#IntJC Session 17 Transcript: Digital Pen and Note-taking

Session 17 of The Interpreting Journal Club, a professional gathering over Twitter for language interpreters worldwide to discuss themes related to our jobs. Visit https://sites.google.com/site/interpretjc/
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Hi everyone, let's start session 17 of the Interpreting Journal Club. #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:00:21 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

I invite you to come onboard and feel comfortable with a little professional exchange. #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:01:41 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

It is good to state who, where you are and what you do interpreting wise. #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:02:32 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

I am Lionel in Tokyo, liaison interpreting for business between Japanese French and English. #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:03:23 WIB
Iciar Pertusa @IciarPertusa

Hey there, Iciar, tweeting from Bilbao, Spain. Mostly liaison interpreter #intjc

09/06/2012 20:04:54 WIB
Martin Esposito @bigcitymartin

#IntJC Martin Esposito, IT>EN conference interpreter, active with sim-consec for 3 years. I also lecture on smarpens and technology

09/06/2012 20:05:31 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

I am actually at a friend's party here in Tokyo and was given exclusive access to the bathroom to run this session:)! #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:05:55 WIB
Avinc @avinc1

Hello everyone, this is Isabel on behalf of AVINC from beautiful Venezuela! #intjc

09/06/2012 20:06:15 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Hopefully everything will go ok and the shower won't mess the iPad ... #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:06:33 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

@jazzdancer1 Thanks, actually cooler than in the crowded living room next door:) #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:08:35 WIB
Avinc @avinc1

I won't be able to attend the full session today, though. However I just wanted to drop in and say Hi! #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:09:49 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

In today's session, we are thinking and exchanging about the smartpen technology and possible impact on note taking teaching and more #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:10:06 WIB
Heidi Salaets @HSalaets

Hi, I'm Heidi, conference and community interpreters trainer, Antwerp, Belgium #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:11:09 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

As you know, this initiative depends on access to public documents. Unfortunately, the core papers on today's topic are not public. #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:11:55 WIB
Esther Navarro-Hall @MmeInterpreter

Hello everyone! Esther signing in from the U.S. Conf. Terp. Started using a digital pen since 2002 (when they had no recorder). :D #intjc

09/06/2012 20:12:03 WIB
Poppy Godiva @poppygodiva

Hello all! am in the middle of our last seminar, so will participate distractedly. Am staying in the room tho, no wc for me Lionel! #Intjc

09/06/2012 20:12:12 WIB
Poppy Godiva @poppygodiva

I am a conference interpreter and interpreter trainer, esp w consec, based in Europe. #Intjc

09/06/2012 20:12:42 WIB
Iciar Pertusa @IciarPertusa

This session could be so useful for @ileniagoffredo and her paper! #intjc

09/06/2012 20:12:44 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

However, with the document pointed to prepare this session I believe we can have a valuable exchange. #IntJC

09/06/2012 20:12:46 WIB
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