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EFF Coverage on Amash and Nugent Amendment Votes

EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

We're live-tweeting the vote on the NSA surveillance amendment being voted on in the House right now. Watch here:

25/07/2013 04:43:06 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

The amendment being debated right now is NOT the Amash amendment, it's the amendment *supporters* of NSA surveillance want to pass.

25/07/2013 04:45:20 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Nadler: the current amendment being debated has *nothing to do* with the NSA's domestic phone surveillance program.

25/07/2013 04:46:20 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Nadler: this amendment will have "no impact whatsoever" on the illegal and unconstitutional NSA spying and "does not fix" Section 215

25/07/2013 04:46:56 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Nadler: this amendment does *not* fix domestic surveillance. Everyone voting for this can and should still vote for Amash's amendment.

25/07/2013 04:48:05 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Don't be fooled: the Nugent Amendment is a decoy. Support the Amash Amendment, up next. #NSA

25/07/2013 04:53:05 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Ruppersberger now saying a NYC subway bombing attack was stopped by NSA surveillance. But the AP says otherwise:

25/07/2013 04:54:06 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

No surprise: @Call_me_Dutch (who co-sponsored #CISPA) has "concerns" about the Amash Amendment to rein in NSA spying.

25/07/2013 04:55:22 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Lofgren now questioning whether the NSA can obtain credit card and medical records through Patriot Act Section 215.

25/07/2013 04:56:09 WIB

Starting now: House debates important amendment to curtail #NSA spying. Watch here: Follow @EFFLive for updates

25/07/2013 04:58:18 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Pompeo says briefly the Nugent amendment will "clarify" current law. In fact, it doesn't clarify anything and keeps the status quo.

25/07/2013 04:58:21 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Vote on the Nugent amendment has just been postponed. The debate on the important Amash amendment will begin now.

25/07/2013 04:59:01 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Justin Amash speaking now. Eloquently speaking on how his amendment will restore some privacy to millions of innocent Americans.

25/07/2013 05:00:07 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Amash: "This amendment asks one question: do we oppose the suspicion-less collection of millions of Americans' phone records?"

25/07/2013 05:00:55 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Mike Rogers, author of CISPA, begins his opposition to Amash bill. Watch out for his word games:

25/07/2013 05:02:18 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Rogers now telling us the NSA phone records database doesn't contain emails or the content of calls, which no one has ever alleged.

25/07/2013 05:02:54 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Rogers touts "oversight" of NSA program. Its "oversight" involves secret laws in secret court, which allow searches with no court order

25/07/2013 05:04:08 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Rogers bring up 9/11 to uphold NSA spying. Does he know both chairmen of 9/11 commission support transparency?

25/07/2013 05:06:11 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Bachmann again says there's a "false narrative" that the government is taking in the content of calls. | No one is saying that!

25/07/2013 05:07:10 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Bachmann, who ran for the Republican nomination for president last year, now strongly supporting NSA domestic surveillance.

25/07/2013 05:08:23 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Bachmann: US names aren't in "this database." Forgets to mention that they're located in other databases that NSA can use as phonebook

25/07/2013 05:09:35 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Sensenbrenner, who WROTE the Patriot Act, says law is being abused by the NSA and strongly supports the Amash amendment.

25/07/2013 05:10:21 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Sensenbrenner: The time has come to stop mass domestic surveillance and the way we stop it is to approve the Amash amendment.

25/07/2013 05:11:12 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Mulvaney: the balance of privacy/security should not be done in secret by unelected officials—some of whom have been accused of lying.

25/07/2013 05:12:44 WIB
EFF Live Tweets @EFFLive

Rep. Lofgren: The executive branch's report on the Patriot Act Sec. 215 this year was *eight sentences.* Congress is not getting enough info

25/07/2013 05:13:46 WIB
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