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  • Beredar Foto Hanafi Rais Disebut-sebut Mengaku VVIP demi Diprioritaskan Naik Buggy Car B..

    Dear saya mau tanya tentang fasilitas Buggy car di terminal 3 antar gate, apakah ada fasilitas VVIP yang bisa memesan buggy car seenaknya sendiriJadi saya sdg mengantri buggy car di T3 menuju gate 23.Ketika buggy car terlihat mau datang, tiba-tiba ada bapak2 antrean paling belakang bilang 'mas saya duluan'Dan tahukah anda siapa yang ngotot Buggy car VIP? Ga cukup VIP dia bilang VVIP... yak, HANAFI RAIS ! Noh orangnya yang tengah Cc :Menoleh lah saya dan beberapa orang yg mengantri ke bapak it... Read More
    7621pv 77 06/08/2018 13:51:11 WIB
  • Shopping Experience di QBig BSD City. By: @satubsd

    Fasilitas mobil listrik buggy car berkapasitas 4-5 orang disediakan QBig untuk mengantarkan pengunjung dari toko ke toko. Read More
    327pv 24/01/2019 14:00:51 WIB
  • Tweeting journalists live from #Tripoli, #Libya

    Golf Buggy!My friend's car was a victim of falling bullet of the skySmoke and mirrors in Libya - child victim of #NATO bomb or car crash? A good read inDestroyed tents, vehicles and what looks like a golf buggy. Gaddafi had visited the site #Libya Read More
    3436pv 7 11/06/2011 11:13:35 WIB
  • Journalists' tweets from #Tripoli, #Benghazi and other cities in #Libya

    They want to put it on the car. #rixosBack on the road to Sirte (blog post) So what's the buggy? Is it from Qatar? #libya439pm local time: Crammed with other journos in the car. Reuters, other cameramen, FOX, and AP #rixosChorus of car horns, gunfire and "Allahu Akbar" has started across Benghazi. No-one waiting for whole compound to be securedCar horns and gunfire here in Benghazi tonight re news of uprising in Tripoli. Heard it all too many times before. Let's wait for morning... Read More
    2729pv 2 26/08/2011 21:08:48 WIB
  • APK android for DSLR Lens

    of the Pixel camera software that you can download onto other Android phones and really ups the results from your camera, but it's kind of buggyJUNSUN A930 Car DVR, 8$ off Category: Car Parts Vendor: Newfrog Voucher Code: 6oXqYU Offer Starts: 08/11/2018 12:16:00 Offer Ends: 08/12/2018GPS Navigation for Car support 1080P/Wifi/Screen Mi - .7 inch Car Stereo System with Wireless Backup Camera Android 8.1 OS Car FM/AM Radio Receiver Double 2 Din Full Touch Screen Autoradio Bluetooth., Ltd. has a ... Read More
    484pv 12/08/2019 19:03:53 WIB
  • LU5014

    Job training a buggy - job choices too. #LU5014Found a iced coffee sitting on the hood of my car this morning. Hubby definitely knows the way to my heart :-) Read More
    1618pv 1 27/02/2013 09:54:17 WIB
  • Japan For Kids

    In most cases parents or care-givers forgot kids were in the car.Read tips from on hotels, car rental, boat hire and island hopping:Jawaban kuis #ELCparty : Musical Buggy Bar Early Learning Centre, Harga normal Rp.379.000, mjd Rp.265. 300 hemat Rp.113.700 (30%) Read More
    2833pv 3 14/06/2013 20:29:20 WIB
  • #UK newspapers at the time of #EURef #Brexit (mid June - early July 2016)

    My piece on the case dubbed by some 'the battle between the wheelchair and the children's buggy'.Simple yet effective sign in a car rear window. She lost her son when he was in his 30s. #TunbridgeWells Read More
    2386pv 1 1 03/07/2016 10:44:27 WIB
  • HFChat Transcript for Friday, March 11, 2011

    TweetChat is always buggy - not sure why I keep using it! #hfchat#HFchat AND TURN off our cell or leave it car!!#HFchat AND TURN off our cell or leave it car!!#HFchat AND TURN off our cell or leave it car!! Read More
    3926pv 24 1 12/03/2011 02:34:42 WIB
  • #HFChat Friday, March 11th 2011

    #HFchat AND TURN off our cell or leave it car!!#HFchat AND TURN off our cell or leave it car!!TweetChat is always buggy - not sure why I keep using it! #hfchat Read More
    4274pv 2 12/03/2011 01:11:14 WIB
  • all the tweeted #medtech #healthtech buzzz at AdvaMed 2015 #AdvaMed15 #MedTechInnovator ..

    Horse drawn buggy to truck = disruptive change; slow car to race car = incremental change. Will market pay for that? #advamed2015 #medtech Read More
    3143pv 7 1 08/10/2015 21:49:52 WIB
  • #edutech

    I am a big fan of Python, my students wrote much less buggy code using #python #edutechwhere is my car. Password is ""! #edutechThe #edutech win a car comp is now closed. Winner will be drawn & announced at 330pm in the expo hall near the centre stage & car!We don’t want a car, we want the wifi password. #edutech#EduTech delegate wins a car: Sherree Forbes from Brighton PSIf I can't get the car, can i still get a free helix? #edutechI'll give the car to whoever shares the wifi password #Edu... Read More
    14105pv 1 07/06/2013 05:36:27 WIB
  • all the buzz at 34th Annual @jpmorgan #Healthcare Conference #JPM16 #biotech #invest#VC

    Luxe your car! 🚘 #SFThis is car parking ...answer = kiosks. horse & buggy in a jet pack world. #smartphone #mhealth #telemedicine today. #JPM16#jpm16 just took a trolley car- first time ever withPfizer says its CAR T cancer therapy could outshine rivals via #jpm16Put phone on car roof, opened door and drove away…. #JPM16 party effect?#JPM16 $JUNO CEO: Genentech's leadership of mabs is what Juno aims to recreate with car-tFrench #biotech CEO tells #jpm16 UCART123 CAR T cells have deliver ... Read More
    13167pv 37 10/01/2016 03:26:30 WIB
  • Tableau Conference 2014 at Seattle Vol.2(September 9 2014) #data14

    For any #data14 nerds buying a car soon, there’s a viz for that,It makes sense from a "pare down crap to carry" POV, but based on #data14 experience so far, NFC is, uh, buggyRead More
    10323pv 8 1 10/09/2014 03:36:58 WIB
  • American Society For Microbiology 2013 (#asm2013)

    Come get buggy at booth #907 #LMNX #ASM2013Just made it back driving from #asm2013 to Tucson, and clutch of my car blew up ;) made it though! Thanks for the awesome meeting everyone Read More
    27512pv 3 24/05/2013 01:03:15 WIB