6th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Fukushima (Day2) July 7th, 2013

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Mr.Yamaki is from Iitate Education Board. He talked about Education of Iitate.

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mr.Yoshinori Yamaki: education in Iitate. basic policy:protect life. child future. connect ppl.overcome Naccident. To play Iitate.

07/07/2013 07:39:21 WIB
URL YouTube 20130707DialogueSession4a (video) セッション4 飯舘のこれから 「飯舘の教育」 八巻義徳 (飯舘村/教育長)
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number of children. chart. % of remaining kids. ppl say how quite reduced. but some say still remaining much.

07/07/2013 07:41:44 WIB
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education in Iitate getting difficult. school number is half than before. all Fukushima wide issue. test grade problem.

07/07/2013 07:43:58 WIB
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kids, teachers, they need strong motivation. do my best. that's not clear. not target. how much, when. school need make students healthier.

07/07/2013 07:46:09 WIB

School number reduced. Many children need to go by school bus for longer hours. School teachers prefer other areas(like Aizu) with 'less radiation level.' Many teachers moved out from Iitate and also all SouSou Area.

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Reqire support from Fukushima Prefecture. visualize. cannot do only by students and teachers. radiation fear. so many teachers moved.

07/07/2013 07:48:00 WIB
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to aizu. SouSou area is not populor for teachers. might be afraid of radiation problem. Iitate school is currently at FukushimaCity.

07/07/2013 07:49:48 WIB
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chllenges. Iitate school is in serious problem. ministry of education is working hard. new attempt. new school system. we are discussing.

07/07/2013 07:52:55 WIB
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can you motivate? objectives. how teachers achieve. if you think of raising academic knowledge. when you say fun.that's vague. fiscal year

07/07/2013 07:55:42 WIB
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target management. goal setting. achivement of teacher. good way. grownups be the role models for students. future. children. accomodate for

07/07/2013 07:57:38 WIB

Mr.Ohira is from Fukushima Medical University. He talked about Health statistics of Iitate evacuees.

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end. Mr.Tetsuya Ohira: health statistics of Iitate evacuees. medical university I came. local redidents health. evaluate. data. improvement

07/07/2013 07:59:59 WIB
URL YouTube 20130707DialogueSession4b (video) セッション4 飯舘のこれから 「飯舘村民の健康」 大平哲也 (福島県立医科大学)
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effect of the radiation is for long term. temp housings. social stress. less moving. checkups for elderly Iitate. 3years. at least 1checkups

07/07/2013 08:01:36 WIB
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1503ppl. checked. including 1ce or 2ce included. before the accident data. we used both. measurment hight obecity weight blood pressure

07/07/2013 08:04:03 WIB
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liver function GPT white blood cell. judgement points. 140mmHG HDL 40mg/dl... before, and after the accident. average for2.1 kg increased.

07/07/2013 08:06:41 WIB
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MBI fig. here. ppl have increased weight. especially for male. increased drasticcaly. MBI 36% before. 48%after accident. much more

07/07/2013 08:09:06 WIB
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than Okinawa. especially for over 60years ppl increased in Iitate. diabetes from 9%, then 11%after the accident checkup.

07/07/2013 08:11:13 WIB
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seems liverproblem increasing.survey at the checkup. do not eat breakfast increasing. cannot sleep well ppl increasing. gym time decreasing

07/07/2013 08:13:29 WIB
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what chaged in these 2years. it's not just aging. by Naccident and tsunami, then evacuation life, and etc, somehow related. stress. but our

07/07/2013 08:15:17 WIB
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Added Link:Various radiation monitor in Japan&Fukushima can be read in English http://togetter.com/li/536759
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Added video ,ppt, and pdf data. Some are in English, some are in Japanese.