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Obama’s Climate Change Speech Ignores Science & EU Experience Read More
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New Kickstarter campaign wants to make the largest boba tea drink in the world

28/06/2013 15:40:07 WIB
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WATCH: Demi Lovato launches treatment program for the mentally ill after her father's death

28/06/2013 15:35:05 WIB
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Judge denied bail for former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez

28/06/2013 15:31:05 WIB
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Vatican official arrested in corruption plot

28/06/2013 15:28:04 WIB
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Gun accessory maker to give away free high-capacity magazines in protest of state's gun control laws

28/06/2013 15:25:04 WIB
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Barney Frank: "We can thank John Boehner and the House Republicans for the most pro-gay decision ever"

28/06/2013 15:10:08 WIB
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This is how conservatives see the DOMA ruling

28/06/2013 15:01:17 WIB
Wyclef Jean @wyclef

There are many mistakes u can make working on a project. The worst one: never starting it coz u r afraid of making mistakes #AprilShowers

28/06/2013 14:55:50 WIB
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These celebrity look-alikes could play sisters

28/06/2013 14:55:05 WIB
Alysia @_BadBitchCRAZY_

Thank u babe 😘 u too RT @ilovemycut: @_BadBitchCRAZY_ was looking real right as always

28/06/2013 14:52:25 WIB
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The most delightful thing you will see today

28/06/2013 14:50:07 WIB
Alysia @_BadBitchCRAZY_

This bitch got me at waffle house instead of the strip club 😑🔫🔫🔫

28/06/2013 14:47:16 WIB
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WATCH: Idiot's guide to lighting your cigarette with your gas tank

28/06/2013 14:45:05 WIB
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The top 10 vegetarian-friendly baseball stadiums

28/06/2013 14:40:04 WIB
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Bert Stern, the photographer who shot the famous 1962 Marilyn Monroe photographs, dies at 83

28/06/2013 14:30:56 WIB
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The first trailer for "Escape Plan," a.k.a. "Prison Break: The Movie"

28/06/2013 14:20:10 WIB


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