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The 12th July, 2013 (Northern Ireland)

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n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

BBC News - Ardoyne residents groups call off protests against parade 見出しの件とは別にパレード委員会の件。もう毎年毎年の伝統芸。つまりエクストリーム状態。

11/07/2013 19:12:06 WIB
UTV Live News @UTVNews

Ross Kemp filming NI 'extreme' Twelfth: Ross Kemp has filmed in some of the most crime-ridden, dangerous parts...

11/07/2013 18:24:51 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

Ross Kemp filming NI 'extreme' Twelfth - UTV Live News すげぇ、首に「火」って彫り物入れてる人いるよ。「世界の危険地帯のドキュメンタリーでおなじみのロス・ケンプがベルファストに」

11/07/2013 19:15:08 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

Stormont recall over parade ruling - UTV Live News 10日のパレード委員会の決定(行きはよいよい帰りはこわい)についての報道だが、とにかく記事が長い。(笑)エクストリーム・モードなので

11/07/2013 19:17:01 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

Order to protest over Ardoyne decision - UTV Live News ふと距離ができると「なぜそこまでしてそこを歩きたいのか」という初歩的で根源的な疑問がやはり出てくる。

11/07/2013 19:31:45 WIB
Belfast Telegraph @BelTel

Orange Order say 'there will be protests' over Ardoyne Twelfth parade ban

11/07/2013 19:43:42 WIB
Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

Kilrea Derry came 2 a halt 4 funeral of young SF activist Christopher ONeill.He &Declan McKenna Killed in car crash.

11/07/2013 20:08:27 WIB
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Chris Hagan @hagan_utv

éirígí say its party secretary, Breandán MacCionnaith, has been told by the PSNI he is likely to be targeted in a gun attack in near future

11/07/2013 20:55:56 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

Loyalists all fired up - Union flag dispute fuels trend for even bigger Eleventh Night pyres 巨大すぎて遠近感狂ってますがwww

11/07/2013 21:56:46 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills


11/07/2013 21:58:06 WIB
Dean McLaughlin @Dean_Journalist

A picture of the 11th night bonfire in the Fountain area of #Londonderry today.

11/07/2013 22:56:45 WIB
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Dean McLaughlin @Dean_Journalist

A picture of the 11th night bonfire in #Articlave earlier today.

11/07/2013 22:57:57 WIB
Expand pic @NewswireDerry

Bomb threats to 2 Sinn Féin MLAs prove hoaxes: caller said bombs left at homes of Carál Ní Chuilín and Gerry Kelly.

11/07/2013 22:57:59 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills


11/07/2013 23:51:31 WIB
nuzhound @nuzhound

Bill proposed to allow opposition at Stormont :: The News Letter -- Sam McBride: #Ireland #Ulster

12/07/2013 01:43:21 WIB
nuzhound @nuzhound

Richard Haas appointed U.S. peace envoy to Northern Ireland to resolve crisis :: Irish Voice/... #Ireland #Ulster

12/07/2013 02:25:23 WIB
Sam McBride @SJAMcBride

Virgin Mary statue placed on a loyalist bonfire, then removed by loyalists, tonight was returned to Fr Gary Donegan

12/07/2013 02:18:36 WIB
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Sam McBride @SJAMcBride

Fr Donegan says returning the statue is an "incredibly responsible act" & person who returned it said Shankill people didn't want to offend

12/07/2013 02:24:09 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills


12/07/2013 02:31:14 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

※「北アイルランド紛争」は「宗教紛争」では **ありません** が、オレンジ・オーダー(カトリック排斥のプロテスタント過激派。詳細は教義参照)が主体である12thの騒乱の場合は、「宗教」の要素が非常に強いです。私が先に「宗教戦争」と揶揄したのはその意味においてです。念のため。

12/07/2013 02:58:12 WIB
Rob Evans @robevans74

@gerrylynch @revbrianb Common sense prevails: BBC News - Statue of Virgin Mary is returned to Ardoyne church

12/07/2013 04:48:08 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

#statue... leadership shown by responsible Orangemen handing over statue to Fr Gary Donegan. Well done.

12/07/2013 06:05:21 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills


12/07/2013 02:48:41 WIB
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