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Living in #Mars

TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

Good afternoon, tweeps. This afternoon, while enjoying your cup of tea or working at the office, let's talk about the red planet. yes #Mars

02/07/2013 15:27:06 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

In TOEFL iBT test,you might find various topics that students usually learn in the class, like astronomy.(Taken from

02/07/2013 15:28:49 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

1. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on another world? How different would it be compared to life here on Earth? #Mars

02/07/2013 15:34:53 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

2. We need a world that is not too hot, not made of gas&nor so far away from the Sun that it is too cold.Can you guess which planet that is?

02/07/2013 15:36:15 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

3. The answer is, of course, our next-door neighbor, #Mars.But while it is the closest planet to us, it takes a very long time to get there.

02/07/2013 15:37:40 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

4. Just imagine a car journey with no stops that takes up to 9 months! That is the approximate journey from Earth to #Mars.

02/07/2013 15:38:33 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

6. That means that if you weighed 100 pounds, then you would weigh only 38 pounds on #Mars.

02/07/2013 15:39:27 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

8. #Mars’ surface is covered in dry iron oxide dust (like the rust that you can find on an old car),whereas our home's mostly wet with water

02/07/2013 15:42:16 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

9.#Mars hardly has an atmosphere,you'd need to protect yourself from the Sun’s radiation that on Earth our thick atmosphere protects us from

02/07/2013 15:44:09 WIB
TOEFL iBT @TOEFL_Indonesia

So guys, did you enjoy reading the passage about #Mars? Well, do you find it easier to read bunch of tweets than a short passage?

02/07/2013 15:49:44 WIB


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