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  • Is Mitt Romney a RETROACTIVE Candidate?

    Today I #retroactively warned myself not to start watching LOSTToday I #retroactively warned myself not to start watching Lost.Mitt to Bain: "I wish I knew how to quit you."I think wo...So did I. Thought when my back was better I'd seek another job, but haven't so I guess I didI, too, have retroactively retired from Marquette Library. I have not worked there since 2009.So, it turns out I "retroactively retired" from my last relationship...I wasn't dumped. #JustSoYouKnowI guess like Bush kille... Read More
    1532pv 2 16/07/2012 11:32:45 WIB
  • Psychic

    I finally spoke. “Child you are in danger! You were brought to me to be warned, please leave my shop now!”I always pass the little occult shop on my way to and from work and would catch myself sitting at a red light some days thinking “that couldI had a voicemail a few days later (I never left my number) “this is Lady Tara, I apologize for my rudeness the other day and felt I should giveI want to tell you what happened the first and last time I ever went to see a psychic…Until I wok... Read More
    398pv 1 1 13/01/2018 04:23:15 WIB
  • Closure. *And* a Fortune Cookie. Niiice.

    I had warned my mom that his intensity seemed to be more about him than about them. And now... the damned cat. OMG.And you all wonder how the hell I got myself into this mess. LOL. Know who defended WHOM in my house? I protected my stepdad. That's who.Turns out that my mom had warned him that I was her "cross to bear." A difficult, slightly insane child, severely troubled.If dignity, honesty and forthrightness count for anything, I kicked this day's ASS. So I'm pretty damn happy with myself.I... Read More
    1363pv 5 17/07/2011 10:47:21 WIB
  • Here Comes Android's Nexus S (and Gingerbread)

    You have been warned :)That would be the only thing to convince me to get one myself, anyway.I don't know yet.Look what I found -If I'm lucky I might get a Nexus S tomorrow. What should I do with it first?I see that we did. Right on!I don't care... I don't like the feeling and look of plastic. It looks like a child's toy compared to the N1.Best sound from a music player I can remember.I probably am :-) I just don't have a good experience with Samsung Android phones... hopefully the Nexus S wi... Read More
    1734pv 5 15/12/2010 12:22:42 WIB
  • Jimmy Carter, Cromwell, Monarchy, and Butthurt

    I understand. I myself look forward to it all. :P. :) Yes, we have been warned about the Puritans from long ago. Sigh...I respect that.I know that, and I don't hate any religion per se. What I DO hate is those who hypocritically use it to fool the ignorant.I love Jimmy Carter. I don't even care that he is religious. Other things make up for that.Am I right? I'm serious, too.You know, I never would have thought of it that way. Good show! I #facepalm'ed for real. XDJust hope I don't live to see... Read More
    1618pv 8 16/09/2011 11:39:18 WIB
  • A Discussion about the Future of the Euro and EU

    I do hope you have been buying silver and gold - I should invest in some physical silver myselfTony Benn WARNED us all that joiningthe EURO was the worst fucking idea going back in 1998 and fortunately we TOOK his adviceI can do it tomorrow, of course... :)I believe the next war will be in each country, and it will be the rich vs. the poor. And I fully intend to survive thatOh gosh, I wonder how George Soros feels about that delusion...What I don't like is this mish-mash of unelected folks ev... Read More
    1359pv 5 1 10/12/2011 09:52:55 WIB
  • MSNtoYEG--My First Trip to Edmonton

    Disappointingly little turbulence, despite the fact we were warned of a bumpy ride. :) #MSNtoYEGAcquainting myself w/@Legopolis' apartment. Found the bathroom sink rather amusing. #MSNtoYEGI wish!I have to admit, this is pretty cool. I like ships! #MSNtoYEGI just saw The Matrix for the first time. Whatever I thought of it, I didn't like it as much as you did, The Internet.I <3 fountains. #MSNtoYEGI don't want go. #MSNtoYEGShould I be concerned? #YEGtoMSNShould I head back to the airport...?I ... Read More
    1451pv 6 1 24/08/2012 04:55:41 WIB
  • #Norway: #Breivik Trial Day 5 (Archive) *VERY DIFFICULT TO READ*

    I have tried myself. #BreivikI have given the mandate to kill to myself. #BreivikI thought to myself "Do I want to survice? I will become most hated person". Considered suicide. #BreivikI have distanced myself by using a technical language. Otherwise I could not talk about this. #BreivikI will break down if i remove the mental protection I have made for myself. #Breivik wneh asked to show more empathy.#Breivik: "I have chosen to isolate myself because I knew what was coming. Also to protect t... Read More
    5058pv 7 1 21/04/2012 01:08:21 WIB
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    I warned you. #hplccI WARNED YOU BOY. CUPBOARD. NOW! #hplccI think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks. #hplccCounted them myself #hplccI’ve been doing some myself and they turned out fine #hplccHagrid, I think you’ve made a mistake. I can’t be a wizard. I just can’t. #hplccI just wanted to know if I could have my book back. #hplccI knew it. #hplccI have a gun! #hplccIs it true what I heard? #hplcc Read More
    2584pv 17/04/2012 04:15:48 WIB
  • Black Twitter Cackles While Watching Cult Classic, #ComingToAmerica

    I'll just sit by myself over here.I warned you didn't I! Dottie! Get him! Lls #fried looking @ #comingtoamericaRT : I warned you didn't I! Dottie! Get him! Lls #fried looking @ #comingtoamericaRT : I warned you didn't I! Dottie! Get him! Lls #fried looking @ #comingtoamericaTrue Story: "Soul Glo" was the first music ringtone I created myself. I thought I was the ish when it rang. #ComingToAmericaI've warned you, I'll be forced to thrash you. #ComingtoAmericaI've warned you... Next time I'll b... Read More
    3507pv 22/04/2012 15:37:32 WIB
  • All the tweets tagged #AGOSCIchat

    He he was just thinking I should have warned my followers I was going into #AGOSCIchat...but no need! You're all here :) #AGOSCIchatI'm a little late to introduce myself but I'm Kate, speech path in adelaide and I've been on twitter for perhaps nearly 3 years? #AGOSCIchatI love sharing those "hitting home" statements. I know I need to tweet if I get goosebumps #AGOSCIchatyes I can do that! I can keep you posted Gemma. :) #AGOSCIchatI have to do it again. #AGOSCIchatI will be tweeting a lot wh... Read More
    1542pv 9 3 22/04/2013 18:14:30 WIB
  • AGOSCIchat To Convince Newbies & Others of Value :)

    He he was just thinking I should have warned my followers I was going into #AGOSCIchat...but no need! You're all here :) #AGOSCIchatI'm a little late to introduce myself but I'm Kate, speech path in adelaide and I've been on twitter for perhaps nearly 3 years? #AGOSCIchatI love sharing those "hitting home" statements. I know I need to tweet if I get goosebumps #AGOSCIchatyes I can do that! I can keep you posted Gemma. :) #AGOSCIchatI will be tweeting a lot while sitting at the stand so I can ... Read More
    1257pv 1 23/04/2013 06:26:57 WIB
  • Part 2 of Collected tweets on #Libya and #Egypt, 25-26 February 2011

    I will give myself 2 #Libya." #feb17I warned you. Click at your own risk. #Feb17I do disagree with my last couple tweets. But I'll indulge myself with retweeting a few good onesReuters: Russian President Medvedev warned that Libyan authorities would face prosecution under international lawEveryone in Zawia and Misurata need to be warned. Arm yourselves and get the stuff you captured out. Gaddafi is planning something #libyaHow can I get rest? After what I sow.Every time I go to bed I ask God ... Read More
    3713pv 8 1 27/02/2011 01:46:38 WIB
  • .@Shoq Rants About Being Bullied By Women Out to Destroy His Twitter Reputation [updated..

    I just found out myself. This ->Remember when only we warned about this crank?And I don't want anyone to step into their blender of bullshit. I can take care or myself :)As I said in my interview with that is one of the reasons I made my statement outing myself.And if caved in to this bullshit about me, I would never forgive myself. I do a lot wrong. But not in this case.I just didn't mention that, as other things needed vetting first. I don't defend myself on the smear monger's schedule :)be... Read More
    9886pv 39 2 27/11/2012 02:29:31 WIB
  • #Norway: #Breivik trial: Live tweets (11 - 16 May)

    "I could not see myself dying that day.""I thought to myself; So this is how it is to die""When I managed to sit up, I thought to myself that I do not want to see this. I lay down again""I saw dead people all around me. I couldn't really take it all in. I was too busy trying to stay alive myself.""...When he wasn't able to kill me, I will not let myself die either. So I swim on and finally I do get to the other side.""...But since so many had started swimming, I did so too. I took off my rain... Read More
    4429pv 5 16/05/2012 23:53:36 WIB
  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Celebrating the Teachers throughout Life's Classrooms #NationTeache..

    Even when I chose another major, I still found myself working w/ youth #HipHopEdI have to remind myself of that, on the dark days... #hiphopedTo my new followers: I apologize in advance, for my daily tweets are nothing like my #HipHopEd tweets. I get ratchet. You've been warned.Salute to the teachers that saw things inside of me before I could see them inside of myself. #HipHopEdPerkins, is the reason why I do what I do...and how I do it. #LastingImpact #HipHopEdI brag about hip-hopEd everywh... Read More
    2011pv 2 06/05/2015 21:58:30 WIB
  • #Sandynyc: Tweets from Staten Island #Sandy

    As a runner and marathoner myself I know all that goes into a race. That support &water needs 2 go 2 the citizens.He warned us about the's not sewage or gas. "Bodies?" "Yeah."I'm near cadman plaza in Brooklyn and myself & others on the sidewalk stopped in our tracks after hearing very loud explosion sound- anyoneI dunno where I will be tomorrow but I will touch baseWtf do I really have to complain about? But here I amYeah I has emI don't have words.keep me posted my bat signals are... Read More
    3830pv 6 03/11/2012 11:19:36 WIB
  • #edchatie Number 138

    Had been Warned to prepare a class. At interview they said they could not let me do it 1/2Sorry forgot to introduce myself! Natalie, Primary sub, Kilkenny. It has been a while... Hello again! #edchatieI would love itIt turns out I can't tell the time. Thank god I don't teach Maths! #edchatieI'd say if I added on the cvs I posted when subbing it's easily 500! #edchatieI received brill feedback from 1 or 2 prncpls I interviewed for. V helpful! Most important was told why I didnt get job #edchat... Read More
    1655pv 10 3 08/11/2014 20:45:53 WIB
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