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Freedom, RIGHT Not given by countries to the people of West Papua
Suara Papua @SuaraPapua

Aksi Lilin Kemanusiaan Papua Untuk Wasior dan Wamena Berdarah

11/07/2013 08:36:37 WIB
Ronny Kareni @rkareni83

Prof. Nicholas Cowdery's Opening Statement #Biak Massacre: A Citizens Tribunal, #Sydney Uni, Saturday, 6 July 2013.

11/07/2013 08:18:59 WIB
♥Emi Elosak Weko☄ @EmiElosak

High resolution video of the Tribunal is being uploaded on Vimeo. See:

11/07/2013 08:03:36 WIB
Peace Papua ישראל @PeaceWestPapua

#Papuan rebel leader Danny Kogoya vows to keep fighting #Indonesia despite amputated leg

11/07/2013 07:53:28 WIB


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