and women in law enforcement. This video warms the 💓💖💗Houston Police Officer Noticed a Girl In a Wheel Chair watching the other kids dance, so he started dancing with her ❤❤❤ Read More
    580pv 03/03/2019 19:49:53 WIB
  • "Mama tetap sabar, kerja, masak untuk bapakku yang penjudi. Suatu hari, mama pulang kerj..

    There are millions of kids in the third world who had it worse than you.Indonesian women are strong 💪 💪Country doesn’t matter men r men and women r often so good.Women though 💔Always so forgiving even if it means losing our lives to a man. I wish we weren’t socialized the way we are. Read More
    1874pv 26/02/2018 10:54:59 WIB
  • Ngeri, Rekaman Mobil Menguntit Anak Kecil Yang Bersembunyi Di Balik Mobil Lain Ini Jadi ..

    I think a lot of women can relate. One of those times I'm thankful for everpresent cameras.Too many kids would be staring at their phone while walking. Teach your kids to keep phone down and eyes up.Before i was ever a parent, i had read to not teach your kids “stranger danger”.Also enroll your kids in self defense classes. Especially your daughters. This is so outrageous and so infuriating!We’ve actually had kids walk into my car while stopped at a light because they didn’t look up. ... Read More
    2285pv 28/04/2019 15:48:23 WIB
  • #Twibate on 26 Dec 2012: "My solutions to #StopRapes in India".

    Parents must imbibe strong respect for women amongst kids [1/2]#Twibate #StopRape The way males treat their women is pretty much imbibed by their kids. So Zero tolerance for Domestic Violence always .Every family must inculcate the values such as respecting others in kids. #StopRapes#Twibate #StopRapes Dub Raj Kumar movies to all languages and show them to kids... It will help solve other problems too#Twibate #StopRapes Teah kids from early days on humanity, the family needs to play important... Read More
    2961pv 25 4 26/12/2012 22:55:01 WIB
  • @Dare2BDigital Inspires Girls About Computer Science #d2bd11

    #d2bd11 Great tips on keeping your kids safe online by Anita Rao of Symantec!Dare 2B Digital Conference:Careers for Young WomenDare 2B Digital Conference:Careers for Young Women. is tomorrow Focus is young women & tech. Help subtitle in real time#Dare2BDigital Conference teaching young women about computing and kewl stuff!Great day on tap conf SV: Tech ldrs inspire students re computer sci careers for women #D2BD11 Read More
    797pv 16 14/02/2011 10:59:16 WIB
  • Penting Apa Ngga? Ditemukan Kursi Yang Mencegah #MenSpreading Agar Perempuan Terlihat Pu..

    They just have dogs instead of kids.Women of above 40 yrs hv regretted the modern idea of feminism.But why do women chair encourages spreading. What are they trying to prove here ?If you look at a man & a woman sitting on her chairs, you'd believe men have no balls but women do. Read More
    879pv 23/07/2019 18:07:12 WIB
  • IgniteYourSpark

    loved speaking at #IgniteYourSpark yesterday - such a great group of women! Thanks Marilyn Sorensen and for the opportunity!RT : Studies have shown that just having your kids wear a pedometer will reduce tv time by an hour every day. JJ Virgin #FitCEOs Read More
    882pv 4 17/03/2011 01:10:38 WIB
  • Dokumentasi Mengharukan Warga Suriah Setelah 5 Tahun Dalam Situasi Perang, Angelina Joli..

    These kids are taking to the streets in Aleppo and making sweeping changes to their city.Children &women are the first victims of all the crises in the world, is the shame of the world,Aleppo! Read More
    1695pv 10 19/03/2016 08:59:16 WIB
  • #DeirQaddis Tweeted by @DianaAlzeer and @PalYouthVoice

    IOF pushing protestors including women, and kids back as they try to reach the bulldozers #DeirQaddisFemale protestor "We tried to reach the bulldozers they pushed us back, they r pushing girls and women violently and beating" #DeirQaddis Read More
    1144pv 12 16/06/2011 18:47:53 WIB
  • Don't Capitalize on Me, Woman!

    Wanted to meet with the kids. Hang out.I have booted my work computer, have what I need to work from home, and must return to the kids. Back on the road.And you meet those women. In the Moms' Club, Bible studies (yea, I know, don't go there), the PTA, at preschool... you do.Like I want to attend a party where chubby, church-going women pretend not to have seen a dildo. Or worse, find out they HAVEN'T.So you seek the company of other women who were able to & did give up passions so that strang... Read More
    1442pv 8 03/06/2011 23:54:36 WIB
  • LOL, Kepingan Kartun Shinchan Kala Ibunya Repot Siapkan Sarapan Plus Siapkan Anak Sekola..

    She was calling out to her kids that were still sleepingShe wasn’t just the kids parent, she was the husbands parent too lmaoAnd this generation of women will be the one to not put up with that “reality” from the guys. It’s either 50/50 or none. Read More
    1255pv 16/03/2019 19:13:37 WIB
  • Newport International Group Articles: The boiler suit

    “: This is such an eye opener, I see why men abuse women. Most of them are injured boys.” SO TRUE!Kids have a hole in their souls in the shape of their Daddy. #FatherlessSons“: RT : Kids have a hole in their souls in the shape of their Daddy. #FatherlessSons ” Read More
    732pv 1 2 08/05/2013 10:03:32 WIB
  • The Best of @thesulk

    Women spend 2% of their lives trying to figure out where bruises on their legs came from.Kids, don't smoke pot. Unless you want to be like The Beatles.Ideally, I'd like to have two kids. One favorite, and one for organs. Read More
    1118pv 1 20/12/2010 10:20:52 WIB
  • The Tragic Irony of Feminist Revenge Fantasies

    Society admonishes women to just leave, when so doing could risk your life -- and that of your kids.In this regard, women are no different than men, true.I thought most women were in jail for lower level drug and property crimes.Hence, media that portrays women avenging their assaults and evading prosecution are rightly called fantasies.Context is women incarcerated for murder? Most, male & female, are in jail for non-violent drug offenses.I should've specified that the vast majority of women... Read More
    1839pv 4 10/06/2011 03:46:19 WIB
  • Deaerator / Boiler Feed Systems with Aftercooling Valve

    20 garden projects to do with your kidsNot all women at risk should do what Angelina Joile did. Experts present options for detecting, treating cancer:Dispelling the myth of the Tiger Mother: Supportive, not harsh, parenting, leads to successful kidsRead More
    1951pv 2 2 19/05/2013 13:30:43 WIB
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