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  • More sex start from more passions

    How to get your wife or girl friend to want more sex and be more passionate: viaHow to get your wife or girl friend to want more sex and be more passionate: via Read More
    1998pv 1 06/02/2014 11:41:31 WIB
  • "Lelaki Sejati Itu" by @alwi_arrasyid

    Lelaki sejati, bukan dia yg berani mengatakan, "Do you want to be my girl friend?". Tp dia yang berkata, "Do you want to marry with me?" Read More
    714pv 7 1 13/08/2014 13:57:53 WIB
  • "How if your boy/girl friend HIV Positif? What you should do?" by @ayuma_morie

    Waktu itu sempet mau bikin artikel bersama ttg "How if your boy/girl friend HIV Positif? What you should do?" Sama Read More
    1039pv 8 14/04/2013 18:57:31 WIB
  • Evil Death Lake

    asked Brittany, Tony's busty teen (girl)friend. "Yeah!" said Stacy, Tony's busty teen (girl) friend. "No," said TonyTony's best friend Randy shook his head. "Dumb girls don't you know what a lake is? We're going to a water lake." Tony high-fived him Read More
    1310pv 14 25/08/2012 00:00:15 WIB

    Girl friend of your liver (kekasih hatimu)....Past, my friend speak you play fire (dulu, teman saya bilang kamu bermain api).... Read More
    7068pv 82 50 11/09/2013 19:23:39 WIB
  • Kevin349 & Jess

    Im still single dont know why i try to get a girl friend but they dont want a boyfriend forsome reason. Read More
    1698pv 10 11/11/2011 20:53:32 WIB
  • The Best of #InHighSchool

    #inhighschool I never had a girl friend, I thought I was to much of a pretty boy an player#inhighschool I was a good girl and had good grades.. Read More
    701pv 2 13/12/2010 14:06:06 WIB
  • Ternyata Dibesarkan di Jakarta, Ini Foto Memukau Jenny Kim, Sang Juara Miss Supranationa..

    .kim 👸🏻 You deserve it girl!!! I’m so proud of you!! You are my best friend ever and everrrr love you... ♥️♥️♥️ #MissSupranational2017 Read More
    1933pv 02/12/2017 14:56:55 WIB
  • NMB48 101 - Team N's Sutou Ririka a.k.a Riripon

    Archives of Suto Ririka's nicknames : from mother - Riri, Rin, Ririchan, Sleeping Beauty, Gamer, Otakkii, "No-friend" girl Read More
    1366pv 6 05/05/2014 15:28:59 WIB
  • It's All About Perspective-You-Made

    they thing you are a fake friend, then you getting that as a friend? or just as same as you treat your maid?a never-noticed-girl with a westlife songs in her playlist = oldiesyou move away from a rebel girl with smooky eyes or clever boy with white looks it weird a girl who prefer to take a bigger responsibility in a group and be a alfa female.I know what you think. a girl with many books, do much assignment, but has a punk friends, she smoke and enjoy night life = weird!per... Read More
    651pv 1 11/12/2012 11:25:51 WIB
  • DAFTAR DRAMA/FILM Bekal Liburan

    "My Girl Friend Is Gumiho" ini juga cukup populer, ceritanya lucu tentang cowok yg pacran sama cewek serigala jadi-jadian"Sassy Girl Chunhyang" ini komedinya bagus...ceritanya juga gak ngebosenin Read More
    856pv 1 29/06/2013 00:29:35 WIB
  • The princess and three guardians

    The girl guardian did it & they became a solid friend. The princess shared everything to her.The handsome one chosed the guardian girl. He loved the guardian girl so muchThe girl guardian was angry and sad. Her love was killed.The second guardians was ugly, and the third was an ambitious girlThe girl guardian cried, the man she loved didn't care about herNow the ambitious guardian girl alone. "What I've done?" she said.The girl guardian was so complicated. Should she happy coz the princess di... Read More
    902pv 2 1 27/07/2014 07:34:40 WIB
  • Bukan Pacar yang Kenal Di Internet: Klarifikasi Keluarga dan Teman Atas Pembunuhan Sadis..

    The girlPerlu dicatat, Bianca bahkan bukan E-Girl dengan banyak followers.#BrandonClark was not just an online friend/boyfriend of #BiancaDevins but also a family friend. 2 families hurting for multiple reasons.Kebetulan pernah bump-around her E-girl account. Kabarnya dibunuh karena Bianca pergi ke festival dengan laki-laki is information given by her friend of what happened to bianca. just heartbreaking. #ripbiancaher sister said he was a close family friend and they trusted him a ... Read More
    4695pv 10 16/07/2019 11:24:53 WIB
  • Ghetto Translations for the Uninformed & Out of Touch

    #GhettoTranslations; Take One For The Team = While I'm With This Attractive Girl , Please Occupy Her FriendGhetto Translations- "damn girl your head game serious" = "your oral skills are quite superb"#ghettotranslations take one for the team bruh = while I'm with this attractive female, please occupy her friend who is strong in the face.- Ghetto Translations: " wassup, my nigga I got some Loud" = Hello, my friend I just purchased a very good quality of marijuana ..- Ghetto Translations: "FREE... Read More
    7634pv 9 2 12/03/2012 09:14:40 WIB
  • Carrie Film Completo italiano 2013

    THE GIRL WHO IS PLAYING CARRIE iN THE NEW MOVIE IS THE LITTLE GIRL FROM BIG MOMMAS HOUSE ,WHATWen to see "Carrie" with an old friend, had the most fun ever. Had such a great time. That movie is weird though haha... Read More
    1102pv 2 24/11/2013 03:57:06 WIB
  • Ngeri, Kronologi Mahasiswa Indonesia Dipukuli Pria Korea Hingga Berdarah di Busan, Didug..

    My friend (an Indonesian too), attended the same uni as the girl above.One of my friend has confirmed that she knows the victim in that photo. The victim is indeed an Indonesian student. Read More
    5633pv 19 54 03/09/2017 13:51:48 WIB
  • #EasyEnglish about Participal Adjective by @karlinakuning

    I'm friend is annoying. (Jangan temenan m my friend berarti)” #easyenglishThat girl is (annoy). I've had enough! 6. The book is very (interest). I can't stop reading. #easyenglish5.That girl is annoying.I've had enough! 6.The book is very interesting.I can't stop reading. #easyenglish”1.Yuni hangs up the phone.She is disappoint (ed/ing) 2.I slam the door.I'm annoy (ed/ing).My friend is annoy (ed/ing). #easyenglish Read More
    943pv 3 06/07/2012 15:13:42 WIB
  • Adjective Clause: Reducing to Phrase

    14) Setelah direduksi, maka kalimatnya akan menjadi: The man LIVING NEXT DOOR is my best friend'. #adjc313) Contoh pertama, kata kerja dalam adj. clause ini menggunakan V1: The man WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR is my best friend'. #adjc315) Contoh kedua, kata kerja yang ada dalam adj. clause tersebut menggunakan V2: 'The girl WHO SMILED AT ME was gorgeous'. #adjc316) Tak ubahnya seperti contoh pertama, contoh ini pun dapat mengalami reduksi menjadi: The girl SMILING AT ME was gorgeous'. #adjc3 Read More
    2239pv 4 2 05/02/2013 21:21:43 WIB
  • Download lagu Trouble Is A Friend - Lenka Cover Kentrung Monica Dimas Gepenk MP3

    I HAVE JUST GOT IN TROUBLE FOR ASKING MY FRIEND IF “SHE” IS HAVING A BOY OR GIRL! FFS! REALLY! ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THST NOW?Trouble is a friend, trouble is a friend. hell yeah!:)Trouble is a friendTrouble is a friend.Can my friend get a free password for the trouble?She and the best friend butt heads when they first meet.Help out a friend who is having trouble paying his billsMaybe Lenkas' right, because sometimes Trouble is a Friend :)Grows even more when a friend is in trouble and ... Read More
    1051pv 19/09/2019 07:36:46 WIB
  • Tips untuk cewek yg masih jomblo

    If a man asked u to be his 'friend with benefit' asked him to pay other pathetic girl. Coz it means having sex without any relationshipFriend with benefit not only friend to watch movie at cinema, pls watch 'friend with benefit' movie staring Justin Timberlake & Mila KunisEsp. if u like WHITE Men, be smart, u should know his culture, if he asked to be his 'friend with benefit' it is not about walk w/ him lol Read More
    2324pv 13 3 31/08/2012 11:21:20 WIB
  • W.a.t.c.h. F.u.l.l. M.o.v.i.e. ANCHORMAN 2 THE LEGEND CONTINUES 2013 in HD

    Nd she twerkn (I see yu girl) steady grabbn on my toolyA real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Read More
    745pv 2 20/01/2014 21:59:45 WIB
  • Pengen Nangis, Rekaman Wedding Gadis Kecil Pasien Kanker yg Sekarat dgn Teman Terbaiknya..

    A 5yr old girl should not have a bucket list. Please God don't take this little girl from her parents.This 5-year-old's dying wish: to "marry" her best friend. This month, she did just that — and it was magical Read More
    1325pv 1 28/06/2017 21:09:48 WIB
  • #$$ W,a,t,c,h, F,u,l,l, M,o,v,i,e RIDE ALONG in HD Megashere Videos

    Nd she twerkn (I see yu girl) steady grabbn on my toolyA real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Read More
    710pv 2 20/01/2014 22:12:07 WIB
  • "Momen kocak saat-saat khilaf gue di HP hampir batal gara-gara notifikasi ini jadi bukti..

    Same girl.. same 😂😂😂 omg!!A friend this morning "You should make BL Pro too mer" But I already did- Read More
    1239pv 29/04/2018 14:57:27 WIB
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