Archana kulshrestha @archana13
@Vijay_MCIM Really nice initiative :) looking forward to more such chats @cancerawakens
Siddhartha Dasgupta @SidVoice
@Vijay_MCIM @Vijay_MCIM Acceptance, Taking Cognizance and Humility go a long way in 'Honouring' Cancer. #MyCancer
Sashank SV @svsashank
Very happy with the success of #MyCancer.. Thanks everyone for the support...
Cancer Awakens @CancerAwakens
A big shoutout to @Vijay_mcim. It was really nice having you for our #MyCancer tweetchat.
Athulya @athuface
@Vijay_MCIM Thank you for a great chat! Looking forward to future chats :) #MyCancer
Cancer Awakens @CancerAwakens
Also do watch our inspirational video http://t.co/JqKPmPtvPV, we have a long way to go in changing the mindset around cancer. #Mycancer.
Gautam Ghosh @GautamGhosh
How a Clear, Worthless Stone With a Brilliant Marketing Campaign Conquered the World http://t.co/ZItnFZNJ56 #diamonds
Vijay Bhat @Vijay_MCIM
Send us a quick tweet if you found this chat useful and interesting. More chats to come soon! Vijay #mycancer
Swatantra Sumati @mehrishisumati
#Dhyanchand: Hockey fans, players and coaches. Don't forget your concern and activism for "introducing" #hockey in more Indian schools.
Vijay Bhat @Vijay_MCIM
@shrutimalviya We may find cures for the physical aspects wrt disease/ organ. Much more important is the healing of the person. #mycancer
Santhan Reddy @reddyish
Thanks everyone and @cancerawakens for a great #MyCancer chat. @Vijay_MCIM it was great to hear your views. Bye!
Cancer Awakens @CancerAwakens
Thank you all for your participation, do check out the website of the book 'My Cancer Is Me'. http://t.co/47iCr0m4pd #MyCancer
Vijay Bhat @Vijay_MCIM
@SeatGrab_Ninja Next book? Yes ... only after we've recovered from birthing this one! :-))) #mycancer
Athulya @athuface
@drsanthan @politicalgeek13 @cancerawakens That's why tweetchats like this are excellent. Good to have a survivor leading this. #MyCancer
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