2013 Galaxy Community Conference (#usegalaxy)

The 2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013) will be held at the University of Oslo in Oslo Norway, from 30 June through 2 July. Read More
Samuel Lampa @smllmp

Any #UseGalaxy folks out there also working on @genomespace and going to #GCC2013 in Oslo?

27/06/2013 17:05:07 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

4 GCC2013 Birds of a Feather (BoF)sessions have been tentatively scheduled: http://t.co/RjZeOe1NxJ #usegalaxy

28/06/2013 05:36:53 WIB
Graham Etherington @BritishBirder

Looking forward to heading out to the Galaxy Community Conference in Oslo tomorrow. #usegalaxy #gcc2013

28/06/2013 18:29:33 WIB
Samuel Lampa @smllmp

Packing day, before heading to the #UseGalaxy conf in #Oslo, #Norway tomorrow #GCC2013

28/06/2013 19:05:24 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

Going to the 2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013)? Use #usegalaxy hash tag.

28/06/2013 23:11:30 WIB
Micheál Mac Aogáin @mmacaogain

Looks like the rain is down for the evening. Any good pubs in Oslo?! #usegalaxy #gcc2013 http://t.co/CAzPA7aeK2

29/06/2013 19:33:16 WIB
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Graham Etherington @BritishBirder

Just arrived at Thon Hotel, Ullevaal Stadion for GCC2013 to find that #GreenDay are playing the stadium tomorrow. Ticket booked! #usegalaxy

30/06/2013 00:39:52 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

Arrived in Oslo for GCC2013 #usegalaxy - checked into hotel and wondering if I want sleep or food most at this point…

30/06/2013 01:49:34 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

Now in Galaxy Tool SHed: peptide_to_gff: Outputs GFF3 with the peptide position in a reference genome http://t.co/jgCnUYGS5D #usegalaxy

30/06/2013 09:10:39 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

Now in Galaxy Tool Shed: fastq_validator: Validate your FastQ Files. http://t.co/Cu1PKrXTZG #usegalaxy

30/06/2013 09:12:33 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

Now in Galaxy Tool Shed: cmpfastq: Compare two fastq files http://t.co/xnO3Rbrx0k #usegalaxy

30/06/2013 09:19:28 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

Now in Galaxy Tool Shed: samifier: integrate genomic & transcriptomic NGS data with proteomic MS data. http://t.co/8bsi4GEYLc #usegalaxy

30/06/2013 09:22:35 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

The July 2013 Galaxy Update newsletter is out: 4 new public servers, 53 papers, openings, events, ... http://t.co/koU7mCvOLG #usegalaxy

30/06/2013 10:01:41 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

At Oslo Uni for GCC2013, Lobby starting to fill, registration AND breakfast from 8-9 is a neat innovation! #usegalaxy http://t.co/JLyu3PTJAC

30/06/2013 13:40:53 WIB
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Joachim Jacob @joachimjacob

Getting ready for the #usegalaxy conference training day!

30/06/2013 14:03:37 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

GCC2013 #usegalaxy: Galaxy Code and Storage Architecture. James says this is probably the geekiest session of the day http://t.co/35SvUMrTCv

30/06/2013 14:06:15 WIB
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Peter Cock @pjacock

#usegalaxy GCC2013: Currently Galaxy Job Managers do run their own web server etc, but historical accident which could be dropped in future

30/06/2013 14:19:53 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

#usegalaxy GCC2013 “Birds of a Feather” (BoFs) informal meeting schedule filling out nicely - http://t.co/4PuV8dIr2C

30/06/2013 14:22:31 WIB
John Chilton @jmchilton

Just over heard some #usegalaxy gossip in hallway. Hint: a ASMS / GCC road trip might make a lot of sense in 2014.

30/06/2013 14:24:24 WIB
Peter Cock @pjacock

#usegalaxy GCC2013: Galaxy plan to make internal architecture more modular, should also reduce memory overhead (but not currently a problem)

30/06/2013 14:25:31 WIB
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