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  • Fakta di Balik Koran Independent Observer yang Disebut Sebagai Media Asing yang Kritisi ..

    Independent Observer ini media lokal, dudung😂🙈INDEPENDENT OBSERVER ADALAH KORAN MILIK (WASEKJEN) GERINDRAIndependent Observer dan Suara Senyap Gerindra dari Kemang...Independent Observer, pengelola PT. Media Pandu Bangsa, Kontak Angga Raka Prabowo.Asal tahu saja koran Independent Observer itu media agitasi dan propaganda milik Wasekjen Gerindra, Angga Raka Prabowo.[SALAH] "KORAN INGGRIS" Disinformasi daur ulang, "Independent Observer" memang berbahasa Inggris tetapi BUKAN "Koran Inggris... Read More
    858pv 07/02/2019 19:08:12 WIB
  • Respon Gerindra Koran The Independent Observer Disebut Propaganda Orang Dekat Prabowo

    Gerindra Jawab Isu soal Koran The Independent Observer| Sekjen Gerindra: The Independent Observer Milik Orang Dekat PrabowoThe independent observer di bawah naungan group the helpster Inggris, berani menurunkan berita yg menggigit, koran mingguan skala nasional ygBanyak yg tertipu, dikira Independent Observer Ini koran terbitan luar negeri ternyata Propaganda orang dekat Prabowo, Obor Rakyat dlm bhs InggrisKoran Independent Observer dikatakannya, adalah koran berita nasional berbahasa inggris... Read More
    2352pv 01/09/2018 13:45:48 WIB
  • Waspada... Media Asing Menyebar Informasi Hoax, Masyarakat Harus Bersikap Kritis. By @Pa..

    Antara lain tabloid bernama "Independent Observer"Jangan salah, "Independent Observer" ini tidak sama dengan "The Observer" yg didirikan tahun 1791.Menurut Fadli Zon "Independent Observer" itu diterbitkan oleh orang dekat Prabowo. Sampai disini clear kan?Lalu mengapa 'orang dekat' Prabowo itu menggunakan nama Observer. Mungkin untuk mendapatkan kesan seolah bagian dari "The Observer". Read More
    847pv 07/09/2018 11:15:53 WIB
  • #DevilAndMrPunch

    Sunday theatre review columns: Observer ; Independent on SundayRT : Sunday theatre review columns: Observer ; Independent on SundayRT : Sunday theatre review columns: Observer ; Independent on Sundaynice observer review for #devilandmrpunchRT : nice observer review for #devilandmrpunchIndependent On Sunday review of Absent Friends, directed by Jeremy Herrin, at Harold Pinter Theatre, London Read More
    1217pv 09/02/2012 00:00:29 WIB
  • #UK newspapers at the time of #EURef #Brexit (mid June - early July 2016)

    OBSERVER POLITICS LEAD: Gove bid fades, by Toby Helm #tomorrowspaperstodayOBSERVER LABOUR LEAD: Tom Watson prevented from seeing Corbyn #tomorrowspaperstodayObserver front page - Cameron: axe could fall on state pensions after Brexit #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapersOBSERVER: May, Leadsom set to fight Tory poll for PM as Gove bid fades #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapersObserver front page: Britain split down the middle as battle resumes over Brexit #tomorrowspaperstoday #eurefOBSERVER: UK faces ... Read More
    2335pv 1 1 03/07/2016 10:44:27 WIB
  • Queen visits #Ireland: #bettyIE #queensvisit

    Barack Obama and the Queen to visit Ireland during its time of despair :: The Observer -- David... #Ireland #Ulster. :: The Independent -- David McKittrick: #Ireland #UlsterVisit proves we're friends and equals :: Irish Independent -- Editorial: #Ireland #UlsterRoyal guest will slip off to visit top racehorses :: Sunday Independent -- Maeve Sheehan: #Ireland #UlsterHistoric meeting will now be one of equals :: Irish Independent -- Sam Smyth: #Ireland #UlsterDublin's biggest ever lockdown to g... Read More
    3220pv 5 1 user 19/05/2011 05:26:10 WIB
  • #ICC does have jurisdiction over #Gaza : Palestine needs a 'sponsor state' #ICC4Israel

    On December 2012 overwhelming number of states recognized the statehood of Palestine to grant observer status in the UN system.The 7/31 HRC resolution allows the independent commission to conduct investigation with cooperation of conflicting parties. #ICC4Israel Read More
    1590pv 4 6 18/08/2014 05:45:44 WIB
  • RIP Robert Kee

    Journalist and presenter Robert Kee dies - The IndependentThe most fair minded UK observer of Ireland that ever lived.The most fair minded UK observer of Ireland that ever lived.” RIP Mr. KeeThe most fair minded UK observer of Ireland that ever lived.” Totally agree Fergal, RIP Read More
    2774pv 2 12/01/2013 09:00:40 WIB
  • Surprise: WikiLeaks Probably Is Not Pro-Assad

    he's welcome to do that if he finds conditions acceptable, but it is a leap to say only biased observer can point out this isA sentence is true or false, independent of its temporal relation to any given mindless atrocity.Given his coverage of Yugoslavia should know autocratic states can establish independent media i.e. b-92.As to your "conspiracy theory" - the independent commission report to the UN refused to rule out external provocateurs.An independent inquiry into the massacre has refuse... Read More
    6853pv 104 13 06/07/2012 18:45:37 WIB
  • maafa

    Truce or ceasefire in Gaza - Pakistan Observer #Gaza #BDS #Israel. - The Independent #SyriaHamas emerges with gains from Israeli offensive - Jamaica Observer #Gaza #BDS #IsraelGaza debacle exposes Israel's weakness: Tehran - Pakistan Observer #Gaza #BDS #Israel. - The Independent #Gaza #BDS #Israel. - The Independent #Gaza #BDS #Israel. - The Independent #Gaza #BDS #IsraelEgypt: Cairo protesters firebomb Al-Jazeera office - Charlotte Observer #Gaza #BDS #Israel. - The Independent #Gaza #BDS #... Read More
    4620pv 27/11/2012 04:11:16 WIB
  • Diskusi #twitedu tentang Uji Kompetensi Guru

    Jadi menurutku uji kompetensi biarlah masyarakat (orgns Profsnl mis PGRI yg independent)) yg menguji, RT : #twitedumungkinkah lewat review yang dilakukan oleh peer group, oleh murid, dan oleh observer? hasil evaluasi lalu difollowup #twiteduSeharusnya begitu RT ..lewat review yg dilakukan oleh peer group, murid, & observer? hasil evaluasi lalu difollowup #twitedu Read More
    2808pv 20 3 30/07/2012 11:12:33 WIB
  • Tweets from and on #Egypt #Libya #Oman #Saudi Arabia and #MENA (7 March 2011)

    - Yemen Observer #egypt- Pakistan Observer #egyptWashington, Al-Qaeda and the Arab revolt - Yemen Observer #egyptThe Independent: US, desperate to avoid military involvement in #Libya, asks #Saudi to supply weapons to the rebelsFearful migrant workers on the move in Libya: UN - Pakistan Observer #egypt Read More
    3450pv 2 07/03/2011 20:31:01 WIB
  • Tweeting journalists in #Tripoli, #Libya (11 - 19 June)

    No independent proof.The Independent remembers peace activist Brian Haw and forecasts a bleak future for strike talks #skypapersPicture of one of the documents The Observer has obtained in files reportedly from #Misrata, translations welcomeThis is one of the '1000s' of docs seen by The Observer newspaper. I have yet to get a full translation. #Libya #GaddafiObserver newspaper claims to have seen '1000s' of docs which they claim reveal orders to Gaddafi troops in Misratah. 1 doc follows. #Libya Read More
    4999pv 7 1 user 20/06/2011 03:48:45 WIB
  • 31 August 2014: 20 years since the IRA guns fell silent

    :: Jamaica Observer -... #Ireland #UlsterThe flying winger who became the Butchers' nemesis :: Sunday Independent -- Alan Murray: #Ireland #UlsterReynolds's risks for peace pose their own problems :: Sunday Independent -- Eoghan Harris: #Ireland #UlsterMary, Dessie and Dick still staying silent on secrets of the Albert era :: Irish Independent ... #Ireland #Ulsterwas there any independent verification that you actually did the water challenge rather than just pose for it? I want proof Read More
    2496pv 5 1 31/08/2014 23:13:00 WIB
  • Timeline archive for the FA Cup Final 2014

    Observer front page - "MPs to probe Serco over sex assault claim at asylum centre" #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapersIndependent on Sunday front page - "Exclusve - The tiny plastic timebomb" #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapersIndependent on Sunday Sport - "Ramsey steals in to end drought" #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #FAcupwinners2014 Read More
    3153pv 3 1 18/05/2014 03:37:14 WIB
  • #Egypt: Tweets from #Tahrir, Cairo and #Suez, 19 November 2011 (page 4)

    Independent Union Federation joins #Tahrir sit-in #Nov19 #fbViolent clashes in Cairo leave hundreds injured | World news | The Observer #Nov19The independent unions to mobilize in solidarity with #Tahrir #Nov19 بيان الاتحادالمصري للنقابات المستقلةI've been in #Tahrir the whole day and as an observer I can say that there is nothing on earth would stop the revolution.Independent #Egypt sat channel reports 4,000 people protesting in Nile Delta city Mahalla, want ... Read More
    2925pv 5 1 user 1 20/11/2011 05:09:45 WIB
  • #Egypt: Voting day #egypreselex #Egyelections #egypreselections

    One of few observer missions #egypreselectionsFor Egypt's voters, revolution feels light years away | Egypt Independent byEgy election observer at polling station in Mohandessin, Cairo: 'we are not going to have a clear winner but so far the election is free' Read More
    3441pv 4 23/05/2012 13:50:59 WIB
  • BDConference

    Article from NY Observer w/more on Conde Nast's misguided tablet publishing strategy, from an insider: #bdconfApple is the only company in the mobile space with an independent connection to the consumer. The carriers HATE that. #bdconf Read More
    2024pv 17/04/2012 02:56:41 WIB
  • The 12th July 2014: Peaceful Parade in Northern Ireland and #GazaUnderAttack

    Favourite observer todayHere is the front page of Friday's Irish IndependentGARC Activists, Residents and Independent Observers logged a number of breaches of determintion during this morning's march through Ardoyne Read More
    1855pv 1 1 13/07/2014 07:07:34 WIB
  • gbc to finish

    The president's new powers | #Egypt Independent'Profile: Lord Alistair McAlpine' - The IndependentJudges Club lashes out at Morsy's decisions | #Egypt IndependentUN calls“observer”instead of “non‐member State”=not human enough for war crimes. #GazaUnderAttack #GazaUS has concerns about Egyptian president Morsy's moves | Egypt IndependentUN calls“observer”instead of “non‐member State”=not human enough for war crimes. #GazaUnderAttack #GazaNew law 'protecting' the revolution... Read More
    7473pv 24/11/2012 07:45:38 WIB
  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: The State of HipHop Music 2014

    u can't expect the casual observer to have the passion of the person who embodies it. A scuba diver ain't a fish #HipHopEdThe current state of hip-hop- A return to lyricism, an appreciation for complexity, and a resurgence of the independent artist #HipHopEd Read More
    2047pv 5 08/01/2014 10:49:31 WIB
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