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Legal Translation Conference

Friday 28 June 2013. The event is aimed at all translators with an interest in legal translation and will include a practical legal translation workshop session in the afternoon.
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

There's asymmetric distribution of information in the interpreting system, says A. Pym #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:12:49 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Translators also tend to use risk transfer ("let the lawyer deal with this problem"), says A Pym #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:18:28 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

"If quality cannot be signalled effectively, the risk of bad quality is higher" (and price goes up), A Pym at #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:22:25 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

"If no one pays high prices, quality leaves the market", so true in #interpreting in the UK! #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:24:21 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Different signals for sworn or authorised translators in Europe #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:25:47 WIB
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Javier Moreno-Rivero @jmorenorivero

Even though I couldn't attend #LegalLinguists, I am sure that @mstelmaszak will be giving a great live feed. :-) Thanks, Marta!

28/06/2013 16:25:58 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

"Some institutions became good at signalling quality" but too many, too varied, A. Pym #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:29:49 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

If associations/institutions are fragmented, there's signal jamming and people don't know who to trust #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:30:38 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Employers don't trust signals and introduce their own signalling, A Pym #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:31:45 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

"We need a strong and single signal for quality in translation in Europe" A. Pym #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:32:38 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

There's a need to move from market disorder to protection and licensure. We need all stakeholders to act together, A Pym #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:34:45 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

"You don't just translate, you are the voice of the Court of Justice... no pressure!" Says B Porro #LegalLinguists @CIOLinguists

28/06/2013 16:44:25 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

"Procedureal deadlines in the Court of Justice seem more deadly" - true in legal #translation #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:50:03 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

A study on the role played by drafters, translators, editors and lawyer linguists, free and online on #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:52:52 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Nature of the job at Court of Justice: specialised #legal documents #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:55:28 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Documents: judgments, opinions of advocate general, notices for the Official Journal #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:56:17 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Documents: references for a preliminary ruling, unpredictable texts! #LegalLinguists

28/06/2013 16:58:59 WIB
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