Peace activist Miko Peled in Nabi Saleh, Palestine

Every Friday for several years, the people of Nabi Saleh have protested against tight restrictions the Israeli occupation forces have placed on their access to land & water. Miko Peled, author of 'The General's Son' joined the protest today and sent these livetweeting reports & photos.
nabisaleh mikopeled nonviolence
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Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 16:23:07 WIB
In #nabisaleh now, its one of the most beautiful spots in Palestine @Justworldbooks @YousefAljamal
Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 17:30:01 WIB
#nabisaleh under the mulberry tree before the march
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Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 18:15:03 WIB
#nabisaleh how many armed combat soldiers r needed to face off a small non violent protest?
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Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 18:39:11 WIB
#nabisaleh calling it a day soldiers still standing
Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 18:56:29 WIB
#nabisaleh skunk shot into Bassem Tamimi don't yard, on my car! Border police all around
Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 19:08:53 WIB
@YousefAljamal @Justworldbooks #nabisaleh bad hit! Gas canister into Tamimi yard into the crowd. Bassem got it worst rest of us really bad
Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 19:12:39 WIB
#nabisaleh #IDf criminals shot has into a group of ppl in Tamimi home, miracle that none r seriously hurt
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Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 19:19:09 WIB
#nabisaleh people under siege in their home, on their land. #IDF is a terror organization
Miko Peled, @mikopeled 12/07/2013 19:39:51 WIB
#nabisaleh going home now my heart remains in this beautiful village and its courageous people

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