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  • My Holiday in Borobudur (S-2)

    I and my family went to the borobudur temple the temple is very beauty.i did not forget to take a picture Borobudur temple which very nice Read More
    610pv 2 1 20/05/2014 20:35:40 WIB
  • Stream The Man Standing Next (2020)Movie HD Free

    Byung-hun Lee was born in 1970 in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in a wealthy family, thanks to his father, who was a successful businessman Read More
    116pv 03/02/2020 11:39:05 WIB
  • Info Open Recruitmen HME 2014

    Untuk teknik wawancara akan dijelaskan saat Family Gathering. Read More
    859pv 10 1 16/01/2014 00:02:22 WIB
  • Kisah Tragis Kematian Sepupunya Karena Depresi Membuat Pria Ini Perjuangkan Kesehatan Me..

    Spending time with family. Loving his little cousins.But my nephew thought that he was burdening the family with his depression.See, the family knew he dealt with depression, and he was seeing a therapist for treatment Read More
    998pv 27/07/2017 11:57:24 WIB
  • [Page 5 of the day] Archive: #GazaUnderAttack: Tweets from #Gaza (18 November 2012)

    Brk: incoming reports of airstrikes targeting Al-Dalou family house with 4 from the same family killed and 11 injuredDrones fired missile on a house for Nijm familyFive martyrs confirmed from Al Dalou family. #GazaInterious minister in #Gaza: There is a family under the rubble of Breim family home in Khan Younis that was bombarded minutes ago #GazaNew attack on a house related to Adalo family in Gaza ..New attack on a house related to Adalo family in Gaza ..Three DEAD kids now in Al-Dalou fam... Read More
    3610pv 2 18/11/2012 21:18:03 WIB
  • 20 tempat wisata favorit di barcelona spanyol

    Church of The Sacred Family : Gedung Cathedral dmn yg bngun oleh Antoni Gaudi.La Pedrera : Dbngun dr thn 1906-1912, didesign Pere Mila Family. Thn 1984 declared "World Heritage Site" Read More
    7058pv 18 3 09/03/2013 13:38:16 WIB
  • sesi 2 - Peningkatan Softskill: cross culture by Moazzam Malik (Duta Besar Britania Raya..

    Mr and his family are exciting moving to Indonesia, dynamic country in the heart of asian! #PK50He is born and raised in UK, typical imigrant low income family who have work hard to achieve dream #Pk50 Read More
    912pv 13 26/11/2015 23:35:14 WIB
  • Terry Jones's illness

    All the best to him and his family. #MontyPythonSo much love to Terry Jones, and to his family. Now support his book.TEXT PIED16 £2 to 70070 - get pied, then nominate 3 friends & family to do the same: #PieInTheSkyAll the MP's (except GC of course) were longtime pals of my parents Jake & Fiona and are much admired in my familyRead More
    1524pv 26/09/2016 00:17:56 WIB
  • Let Alone

    Ex (1): "I didn't invite Jack, let alone the rest of his family.⁰" [Gw gak ngundang Jack, apalagi seluruh keluarganya⁰] Read More
    1192pv 3 26/11/2012 02:15:01 WIB
  • Uraian Tugas dan Syarat 7 Jabatan TKI Sektor Domestik by @humasnaker

    Jabatan ke 3 Yaitu Tukang Masak (Family Cook). Tapi Kita Tarik Nafas Sejenak Yuuk. Habis ini Kita Lanjut Lagi ya.!Kode International Standard Classification of Occuppation (ISCO) 2008 Tukang Masak (Family Cook) yaitu 5120 #kodeiscoKode International Standard Classification of Occuppation (ISCO) 2008 Supir Keluarga (Family Driver) yaitu 8322 #kodeiscoJabatan ke 5 Supir Keluarga (Family Driver).Syarat:a. Pelatihan Mengemudi, Perawatan Mesin Kendaraan dan Bahasa Asing;... #infoTKI Read More
    866pv 3 1 11/02/2015 16:19:27 WIB
  • Unexpected Tweets and Un....sellable Books

    No problem ;) already bought & everyone should 4 family & friends, good christmas gift & support Read More
    1214pv 4 04/12/2012 04:20:37 WIB

    Nama botaninya adalah Aloysia citrodora dan merupakan family dari Verbenaceae verbena. Read More
    1561pv 45 18/01/2013 05:13:09 WIB
  • Jangan Golput

    Heading Jakarta from Bogor, make sure all family, Collages, and Networking vote , Also praying for no.4 at 24 #ayomemilih Read More
    590pv 1 22/02/2013 00:16:43 WIB
  • Holiday in TMII (S-04)

    (s04) Holiday in TMII Last month, I and my family went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Read More
    1123pv 2 1 28/05/2014 16:21:31 WIB
  • Bikin Netizen Murka, Youtuber Adopsi Anak Autis Dari China Dijadikan Konten Lalu Adopsik..

    Please don't send threats to/about the family.The kid's probably better off living with a family that doesn't treat him like a fashion accessory.I hope he finds a good family who will love him. These parents needs a cps investigation.But shopping for children w/ disabilities because the first didn't conform to the aesthetic of a perfect family once you got that $?I can't find the tweet but I heard that he is with an excellent foster family who is medically trained and is looking to adopt Huxl... Read More
    1149pv 29/05/2020 13:37:15 WIB
  • Strurridge's interview by LFCGlobe

    Everyone's just happy and that's what it's all about - about being a family. Not about coming...Sturridge: "I think this season, we're more of a family. I can feel that the boys are together, there's more of a belief in there."here, but it's always good to have your family around and to have them to keep you happy when you're down and to have banter with them." Read More
    1155pv 3 02/09/2013 03:19:19 WIB
  • Mom and Christmas

    Christmas was kind of a family celebration. A traditional one with cookies, Christmas decorations, family visit, open house, and happiness. Read More
    1034pv 1 23/12/2013 22:28:42 WIB
  • #DuPageChat - October 15, 2013

    At the end of the chat one participant will win family admission to #dupagechatCongrats to – winner of family admission to Naper Settlement in #Naperville. #dupagechatQ3: A: My fav was the year we created silhouettes of each member of my family; cool looking jack-o-lanterns lol #dupagechatOur next chat will be about “Food, Family & Fun/Thanksgiving Activities” on November 19th. Hope to see you then! #dupagechat Read More
    1001pv 1 16/10/2013 04:55:11 WIB
  • @Solarah

    On Sunday: Al-Dalpu family. On Monday: Hejazi family.. May they rest in peace #Gaza #Rage #IsraelSaleh family!! #Gaza Please tweet me any news!The four children of Al-Dalou family #Gaza #IsraelAl-Dalou family massacre #Gaza #Israel GRAPHIC PHOTOS#Gaza 10 members of Al-Dalou family died when Israeli F16s flattened family home. Rescue crews spent hours pulling bodies from the rubbleAnother child, Ranin al-Dalou, has died from Israel's missile attack on Al-Dalou family home #Gaza Overall,11 mart... Read More
    3179pv 24/11/2012 06:06:10 WIB
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