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  • Teori Bumi itu Datar yang Bikin Heboh Netizen! #FlatEarth

    Wisdom from the Flat Earth SocietyThe Flat Earth Society A featured collection byKok tiba tiba naik ini Flat earth society, ada apa ya? Orang cuma buat lucu lucuan aja.This comic is approved by the Flat Earth Society. Oh, and they can PROVE that the sun uses an iPhone.AI 2016: Nyupir sendiri Human 2016: Flat Earth Society AI 2050: Jadi astronot, menjelajah galaksi Human 2050: Hidup di goa, nomadenTeori flat earth nggak salah. Yang salah aku.Why the UN is using the Flat Earth map for their log... Read More
    25032pv 29 206 10/07/2016 19:46:43 WIB
  • Speechless, Analisis Komunitas Flat Earth tentang Gangguan Satelit Telkom 1 yang Sebabka..

    Tentang satelit Telkom 1 yg sedang mengalami gangguan, berikut tanggapan dari Flat Earth society.nungguin analias flat earth society terhadap gangguan satelit telkom 1 yg berdampak pada beberapa atm di indonesiaTapi kaum flat earth tida percaya satelit Read More
    3903pv 9 28/08/2017 19:25:30 WIB
  • (Bikin Pengen Nangis Sekaligus Ketawa) Ternyata Ini Toh Bukti Bahwa Bumi Datar: Ada di A..

    Yak pembelaan flat earth society Read More
    3026pv 4 6 26/01/2018 13:25:02 WIB
  • Jadi Tubiran Panas Netizen, Ketika Jessica Veranda "Bocorkan" Soal Melody Eks-JKT48 yang..

    Mantap flat earth society 🤣🤣🤣Melody penganut flat earth btw.. tp karena Melo lebih tua maka Ve iya2 aja.. 😁gw ga kaget kok Melody JKT48 ternyata flat earther.. lah dia umur 21 tahun bilang kangen jaman orba kok. dari situ aja kebaca kalo dasarnya emang Read More
    6631pv 61 18/10/2018 13:33:14 WIB

    47/ Samu-el mendirikan Flat Earth Society th 1956, setelah mengubah nama itu dari Universal Zetetic Society (perkumpulan debat Freemason)Flat Earth termasuk di Indon ialah "bro" Samuel Shenton50/ Flat earth FAKTANYA sama sekali TIDAK ADA HUBUNGANNYA DGN SCIENCE!!!#FLATTARDS 1/ Flat Earth modern (termasuk indon) referensi utamanya ialah Samuel Shenton, ia sang at yg terpengaruh konsep Astronomi zetetic21/ Profile Al Allamah Syaikhul Flat Earth Sir Rowbotham dari segi akademik "diragukan" bahwa... Read More
    6270pv 29 43 21/01/2017 09:27:08 WIB
  • Corona dan "Bos Besar": Sebuah Konspirasi Tentang Wabah Virus Corona yang Sengaja Dibuat..

    flat earth society juga ngbahas ginian om Read More
    6166pv 16/03/2020 20:59:49 WIB
  • (Buat yang Ketinggalan Nonton) Rangkuman Live Debat Terbuka Jerinx SID vs dr. Tirta Baha..

    Sekarang lagi bahas flat earth society. Hah????? Hah????? Read More
    1425pv 30/04/2020 09:44:12 WIB
  • Twitterphoria at the ASHG 2015 #ASHG15 #ASHG2015 #genomics #health #precisionmedicine

    Hays: If you sequence the earth you would think it was flat. If you map the earth you will see it us round #ASHG15Visit -- it's the SNPpiest place on earth! #ASHG15Flat layout of FTP won't work as new IGSR data comes in, so need reorganisation #ASHG15RNA RIN values of 9.8 from samples floating around earth for 36 hours #ASHG15...and along the way revealing that is himself the fastest speaker on Earth ;-) #ASHG15talks NASA twin study: one on earth, one in space. I'll say it again: is a GD supe... Read More
    8972pv 45 1 07/10/2015 23:51:38 WIB
  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: How Hip-Hop can build a youth's #PDR Pride/Determination/Resilience

    #HipHopEd What conversations did 's flat earth comments bring to your classroom this week? Any?Hip-Hop has also forced conversations that society has tried to avoid #HipHopEdThe students who are most marginalized in society are the ones most in need of #PDR. #hiphopedMaurice White, Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, Dies at 74 #EWF #AllUsWe #RealMusicPlayedbyRealMusicians #HipHopEd#HipHopEd this society lives 2 break Black ppl...ask CamNewton...confidence called arrogance!We have to make it our d... Read More
    1783pv 5 09/02/2016 05:55:04 WIB
  • #AskTUV questions archive

    #asktuv is the world flat#AskTUV is the world flat, and is there still dinosaurs.Society and attitudes are changing in NI! #AskTUV#AskTUV why on earth do studios keep hiring Michael Bay to make film?#AskTUV Why does Venus rotate Clockwise rather than Anti-Clockwise like Earth?This is perhaps a reductio ad absurdum, or maybe your attempt at humour fell flat, but ... (1/2) #AskTUV#AskTUV seriously though, what on earth does your party possibly have to offer anyone?#AskTUV will it be ok to have ... Read More
    24420pv 21 107 17/01/2014 23:32:51 WIB
  • #Ireland: Yes or No #EUref

    Not good for societySociety is seriously polarised on class lines - not good for society #eurefQue flat rate water tax and new environmental tax brought forward to November. #eurefActually, surely 1916 is more earth-shattering than #euref? Even from purely European pov? Or establishing state?Map of state indicating results will show a divided society. #eurefDivide between working & middle class Dublin could be damaging for society #euref#euref If it's a yes: we continue with the systematic de... Read More
    3378pv 3 1 user 01/06/2012 16:17:41 WIB
  • #GazaUnderAttack #PalestineUnderAttack 12-13 July 2014

    Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!The smell of explosives, of death, penetrates my entire flat. Warplanes fly overhead. I anticipate more blasts.Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now! #GazaUnderAttackYa rab ya rab what's on earth going on!!!! massive airstrikes hit my area #Gaza #GazaUnderAttackNow At work during Gaza War.Fuck...4 attacks in 10 seconds,earth is SHAKING and Fire Light is HUGEUrgent call from #Gaza civil society: Ac... Read More
    3357pv 4 1 13/07/2014 09:52:12 WIB
  • A Vibe Vixen Article on Sisterhood Engenders Deep Criticism from The Sisterhood

    The ills of a patriarchal society...*sigh* RT : Her explanation of the article is falling flat. I'm not here for it.i don't get how she doesn't see why her article is offensive and flat out wrong. I mean, it's so clear to me.twitter can make you feel like you're on top of the world or the scum of the earth & you're neither. Chin up. All the best!RT : twitter can make you feel like you're on top of the world or the scum of the earth & you're neither. Chin up. All the best! Read More
    2616pv 22/04/2012 17:43:00 WIB
  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Aligning the Voice of HH past & present to the work of MLK

    . schools B.o.B. over flat earth tweets via #science #HipHopEdWhat's wrong with toxic society? And what is wrong with toxic teachers? Teachers aren't always the heroes #HipHopEd Read More
    1711pv 1 27/01/2016 09:23:23 WIB
  • Da #HipHopEd Rewind: Deconstructing White Privilege II Through I Hip-Hop Lens

    should've came straight to for bars when started his "flat world" nonsense #hiphopedHave you heard ‘Earth Is Round’ by Chris Emdin on #SoundCloud? #np #BlackAndSTEM #HipHopEdBut society/Hollywood/books promote white teachers as THE saviors to poc.We live in a "hype beast" society. Go check and 's timelines. Ppl ARE listening! #hiphoped Read More
    2187pv 03/02/2016 07:41:03 WIB
  • Just some of the #NRA tweets at the moment

    What a disgusting waste to society!Banning our guns will not make our society safer.. It will make our society run by criminals and tyrannts!!! Stand up for your rights! #nra#NRA president on #facethenation proof that it is the most disconnected & irrelevant organization on earth.Well Worth Repeating: NY Daily News calls Wayne LaPierre "craziest man on earth." Climate change 4 the #NRA is a must... biLLLaPierre dodged some questions there, and I wish the #NRA would support some reasonable leg... Read More
    5468pv 5 1 user 23/12/2012 23:12:58 WIB
  • Scotland #IndyRef: Orange Order parade in Edinburgh

    no place for the orange order in todays societyWhat on earth is evil about the orange order or NF. Too many thistle wearing lentil loutsThey both consider Catholicism to be a threat to their society.Over 10,000 people walking past the flat in the orange order march #hurryup #makeitstoppretty sure there are coaches of people from the Orange Order march across from my flat. No thanks.lots of very normal and good people in Orange order/every football team has few odd supporters but most are salt... Read More
    5753pv 14 1 14/09/2014 02:06:08 WIB
  • Attention Twitter Trendsetters: What You Say on Twitter Can STAY on Twitter…

    #BothSidesDont think the world is flat.#BothSidesDont believe that the economic model that made America the richest most powerful nation on Earth is worse than the socialist model#bothSidesDont teach their children that there has never been a classless society and there never will... because some always hold the power#BothSidesDont get that, level society as you will, there is always someone on top & the more the power to level, the more on top they'll Read More
    5118pv 12 09/07/2012 00:14:28 WIB
  • Guardian editor Alan #Rusbridger appears before MPs (twitter archive)

    2/2 people with broader civil society concerns #rusbridgerI'm off to set up a "the data to back o his flat" parody account #rusbridgerWhat on earth is Michael Ellis parping on about? #Rusbridger #NSA. before MPs, says no editor on earth would've "handed back" Snowden info #rusbridgerRusbridger: Don't think there's an editor on earth who would've sent the Snowden leaks back. #rusbridgerWhat on earth is your point? They were so heavily encrypted not even GCHQ could unencrypt them! #rusbri... Read More
    5776pv 6 03/12/2013 23:33:52 WIB
  • OxfordJam 2013, via twitter!

    "Love is important to ability to function in society" #OxfordJam"Love is important to ability to function in society" #OxfordJamso pleased to connect this morning at Oxford Jam, let's meet for a flat white and more Kiwi #SocEnt chat soon :)Economies *will* get greener if we want to keep living on this earth. #sustain #oxfordjamWhat do we value as a society? Do we have an excepted group of values #measure #oxfordjamRe_connect to the earth!There's no future without sustainability. #sustain #ear... Read More
    7713pv 3 14/04/2013 00:55:43 WIB
  • Twitter Outraged Over Classless @TheOnion Tweet About Nine Year Old Girl Actress

    What on earth was thinking??Our society. This.Why on earth? Not funny, never ever funny.He was who I thought he was, The jokes just fell flat repeatedly. He had a better night thanThe worst scum of the earth, those people who agree with it.what on earth did they say? Twitter is exploding bout dat erniurn.didn't parody society w/ that tweet. They just showed how society has little sense of appropriate boundaries w/ children nowTo lose this distinction is to lose society itself.What on EARTH di... Read More
    12603pv 1 25/02/2013 15:11:13 WIB
  • Excellent Day3&4 Live-Tweeting at #ASCO17 #cancer #cancerresearch #Oncology @ASCO #Preci..

    Signal here but not earth-shattering. #ASCO17 #LCSMSignal here but not earth-shattering. #ASCO17 #LCSMGenuine, kind, and down to earth -- wish all doctors were like him.Roche’s ‘success’ w/ big Perjeta/Herceptin PhIII falls flat at #ASCO17, but it’s a boost for Puma bySociety through the lens of medicine. #ASCO17"We want to see medicine through the lens of society, but its society that must be seen through the lens of medicine" #ASCO17Presentes en el 2017 Annual Meeting - American Soc... Read More
    3444pv 3 05/06/2017 22:06:28 WIB
  • gbc to finish

    Society vs Systems of Dissociation: For the first time, people have been stripped of society. #election2012 #OccupyThey aren't hints, they flat out said in September Operation Cast Lead II is 'necessary'. Plus Gaza UN non-member status.Lack of contact and observance of death and illness in real society?"The earth would shake ... if the blast was near. Twitter always shook, no matter where the bombs fell." #Gaza #IsraelYour rights as part of society - a lot more than you think. #election2012 #... Read More
    7470pv 24/11/2012 07:45:38 WIB
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