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  • All Of The World's (14/Feb/2011)

    Don kiss thisLovers forever!!! @ Taman Tasik Perdana Lake GardensValentine Kiss.... @ Star of SiamWe don't have these signs back home.My wife can stinkin' cook, y'all! @ Griffis HouseCan the remains of BBQ Shapes be read like tea-leaves?Can anyone guess the book I'm reading right now? 43/365We had a full house of ladies to feed!! @ Alex's10 minutes after setting the trap we caught a mouse. This is the bag hubby brought to put him in...maria & i are crying tears of joy over here.. while we wat... Read More
    4691pv 15/02/2011 10:22:28 WIB
  • Excellent Day5 Live-Tweeting at #ASCO17 #cancer #cancerresearch #Oncology @ASCO #Precisi..

    Can we modify? #yakult?How can we help this? #ASCO17will be in #Chicago forever....But can we afford $20k/month? #ASCO17Did you kiss any of the action on Monday? #asco17The latest The kiss my booty daily! #asco17 #operaLets hope it has a sensible brand name we can use insteadDr Kim on keeping pathways up to date: "We can make changes within minutes if we need to." #ASCO17Thanks to #socialmedia we also can "attend" #ASCO17 to get the newest research. #twitterPublic funding of clinical trials m... Read More
    2841pv 4 07/06/2017 00:53:04 WIB
  • Twitter Mourns and Celebrates the Death of Sherman Hemsley

    . :( NM BEST GOSSIP #TheHouseParty on KISS 97.3.the jeffersons was on forever ago!I will forever remembered that walk.I will forever remember that walk Brother!Changed #television forever. You'll be missed!The Jeffersons is forever a classic in my book. RIPI guess you can say he's moving on up!RIP Sherman Hemsley May you forever have a piece of the pieThese were & forever will be the beloved faces of...See what prayer & fasting can do in ur life! Read More
    11086pv 1 27/07/2012 05:51:09 WIB
  • Watch Black Clover (TV) Episode 133 With Subtittle

    I hope we can be mutuals !!We can see what's happening about Black Clover and Naruto fanboys.Can we get some new episodes of black clover & my hero academia?It’s been like forever 😭Ill love you forever if you watch Black CloverFor anime reco, try Black Clover and Kiss Him, Not Me 🤗I’ll forever be happy about this bc it’s my current favourite animeIt was a great success and as you can seen we are busy hanging bee lodges for our native black honey bees and solitary bees at present.W... Read More
    450pv 09/07/2020 08:26:17 WIB
  • my tuitt

    (: Hope tomorrow we can see the world.when we click (view all subtitles),it doesnt show all list, but we have to click the alfabet. can u fix that,so we dont spend much time.judul yg aneh : "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"As long as we keep each other's back and don't give up in this relationship, nothing can separate us.. -Forever.Cause we don't feel love, we make love. #LoveLet the fire burn your spirit forever! :pI just wanna live with you forever - Pas BandSleep well angel, may demon kiss you before... Read More
    7285pv 16/10/2012 13:06:05 WIB
  • The 3rd memorandum & #6ngr #7ngr strikes in #Greece

    "We can not direct the wind but we can adjust the sails". Smile and keep up people. #7ngr #14nstournaras: the second is that we can no longer preserve privilegesOne day he must go to prison and stay there forever. #Greece #7NgrCan anybody help me? :(Leaving twitter, going to Demo for #6ngr i suppose TR "i salute you, i kiss you all. I have some chains to bbreak..."PIIGS can fly :) #greece #7ngrCan it get any lower than this? #7ngrCan anyone corroborate that? #Greece #7ngrwe care for GREECE!we... Read More
    13974pv 10 07/11/2012 16:38:03 WIB
  • #Merkel's visit to #Greece

    we are athens. we are greece. we are with you! #9ogrwe are athens. we are greece. we are with you! #9ogrEveryone can understand the power of Germany in Europe. We are gaining by Angela Merkel's visit in #Greece #Samaras #Athens #rbnews#Merkel: "Youth unemployment will not be solved overnight but we can see light at the end of the tunnel." (It isn't a train, is it?) #9ogrCan this be real?Can this be real?She draws it can!!!She brings it can!!!#9ogr Where can this go?#9ogr Can this be serious Read More
    14671pv 5 11/10/2012 00:02:15 WIB
  • #FreeGeronPastitsios

    you can kiss my gravy creamy ass #FreeGeronPastitsiosCan Fascists Sue For Defamation - Can Neo-Nazis Proclaim Themselves Patriots - Can We Get Real #FreeGeronPastitsiosPastitsio: Mama food forever #FreeGeronPastitsiosHoliday somewhere else forever. #freeGeronPastitsios: this can be sooo nuts!united we stand, divided we FAIL #FreeGeronPastitsiosEverybody in school can be jokingFreedom is what we want, Freedom is what we need! #FreeGeronPastitsiosIf you can hate the sin but not the sinner, i ca... Read More
    7971pv 9 28/09/2012 01:52:58 WIB
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