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  • #FreedomWaves flotilla to #Gaza (2) - Communication lost

    Report on the boats delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza in international water hijacked by Israel #FreedomwavesALERT: Contacts with #Tahrir & #Saoirse are completely lost, 2 Israeli warships Hijacked them 45 miles away from Gaza Shores #FreedomWaves#FreedomWaves Watching Democracy Now! viaWatching Democracy Now! via #FreedomWavesWatching Democracy Now! via #FreedomWaves #gaza“: #FreedomWaves LIVE UPDATES: Democracy Now! via ”Democracy Now has lost contact with the ships. #freedomwavesLive... Read More
    3583pv 6 1 user 1 04/11/2011 19:50:11 WIB
  • (Page 3) Archiving military ultimatum (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    Morsi hijacked all executive positions, legislative powers, Constitution making & attacked judiciary, media & NGOs#MindYourBusinessUS you have fake democracy just watch real democracy and shut up !it meant : "democracy cant accept muslims vote"How is a democracy supposed to come out of this?For those saying that the Islamists won't try Democracy again, what have been happening in Egypt last year was far from Democracy.We're not rejecting democracy, we're rejecting the twisted, devolved, flawe... Read More
    4059pv 3 1 user 04/07/2013 00:03:13 WIB
  • #askFS: British Foreign Secretary answers questions on #Libya via Twitter

    #askFS Mr Hague, would would agree that this campaign is too premature and can now be hijacked by extremists? how can that be stopped?How can you protect democracy in Iraq?. , what is your advise to the Bahraini people in their demands for democracy and freedom ?! #askFS. , What the government did in regards of supporting democracy and freedom in Bahrain #askFS #Bahrain#askFS will UK be providing advice/support on how to setup a functioning government based on democracy?#iBahrainLeaks | #askF... Read More
    3895pv 26 2 users 31/08/2011 21:31:36 WIB
  • Netanyahu speech at Congress, 24 May 2011

    THE Jewish STATE HAS HIJACKED THE united STATES , AND NOW WE ARE THE WORLDS LARGEST TERRORIST STATE ! #bibispeech#bibispeech right to say arabs within Israel enjoy Jewish form of democracy not real democracyIndredible this is the 1st world democracy!Netanyahu commends the heckler and says this is real democracy. He believes in democracy, just not for Arabs in his country.#Israel is no beacon of democracy it subverts & punishes democracy, back 2 1948 now, easy as that #Hamas #BibiSpeech #Netan... Read More
    7471pv 6 1 user 25/05/2011 08:10:29 WIB
  • On the day the Iraq war 'ended' and Putin talked ...

    In Iran, the Islamists hijacked the revolution. In Egypt, everyone just wants a piece of it.Iraq will be tested by terrorism, economic and social issues and demands of democracy: US Defence Secy Panetta.Troops in Iraq evolved US military capabilities, created conditions for democracy to develop: US Gen Lloyd Austin Read More
    2102pv 5 15/12/2011 20:40:22 WIB
  • Northern Ireland: #Flegs (Page 2)

    Reports of bus being hijacked East Belfast#equality #democracy #flegsCan we explain how democracy works to these morons? #Belfast #Flegs #FlegUnionist Political masters wagging their violent offspring #Democracy #Unionist style #bcc #flegs Read More
    3016pv 5 04/12/2012 05:18:27 WIB
  • #Bahrain: #NotANumber

    We asked for democracy, We r #NotAnumberThese tears of Bahrain martyr are #NotANumber Its a childhood hijacked by a brutal regime and souls forever in loss!1 year and the people of #Bahrain bahrain still demanding democracy #notanumberPeople in Bahrain who are demanding freedom and democracy. Sp they are exposed to torture, even though they peacefulFor all the innocent pro-democracy demonstrators brutally persecuted in Bahrain, Qatif and Syria. You are all #notanumberFollow the hashtag #NotAN... Read More
    3162pv 15 1 user 02/03/2012 19:40:29 WIB
  • UNESCO Global Media Forum Bali

    What future for ethics when everywhere media are being hijacked by politicians and when owners won't invest in journalism? #media4futureMedia is a radically transforming tool for democracy - Centre for Law & Democracy, Canada #media4futureMedia should put itself not only as the fourth estate of democracy, but also as guardian of democracy itself #media4futureToby Mendel, Executive Director of the Center for Law Democracy, Canada #media4futureAccess to fair, balanced, and accurate information ... Read More
    4113pv 3 1 01/09/2014 17:31:50 WIB
  • From #Bahrain

    video -- مسيرة حرائر المعامير 15/6/2011 bahrain-maameer-women Democracy protests #bahrain #feb14 #bhnProsecution says defendants protested & used violence in govt building (hospital) and hijacked people in hospital & kept them prisonerProsecution alleges: Automatic weapons & ammo discovered in hospital, the defendants hijacked the hospital building & controlled it. MORE Read More
    1842pv 7 16/06/2011 03:20:20 WIB
  • #ArabTyrantManual tweets by @iyad_elbaghdadi

    Use them to run over your people, then say the protesters hijacked the army vehicle. #ArabTyrantManualSay that the protests started as a pure youth movement but were "hijacked" by a foreign agenda. #ArabTyrantManual#ArabTyrantManual ensure that China and Russia, those bastions of human rights and democracy, are on your sideGet Right Wing USA talk show hosts 2 confirm how Arabs are not ready for democracy, freedom and liberty. #ArabTyrantManualSay that your people are not ready for democracy. ... Read More
    2439pv 4 1 user 26/11/2011 03:33:56 WIB
  • Tweets from Belfast (9th August, 2013)

    Hijacked van on fire in the lower Shankill area #belfastIn a democracy people should register their protest at the ballot box- not through violenceThere is no justification for ignoring democracy & destroying an economy. In rude terms, you shouldn't sh*t where you eat.Police say 4 officers injured, 20 baton rounds fired and a number of vehicles hijacked & burned in disturbances in #Belfast this evening. Read More
    3342pv 2 10/08/2013 02:28:32 WIB
  • International Women's Day, #Tahrir Square, Cairo, #Egypt (8 March 2011) #IWD

    sickened that #iwd rally in #egypt was hijacked by ignorant men. Sad reminder of where women stand there and elsewhereNew Post: #Video: "Coalition for A Republic" Announced in #Bahrain #Democracy #RevolutionSorry to disappoint you women at #tahrir, #Egypt did not reach that kind of democracy yet. #IWDRT : A revolution of democracy does not leave 50% of the population with less rights. #women #egyptDemocracy? RT : Egyptian tweeters say an #IWD march in Tahrir square was broken up by men who at... Read More
    6073pv 10 1 user 1 08/03/2011 23:34:49 WIB
  • (page 4) Archiving military ultimatum (3 July 2013) #Egypt #Tamarod

    Morsi hijacked all executive positions, legislative powers, Constitution making & attacked judiciary, media & NGOsAfter one year of democracy in #Egypt...Op-ed: Bleeding democracy -By Reham BarakatTrue democracy is not going to come to #Egypt overnight.Dear Foreigners, can you stop giving us lessons in democracy?RT : Dear Foreigners, can you stop giving us lessons in democracy?MB's Beltagy: With this coup we're about to see, the people will no longer have confidence in democracy.Democracy? Th... Read More
    4668pv 4 04/07/2013 02:08:31 WIB
  • RIP Brian Haw, London's Parliament Square peace campaigner

    A true defender of democracy.#Brian Haw - a genuine protester who had his cause hijacked by a load of bored posh kids. Used to wave to him every morningDemocracy is nothing if it doesn't tolerate awkwardnessHe single-handedly reminded us of the power of our democracy...R.I.P Brian Haw .A sane voice in an insane world . and democracy .Read my abortive attempt to meet him last year at "The Democracy Village"BBC News - Parliament Square peace campaigner Brian Haw dies - << very sad day for democ... Read More
    7668pv 9 1 user 1 19/06/2011 16:19:49 WIB
  • #Egypt #Jan25 Egypt: Sunday 30 January didn't turn into another Bloody Sunday

    We won't let this upririsng to be hijacked by anybody.More skepticism about Egyptian democracy protests on the right; neocons should fight backClinton: US wants orderly + peaceful transition to real democracy, not military rule, free + fair Egypt electionsUS government called for "orderly transition" to democracy in #Egypt. Means could be done with or without #Mubarak.. #jan25Clinton: we don't want to wait another 30yrs to reach democracy in #Egypt. Egyptian people are those who decide if #Mu... Read More
    3864pv 9 31/01/2011 02:05:59 WIB
  • LinahAlsaafin

    Fateh thugs hijacked protest against Abbas in J'salem yest,PA arrest 2 men in Hebron similar protest,Hamas beat up women protesting division6 more Palestinian members of parliament have been arrested on friday and saturday by the only democracy in ME, IsraelSum up of #Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East: Bombs two kids playing soccer, then bombs their funeral procession, killing 2 more Read More
    1618pv 26/11/2012 01:00:54 WIB
  • #FreedomWaves flotilla to #Gaza (3) - Interception

    Watching Democracy Now! viaWatch Democracy Now live coverage of the Israeli attack on the #FreedomWavesDemocracy Now have lost contact with their reporter on #Tahrir Jihan Hafiz #FreedomWavesWhere is Saudi Arabia when #FreedomWaves is being hijacked? Oh yes, busy spreading conspiracies about Iran.ALERT: Contacts with #Tahrir & #Saoirse are completely lost, 2 Israeli warships Hijacked them 45 miles away from Gaza Shores #FreedomWavesDemocracy Now: Reports coming in that the #FreedomWaves floti... Read More
    4755pv 5 1 user 04/11/2011 20:31:11 WIB
  • MuslimRage (archive)

    #mustread on #MuslimRage, media, democracy, & hope: cc: UMuslims hijacked tah #MuslimRage#muslimrage hashtag hijacked by muslims lol -The #muslimrage hashtag has been hijacked!! So funny!US supports 'anti-terror' regimes that beat my countrywomen 4 wanting democracy #Morocco #MuslimRage via#Newsweek can't be happy their hashtag has been hijacked!oh the hilarity of hijacked hasjtags. check out #MuslimRageThe hijacked #MuslimRage hashtag is my new favourite thing.": Muslims just hijacked 's has... Read More
    16376pv 18/09/2012 03:28:16 WIB
  • #AskTUV questions archive

    Democracy!#AskTUVIf not are you against democracy?It appears to have been hijacked by messersIt appears to have been hijacked by messers"#AskTUV Do you think set this up so that they could write a story about how it was hijacked by twitter trolls?Cannot respect McGuinness, acknowledge he is elected.He is dFM because of perversion of democracy/mandatory coalition.#AskTUVHow do you feel that your hashtag #AskTUV has been hijacked by a mob if witty nationalists & republicans? #AskTUV Read More
    23576pv 21 107 17/01/2014 23:32:51 WIB
  • #Ottawa, #Canada: Shooting at the Parliament Hill and the War Memorial

    Suspect hijacked vehicle.Hijacked car and entered Centre Block."We cannot be intimidated by those who would undermine our democracy," statement in the HouseTwo construction workers say the man hijacked a black car near entrance to Parl. Hill. Forced out driver and drove to doors of Centre Block Read More
    2556pv 6 1 23/10/2014 03:40:05 WIB
  • #catca

    The loss of joy and a cult of rigor has hijacked our education. #catca“: The loss of joy and a cult of rigor has hijacked our education. #catca” #ukedchat #addcym#catca teachers need to teach the future of the world - holistic, free thinkers that have true democracy, not teach future of business!“: The loss of joy and a cult of rigor has hijacked our education. #catca” Great blog post! #edtransform Read More
    3636pv 2 25/02/2013 03:29:57 WIB
  • #Bosnia is burning #BiH

    "Occasional pretense of free elections has been one of last vestiges of nominal democracy in #Bosnia-#Herzegovina"#bosnia facts (why #bih is burning) 1: property laws to manage socially-owned property & constitutional reform hijacked by ideology for yrs Read More
    3532pv 14 08/02/2014 03:38:10 WIB
  • "The Media World after WikiLeaks and News of the World" conference, held 16 & 17 Februar..

    Now UNESCO has hijacked to spread its nonsense. Hilarious. #OccupyUNESCO"replace democracy with bacon" #OccupyUNESCODemocracy Now: Pentagon Deceiving Public on Afghan War #WikiLeaks“wikileaks: Now #UNESCO has hijacked to spread its nonsense. Hilarious. #OccupyUNESCO” #un #abc #CBS #CNN #foxnews #msnbc #NBC #PoliticsMalinowski: investigative journalism is about freedom of expression, is about democracy. #mediafuture#WikiLeaks, #Assange & democracy: Don’t shoot messenger conf 17 February ... Read More
    9262pv 33 16/02/2012 03:27:35 WIB
  • Part 2 of Collected tweets on #Libya and #Egypt, 25-26 February 2011

    Democracy, Influence & CapitalismSaif Al Islam: These are areas that have been hijacked. Some people call me, so many call me, tell me they were forced to resign #LibyaSaif Al Islam: I have always called for democracy, and the future of Libya, and reform. Everyone knows about me. #Libya Read More
    3540pv 8 1 27/02/2011 01:46:38 WIB
  • #Egypt: Tweets from #Tahrir #Nov23 (from my "Egypt" list)

    Yeah, the law you recently hijacked.#Mursi says #Egypt on path to “freedom and democracy”Obama you must support democracy, you support a dictator." #Egypt#Morsi: You r moving from absence of freedom, backwardness & corruption to democracy freedom justice & technology Read More
    4109pv 5 1 23/11/2012 23:32:16 WIB
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