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  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Hip-Hop Activism Lessons from the students at Univ of Missouri

    Who has the best examples of homophones in rap lyrics? #engchat #HipHopEd: Who has the best examples of homophones in rap lyrics? #engchat #HipHopEd: Who has the best examples of homophones in rap lyrics? #engchat #HipHopEdAs an alum, Columbia resident, and educator this whole week has been surreal #HipHopEdAs someone who has watched her students in D1 athletics, it's not necessarily privilege to be "used." #HipHopEdHip Hip has always been about building community. Coming together to standup/... Read More
    1825pv 13 2 17/11/2015 18:45:31 WIB
  • #OMS11 Online Marketing Summit: Tweets from San Diego, February 7-11

    Somebody who has a million followers.Has passion & energy. #geekwithsocialskillsHe has Japanese on the back of his card, TOKYO!!!CA-28 has implications for email in the US #oms11User manual now has analytics data and advertising channel. Genius. #oms11#oms11 WiFi password has expired? Is there a new wifi password for today?Mktg has two teams: "get found" and "convert" () #oms11"Every company has a story to tell." can help you get them! #OMS11RT #oms11 WiFi password has expired? Is there a new... Read More
    2700pv 35 08/02/2011 13:00:32 WIB
  • [DWL2PM] DamnWeLove2PM's Tweet March 5th 2014

    And Chan has curly fringe (cr: kana眯眼控, via: myboytaec)[PIC] 140304 2PM Arena Tour Osaka Jo-Hall Day 1 by AeuyBrin has been chirpified![FANACC] 140305 2PM Arena Tour 2014 - Osaka Jo-Hall Day 2 has been chirpified![FANACC] Osaka Day 2: Wooyoung today has husky voice for beautiful (cr: 0430darlene)[FANACC] 140305 2PM Arena Tour 2014 at Osaka Jo-Hall Japan Public Rehearsal has been chirpified! Read More
    1726pv 3 06/03/2014 07:23:31 WIB
  • Before @BronxZoosCobra, There Was @UnionSqGator

    The has great ciabatta rolls that setle my stomach.The has been found. What will become of its Twitter?my neighbor has 9 loud unruly children under 10 y/o. Would you like to come visit?The on 6th Ave & 13th St has the freshest Wheatgrass. The other Jamba's use the sun lamp to grow cannabis. #snakeonthetown Read More
    1170pv 24 3 05/04/2011 17:53:04 WIB
  • #EMchat 65: #FirstGen and HS Counselor Communications

    We say neither parent has completed 4-year college or university . #EMchatis doc student and #firstgen who has started blog that addresses some of these issues #Emchatyes, the uni has to be on the same page before they can begin tracking. You have to know WHO to track :) #emchatThis has been great and very informative! Thank you everyone for sharing! I feel like I learned so much.#emchatQ1 - What has been your experience working with HS counselors and #firstgen students? (or vice versa for ou... Read More
    2135pv 2 6 23/03/2013 00:16:37 WIB
  • Women, Men, Dating

    Or one who has been here for longer than five years.Or one who has been here for longer than five years.I'm sure I would have has input. #DatinginNYCSo Black women's desperation for family, in many ways, has been underscored by a quest for equalitylol true...which means you'd prob end up w/someone who has maintained their regional culture...interesting observation!A nice guy who can't put it down or is a pushover or has no ambition or is a mama's boy can keep his nice butt far away from me. Read More
    1360pv 1 23/04/2012 11:22:41 WIB
  • memahami komunis, ideologi teror part 2.

    1081pv 12 3 25/06/2014 17:23:41 WIB
  • Pesan dari saudara2 kita dari Aleppo yang terkepung oleh rezim bashar al assad

    BREAKING: Multiple reports that Aleppo has been fully captured by pro-Government forces.1--The number of casualties has risen to 85 civilians and 500 are suffocated by aerial shelling with .. #AleppoAMC Read More
    677pv 13/12/2016 14:23:31 WIB
  • #HFChat Transcript for Friday, April 29, 2011

    lol - It has happened! #HFchathope everyone has a fantastic weekend! #hfchatRT : hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! #hfchatRT : handwritten letter has shorter shelf-life for a recruiter than an email #hfchatYes I know but it has happened!! - 2 candidates I worked with - I #LinkedIn #hfchati think a handwritten letter has a shorter shelf-life/reminder for a recruiter than an email #hfchathas anyone ever published a collection of stories on the crazy experiences in HR / recruiting #HFChat?R... Read More
    4781pv 30/04/2011 01:17:34 WIB
  • #Nakba Day protests turned deadly #palestine (page 2)

    #AlJazeera's liveblog has details:BBC World has slight coverage of what has transpired re: Nakba events; updates would be much appreciated.AP has a good account of today's events in and around Israel.'s "#Israel army fired on #Nakba Day protests #Palestine #pr.." has hit 100 views. but Israel's reaction has been persistent for 63 years - can't say the same about Assad. #May15 #Syria #NakbaThis has been vacillating btw yes and no for days. Now it's yes: Politi... Read More
    3280pv 1 16/05/2011 02:37:18 WIB
  • #Jan25 Tweets from #Egypt

    has the news ask herPrayer has started #jan25♻ : Prayer has started #jan25♻ : Any has to be hosted within Egypt.URGENT: Egypt has shut off the internet:has suez police failed? update plz! #Jan25 #EgyptEgypt has 'great opportunity' for reforms, says White House #Egypthas twitter in Egypt been blocked? all tweets coming in all of a sudden stoppedAll news reports & activists confirm Suez has been taken over by the people #Jan25 #Egyptwe are using #Jan25 for covering all days to Egyptians Jan... Read More
    2812pv 16 28/01/2011 18:45:35 WIB
  • PAX East 2012 Day 1

    The first utterance of the word "boobs" and 2 f-bombs later and the child in the Blankety Blank Panel has been escorted out. #pax Read More
    1043pv 3 10/04/2012 00:09:46 WIB
  • Regardless, it really does not need to be original or artificial. Because it's human nam..

    the solo ria, alias there has not been a warrior tamvan who came up. This is actually a mere TS assumption. Read More
    1404pv 27/03/2018 12:00:40 WIB
  • Membongkar Kebusukan,Fitnah" @triomacan2000 dan bos @anasurbaningrum by: @pratamaarista

    => Pengrusakan Kantor Tempo dan Konspirasi CS. has been chirpified! Read More
    4638pv 88 1 17/03/2013 02:37:36 WIB
  • API-2013 International Trade and Customs Conference

    Heard @ #API CBP has pulled SME's (subject matter experts) accross organizational lines to make 1 unified team to support each CEE Read More
    1073pv 1 28/03/2013 02:37:43 WIB
  • TESTIMONIALS from @HootowlsMerch's customers #Part1

    the package has arrived. Thanks for the sticker. #varsity #owlcity Read More
    917pv 2 1 17/08/2013 13:25:05 WIB
  • 'Lose your accent' - speak 'more southern'

    Could be worse - headmaster in Halesowen has banned teachers & kids from speaking Black Country .. ee ay wroight! Read More
    1807pv 12 4 17/11/2013 21:15:38 WIB
  • Articles #EoS2014

    Talking Point: Snow White has Changed (A Little) Read More
    964pv 1 25/04/2014 13:44:27 WIB
  • @sidogiri : NGAJI HIKAM BAB 23

    #NgajiHikam Bab-23 "Kesibukan Bukanlah sebuah Alasan" by has been Chirpified. Read More
    1385pv 4 1 18/11/2014 08:47:53 WIB
  • [Main Scenes, first part] Sang Pencabut Nyawa

    [Opening Plot] Sang Pencabut Nyawa has been Chirpified. Read More
    971pv 4 1 09/01/2015 16:56:05 WIB
  • St Mary's Rickmansworth Year Six trip to the Isle of Wight 2016

    The week has gone really quickly! Read More
    672pv 1 18/06/2016 01:03:46 WIB
  • Tips Branding dan Membangun Personality di Online Shop @aMrazing

    Walau lo 'cuma' online shop, there has to be something that separates you from the rest. In the sea of ikan dori, be the shark. Read More
    927pv 4 1 20/03/2017 21:10:19 WIB
  • Ayah Ibu Selalu Bertengkar & Akhirnya Cerai Meski Sudah Menikah 20 Th Lebih, Namun yg Ti..

    That moment when your big’s video of his dad’s proposal has over 16k views. Read More
    2113pv 25/12/2017 14:47:37 WIB
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