#EMchat 30: Lead Generation

Tonight's chat focused on lead generation and best practices in the industry. We had Katy Barson (@katy_barson) from Hobsons as our guest and the conversation took off. Based on questions that popped up during the chat, you can look forward to this forming into a series at the end of summer. Join #EMchat every Thursday at 9PM EST!
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Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
Just a few minutes out from tonight's Lead Gen chat with @Katy_barson -- Join the convo! #EMchat
Josh Kohnert @JoshKohnert
Tweeps, it is thursday, you know what that means by now... Tonight is Lead Gen convo #EMchat
Jill Rowley @jill_rowley
RT @Katy_Barson: @sarahhums @hobsonsinc Yes! It's tonight at 9PM EST. Just follow #EMChat & check out http://t.co/Zf07aeCw for more info :)
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
5 minutes til #EMchat...consider this my EXCESSIVE tweet warning :) We're talking Lead Generation...join the convo! http://t.co/p8RSMEnY
Dr. Yolanda Norman ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐ŸŽ“ @FirstGenCollege
RT @JoshKohnert: Tweeps, it is thursday, you know what that means by now... Tonight is Lead Gen convo #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
Ok, #EMchat - who's here? Roll call: Name, Institution, Title ... WELCOME!! http://t.co/da0bH6yp
Katy Barson @Katy_Barson
@EMjennielle hey everyone - katy barson with hobsons here and ready to talk lead gen #emchat
Tim Amyx @tamyx
Tim Amyx Vol State CC Dir of Admissions & Registrar #EMChat
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
Stoked to have you guesting tonight! RT @Katy_Barson: @EMjennielle hey everyone - katy with hobsons here and ready to talk lead gen #EMchat
Sarah Hums @sarahhums
#emchat @sarahhums @hobsonsinc Senior Manager, Marketing Automation passionate about #leadgen no matter what the industry
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
@Katy_Barson Hi Katy - we'll do an official intro of you as our guest in a min...giving everyone some time to get here! #EMchat
Tim Dunning @timdunning
Tim Dunning CommonApp Online Team at Hobsons #emchat
Nathaniel Matya @nathaniel_matya
Here! Nathaniel Matya, @BuenaVistaUni, Assistant Director of Admissions, Transfer Coordinator #EMchat
Karen Full @KarenAFull
Hello, Karen Full, Director of Admissions, Kettering University Hope to keep up... my wireless internet is maddeningly slow tonight! #emchat
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
@sarahhums Hi Sarah -- great to have you here tonight! You all have an awesome team #EMchat
Josh Kohnert @JoshKohnert
I also have a second job working in our #FYE office. Orientation is in full swing here :) #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
#EMchat: So glad to see everyone! Sure have missed you all this week!
Cammie Baker Clancy @CammieBakerClan
Hi! Cammie from SUNY Empire State College. Director of Graduate Outreach & Admissions #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
@CammieBakerClan Hey Cammie! Glad to see you! We need to connect soon! #EMchat
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