HFChat Transcript for Friday, March 25, 2011

The #HireFriday Twitter community was founded by Margo Rose (aka @HRMargo) to assist job seekers in their quest by retweeting their job needs to help extend reach and exposure. Each Friday at Noon-1PM EST there is a Twitter Chat using the hashtag #HFChat. This is the transcript of the peak period on 3/25/2011 from 11 AM - 2PM EST (8 AM to 11 AM PST). Read More
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

SNEAK PEEK #HFChat Q: How do you handle the salary question during the interview?" - http://ow.ly/4m075

25/03/2011 22:05:10 WIB
Karen Girard @KarenGirardCCDP

Hope I make it back-I have thoughts on all those Qs! RT @tombolt: SNEAKPEEK at questions re negotiation salary http://ow.ly/4m075 #hfchat

25/03/2011 22:08:02 WIB
Alison Zamora @alisonzamora

@tombolt that was going to be one of my questions today! #hfchat

25/03/2011 22:09:10 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

Join me at Noon ET with Margo Rose a.k.a. @HRMargo for #HFChat.

25/03/2011 22:10:11 WIB
Kelly Dingee @SourcerKelly

@tombolt I think I'm going to try and listen in to #hfchat....everyone has an opinion on the salary question

25/03/2011 22:12:59 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

SNEAK PEEK #HFChat Q: When is it important to bring up benefits and perks like vacation 401k etc.? - http://ow.ly/4m075

25/03/2011 22:20:13 WIB
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