How @MoreAndAgain Got #JurorB37's Literary Agent to Drop Her

This is such a beautiful victory. Tweeter, @MoreAndAgain, learned about how Juror B-37 in the Florida v. Zimmerman Trial had secured a literary agent, found her information, sent her protests and was able to get her to drop Juror B-37 in less than two hour's time. Beautiful Takedown! Long Live Black Twitter!
April is #StillWithKap @ReignOfApril
The same way #BlackTwitter helped in getting Paula Deen's deals cancelled, you can stop the Zimmerman juror's book from being published.
Joel Avery @BurningBoat
“@MoreAndAgain: I don't want to learn how to work within this system, anymore. I want to break this system before it breaks me and mine.”
Married Man @Mr_MSG
“@MoreAndAgain: WHAT DID I SAY?!?!? --> Study Finds Blacks Blocked From Southern Juries:”
J. @heLLobrOOklyn
@MoreAndAgain I can just see you giving yourself a pat on the back for that one. like, you were really really proud. *slow clap* @tiabia
@MoreAndAgain We were just discussing how some of you guys think that NY is the end all be all of places.
Jason Kirell @jaykirell
@MoreAndAgain anyone who hates NY probably kicks puppies for fun.
Kenya D. @Kenya_D
@MoreAndAgain I think some ppl are discussing how kids from the north disliked being sent down to the south for the summer
Dr. Duchess Gummy Buns 🇯🇲 @JA_Gypsy
@MoreAndAgain He body language is VERY defensive also.....hmmm I want to fight her.
my buffs in tha shop @Niyohs
@MoreAndAgain She said she went into deliberation thinking GZ wasn't guilty, I thought.
my buffs in tha shop @Niyohs
@MoreAndAgain I don't think she was biased coming in, beyond her inherent white bias and black male fear.
Jason Kirell @jaykirell
@MoreAndAgain nope. not unless there's evidence the defense tampered with the jury.
Genie Lauren @MoreAndAgain
If anything, we can stop all the book sellers from stocking it.
Dream. Believe. Be. @drcatrinaking
...then she should donate all the proceeds to Trayvon's family. @keithboykin @MoreAndAgain
Genie Lauren @MoreAndAgain
Wrong. RT @and1grad: Being mad at a juror bc their assumptions arent the same as yours. Hmm.
Genie Lauren @MoreAndAgain
RT @quincy_moore: There are no retrials for Not Guilty verdicts RT @MoreAndAgain: None of this is grounds for a retrial?”
Thottie Pimpin @Suite_Tea
@MoreAndAgain They. Weren't. Even. Operating. Under. Stand. Your. Ground.
Genie Lauren @MoreAndAgain
Fuck her white tears. RT @ConcreteLoop: The #zimmermanjuror ended her interview by crying and saying how difficult it was...SMDH.
🙂 @MF_Greatest
@LoveMySkip @MoreAndAgain @miss_hellion do we know the publisher? The agent? Firestorm. We need one.
Genie Lauren @MoreAndAgain
RT @MF_Greatest: @LoveMySkip @MoreAndAgain @miss_hellion do we know the publisher? The agent? Firestorm. We need one.
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