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The Clinical Genome Conference 2013 (#TCGC13)

Konrad Karczewski @konradjk

On my way up to the city for #tcgc13! Presenting on open platforms for clinical genomics this evening

25/06/2013 04:29:17 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

Great to have shabu-shabu for lunch with @GenomeNathan and @KevinADavies today at #TCGC13. Ahhh, the stories I could tell :)

25/06/2013 06:21:13 WIB
John Humphreys @johnpharmd

MT @deannachurch @gabeinformatics Variants vs genotypes: @GenomeNathan made great case re vars not right tool for clinical #genomics #TCGC13

25/06/2013 10:37:00 WIB
John Humphreys @johnpharmd

MT @GholsonLyon @gabeinformatics:Nontweetable talk key pt @ pre-#TCGC13: there's a biz case 4 keeping clinical DB siloed, but bad 4 patients

25/06/2013 11:02:26 WIB
David Mittelman @evolvability

@konrad_jk hey, you just got a shout out for being a badass young author... #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:35:35 WIB
Maria Teresa Chavez @materechm

Just finished helping out in the registration desk and ready for the first session! #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:38:12 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

Unfortunately, Kari Stefansson not coming to #TCGC13. Really too bad. But excited to hear Korf, Rehm, Randy Scott.

25/06/2013 22:39:09 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

Kevin Davies kicking off #TCGC13, showing letter from Francis Crick to his son. Picture of Jim Watson now. bit of history.

25/06/2013 22:41:59 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

HiSeq2500 (BATCH) mode 5 genomes/run = $25K, so $5000 per genome nondiscounted reagent cost. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:43:25 WIB
Jonathan Sheffi @sheffi

.@KevinADavies isn't even at @bioitworld world anymore, but y'know, we just can't have a genomics conference without him. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:44:35 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

Also looking forward to hearing about CLARITY challenge process, etc.. here at #TCGC13.

25/06/2013 22:44:40 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

KD - Batten disease gene discovery via SVBio, also Shelby Valiant, and Grossman family Scripps. Some anecdotal success stories. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:46:20 WIB
Jonathan Sheffi @sheffi

A genomics conference without @KevinADavies would be like a Rolling Stones reunion tour without Keith Richards. We'd all lose out. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:47:26 WIB
AllSeq @AllSeq

Excited to be at 2nd annual Clinical Genome Conference! #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:47:49 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

KD - last saw Kari Stefansson about 6 months ago, remembers now Kari mentioning Amgen. Regrets missing that story! #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:48:05 WIB
David Mittelman @evolvability

+1 MT @sheffi: A genomics conference without @KevinADavies would be like a Rolling Stones reunion tour without Keith Richards. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:49:03 WIB
Brigitte Ganter @brigittegs

Bruce Korf: quoted in Kevin Davis book "The 1 million dollar interpretation" #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:51:22 WIB
AllSeq @AllSeq

Probably old news, but still interesting: It's now cheaper to sequence the genome than it is to print it (Kevin Davies) #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:51:28 WIB
Mary Ann Brown @mab_chi

#tcgc13 @KevinADavies kicks off the keynote session welcoming Bruce Korf to the podium addressing integrating sequencing into the clinic

25/06/2013 22:53:19 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

Bruce Korf up now at #TCGC13. Is president of the ACMG foundation. Going over ACMG ACT sheets. "What do I do next?" for docs...

25/06/2013 22:55:04 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

BK going over enormous "mis-annotation" of genome. Agree. Although I myself prefer to move AWAY from categorical thinking. Biometry. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 22:58:13 WIB
Brigitte Ganter @brigittegs

B. Korf: High proportion of incorrect, incomplete variance – need better annotations for #newborn screening by genome #sequencing #tcgc13

25/06/2013 22:58:26 WIB
David Mittelman @evolvability

Nice meeting @blueSEQ this morning before the morning session #TCGC13

25/06/2013 23:00:27 WIB
Jonathan Sheffi @sheffi

Hm. It really says something when Korf (president of ACMG Fdn) calls DTC genomics a disruptive technology. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 23:02:42 WIB
Gholson Lyon @GholsonLyon

BK acknowledging that consumer-driven genomic testing is a "disruptive technology". Very good to hear from someone w ACMG. #TCGC13

25/06/2013 23:02:59 WIB
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