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#Egypt: #MubarakTrial: #Tahrir (or elsewhere) protests?

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Jared Malsin @jmalsin

A couple hundred demonstrators in #Tahrir chanting for the reform of the judiciary. #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 16:15:24 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

RT @AJELive: Riot police chasing protesters away from police acadmy where #Mubarak trial took place #EgyPresElection

02/06/2012 16:33:56 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

All entrances to #Tahrir are blocked to vehicle traffic. Growing crowd chanting for judicial reform. #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 17:20:26 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Couple hundred more protesters marching into #Tahrir to reinforce demonstrators here. #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 17:27:49 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Commotion as one group starts to march down Mohamed Mahmoud st, rest of crowd chants for them to turn back. #Tahrir

02/06/2012 17:32:26 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Young men linking arms to keep others from marching toward police on Mohamed Mahmoud St. #Tahrir #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 17:35:41 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Protesters forming 3 human chains to prevent others from marching down Mohamed Mahmoud St. #Tahrir #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 17:41:51 WIB
عمو حسام @3arabawy

Protest 5pm in Assuit RT @ahmadfadl92: مظاهرة اليوم في ميدان المنفذ الساعة ٥ #اسيوط

02/06/2012 17:58:45 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

#Tahrir protesters expressing disbelief at acquittal of MoI officials. "Who exactly killed the protesters?" says doctor Ahmed Mahmoud, 28.

02/06/2012 18:06:49 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

#Tahrir protesters marching toward Talat Harb chanting "The people demand the fall of the regime." #Muabaraktrial

02/06/2012 18:34:13 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Outside the Supreme Court, more than 1k protesters here. Fights breaking out. I'm on the scene with @cliffcheney #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 19:17:00 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Protesters climbing on Supreme Court building. Some throwing stones. Most protesters urging others to pull back.

02/06/2012 19:22:31 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Crowd of at least a thousand outside the high court now. #Mubaraktrial Pic:

02/06/2012 19:33:34 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Protesters at high court are on the move again. #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 19:45:25 WIB
Bel Trew @Beltrew

March on Galaa street.Speaking to protesters, undecided could be to Maspero or #tahrir #MubarakTrial

02/06/2012 19:51:13 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Marching under an underpass, echoing chants of "Freedom!" #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 19:56:06 WIB
Bel Trew @Beltrew

Ppl smashed windows of supreme court& police vehicles-protester told me 'police fled so fast-they won't be back during day' #MubarakTrial

02/06/2012 19:56:50 WIB
Kristen Chick @kristenchick

Sigh. RT @Sarahcarr The usual argument in the march about whether to go to tahrir or maspero. Looks like maspero.

02/06/2012 20:02:42 WIB
Joseph Dana @ibnezra

RT @jmalsin: Marching under an underpass, echoing chants of "Freedom!" #Mubaraktrial

02/06/2012 20:03:20 WIB
Ahram Online @ahramonline

Live updates: Thousands take to Egypt street protesting ruling in Mubarak case via @ahramonline +video of the verdict

02/06/2012 20:04:01 WIB
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