Tweets from the Sunday Times / Wellington College Festival of Education June 21st and 22nd 2013
Michael Shaw @MrMichaelShaw
What do Teach Firsters look like? Note the illustration at the bottom of @tombennett71's blog on #EducationFest http://t.co/scEyEWna3p
Tom Sherrington @teacherhead
The Great Lessons series as featured at Wellington. Material from my #educationfest talk http://t.co/Ymj77UVLfa Thanks to all who attended.
Gill Budgell @gillbudgell
Wish I'd gone to #EducationFest but enjoyed the many tweets & blogs - esp this one for its core values @judeenright http://t.co/4iuVj3AGXJ
Rachel Swinburne @RachelSwinburne
Excited to share some of the practical stuff from #EducationFest with colleagues at school today!
Matt Buxton @mattbuxton10
Must read TRIVIUM by Martin Robinson.. made me think about what I do at a deeper level #educationfest -- Christopher White (@angelfoodmusic)
Wellington Learning @wellylearning
Blogging #EducationFest @tombennett71 muses on "the power of education as a transformative force for social change": http://t.co/tnwYIQMlsZ
Jozi South Africa @REVOLP
@C_Hendrick: Dylan Wiliam:"The only teachers who improve after their second year are those with a moral purpose." #Educationfest
Duncan Spalding @duncanspalding
Interesting account of #educationfest. Liked the quote at the end. Don’t share Russell Kane’s Grammar schl advocacy http://t.co/LmfpxBO6iv
Teacher: Martin Burrett @ICTmagic
@KristianStill I thought I recognised your name in the #EducationFest tweets. Where did we meet?
Zoe Andrews @ZoeAndrewsAST
Meant to get an early night tonight! Engrossed in reading other peoples' blogs about #educationfest but now not enough time to write my own!
Duncan Spalding @duncanspalding
@RealGeoffBarton next tweet a quote from Pope echoing your talk about being in control of your writing this Saturday at #educationfest
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