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Mada Masr مدى مصر @MadaMasr

Meanwhile, Mada photographer @vynguyenhoang was In Tahrir Sq where crowds watched Morsy's speech...

27/06/2013 05:29:36 WIB
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Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Human Rights Watch: Lynching of Shias in Egypt follows months of hate speech at times involving Muslim Brotherhood

27/06/2013 22:51:18 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

RT @gelhaddad: #MB & #FJP contracted professional licensed security companies to guard major offices and HQs

27/06/2013 23:00:41 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Nathan Brown: the only ppl who have an accurate understanding of the current situation R those who R utterly confused

28/06/2013 02:32:41 WIB
Mada Masr مدى مصر @MadaMasr

Video: What is Mada? (with English subtitles)

28/06/2013 02:58:29 WIB
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Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

The team that brought you Egypt Independent are launching their new project @MadaMasr - independent progressive journalism. Follow them.

28/06/2013 03:32:40 WIB
Ahram Online @ahramonline

Live Updates: Egypt braces for Cairo rallies in support of President Morsi

28/06/2013 18:50:08 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

大規模な抗議行動とカウンターデモが予定されているエジプト、性暴力被害ホットラインの番号。現場取材の方、どうぞお気をつけて RT @moftasa: Hotline for sexual violence 010 119 109 17

28/06/2013 20:02:39 WIB
Hugo Bachega @hugobachega

Large crowd joins protest in #Cairo's Tahrir, people hol red cards and chant "Leave Morsi" #Egypt

28/06/2013 20:06:18 WIB
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Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف @Reem_Abdellatif

Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood attacked anti protesters out of fear they were going to attack MB headquarters, acc to hayat reporter

28/06/2013 20:06:56 WIB
Brian Whitaker @Brian_Whit

RT @evanchill State TV reports clashes and sound of gunfire in front of FJP building in Alexandria's Sidi Gaber neighborhood. #egypt

28/06/2013 20:19:30 WIB
Hugo Bachega @hugobachega

People are gathering in front of main stage in #Cairo's Tahrir Square, rest of the square almost empty

28/06/2013 20:35:12 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

2013年6月、エジプト、カイロ、タハリール広場 #June30 #Jun30 (巨大デモ準備段階) - NAVER まとめ

28/06/2013 20:38:49 WIB
Evan Hill @evanchill

Shorouk: Citizens north of Cairo stop 3 microbuses filled with Islamists carrying weapons heading to pro-Morsi rally

28/06/2013 20:44:16 WIB
Mohamed Fahmy @MFFahmy11

Ongoing clashes in Alexandria between pro-Morsi and anti broadcast live on CBC, leaving many injured with bird shot. #Egypt #Sidigaber

28/06/2013 21:14:04 WIB
Rawya Rageh @RawyaRageh

Health sources: 7 injured in clashes in #Alexandria, chaos in Sidi Gaber area as pro & anti crowds clash amid sound of gunfire #Egypt

28/06/2013 21:14:16 WIB
Joseph Dana @ibnezra

Toddlers, those under 4 feet won't be able to reach the Pres Palace due to the new wall the army has built in Cairo

28/06/2013 21:15:03 WIB
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Yasser Yabani @YasserYabani


28/06/2013 21:29:48 WIB
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills

更新。アレキサンドリアが荒れています。>2013年6月、エジプト、カイロ、タハリール広場 #June30 #Jun30 (巨大デモ準備段階) - NAVER まとめ

28/06/2013 22:42:16 WIB
Mada Masr مدى مصر @MadaMasr

Nasser, the army & down with Morsy at a protest today. Photograph by @vynguyenhoang

29/06/2013 05:28:43 WIB
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Mada Masr مدى مصر @MadaMasr

A protester at today's pro-Morsy rally. Photograph by @vynguyenhoang

29/06/2013 05:30:38 WIB
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