Pol Antras' Top 50 econ papers

@pol_antras builds his top 50 list of economics papers (that must be readable through services like Jstor) in chronological order.
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #50 Melitz 2003 “The Impact of Trade on Intraindustry Reallocations & Aggregate Industry Productivity” http://t.co/epRCwTNhpu

22/06/2013 03:59:08 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #49 Piketty and Saez’ 2003 “Income inequality in the United States, 1913–1998” (top income shares) http://t.co/cI3ig81EAX

21/06/2013 23:06:42 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

An #EconTop50 with more empirical papers would include Katz and Murphy’s 1992 “Changes in Relative Wages, 1963-1987” http://t.co/GWfJtc8fX1

21/06/2013 17:55:04 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #48 Acemoglu 1998 “Why Do New Technologies Complement Skills? Directed Tech. Change & Wage Inequality” http://t.co/xg0lLpRm2V

21/06/2013 17:54:04 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #47 Kiyotaki and Moore’s 1997 “Credit Cycles” (asset values & the amplification of financial shocks) (http://t.co/II95EmHvOM

21/06/2013 03:55:56 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

Their paper builds on Bernheim & Whinston's 1986 "Menu Auctions, Resource Allocation & Economic Influence" http://t.co/F6MgzCMJqj #EconTop50

20/06/2013 23:14:07 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #46 Grossman and Helpman’s 1994 “Protection for Sale” (common agency, lobbying and trade policy) http://t.co/dI6uJi4ere

20/06/2013 23:11:43 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

I am not sure this is @RodrikDani’s favorite Dani Rodrik paper but it is my favorite Dani Rodrik paper #EconTop50

20/06/2013 18:49:46 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #45 Alesina and @RodrikDani’s 1994 “Distributive Politics and Economic Growth” (inequality and growth) http://t.co/Eh9vblZ9ne

20/06/2013 18:23:14 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #44 Kremer’s 1993 “The O-Ring Theory of Economic Development” (implications of high complementarity) http://t.co/BOM94SKABx

20/06/2013 03:54:30 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #43 Barro’s 1991 “Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries” (the birth of 'Barro regressions') http://t.co/omrqWnCSVz

19/06/2013 23:50:27 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

Fair enough, @FPanunzi. It would be foolish of me to argue against the importance of Grossman & Hart '86 http://t.co/b49zcc2wLY #EconTop50

19/06/2013 23:49:31 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

Hart and Moore built on Grossman and Hart’s 1986 seminal JPE paper, which is not on my #EconTop50 only because it is a bit harder to read.

19/06/2013 18:52:30 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #42 Hart and Moore 1990 “Property Rights and the Nature of the Firm” (benefits & costs of integration) http://t.co/mfx1EeUZcg

19/06/2013 18:52:02 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #41 @PaulMRomer's 1990 “Endogenous Technological Change” (‘really endogenous’ growth theory) http://t.co/kAqSIselS8

19/06/2013 03:55:22 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #40 Murphy, Shleifer and Vishny’s 1989 “Industrialization and the Big Push” (modern Rosenstein-Rodan) http://t.co/3kTFg0bXFR

19/06/2013 00:17:40 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #39 Kiyotaki and Wright’s 1989 “On Money as a Medium of Exchange” (a deep model of money) http://t.co/GDeq03YWwm

18/06/2013 19:08:58 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #38 Lucas’ 1988 “On the Mechanics of Economic Development” (key paper in the revival of growth theory) http://t.co/Dn3iatl92o

18/06/2013 05:39:22 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #37 Shapiro and Stiglitz’ 1984 “Equilibrium Unemployment as a Worker Discipline Device” (no shirking!) http://t.co/rVOXXMDUTx

18/06/2013 00:50:52 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #36 Crawford and Sobel’s 1982 “Strategic Information Transmission” (seminal paper on cheap talk) http://t.co/eePF1nkCT7

17/06/2013 19:36:27 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #35 Diamond’s 1982 “Aggregate Demand Management in Search” (the Coconut Model - read the conclusion) http://t.co/WjrQKAvIsv

17/06/2013 06:20:13 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

Someone should come up with an #EconTop50 for Finance, Behavioral, Metrics & Empirical Micro. I realize I'm not being fair to those fields.

17/06/2013 01:35:17 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

My #EconTop50: #34 Jovanovic’s 1982 “Selection and the Evolution of Industry” (seminal paper on industry dynamics) http://t.co/cBz802VeH2

17/06/2013 01:14:33 WIB
Francisco Contreras @fjcontre35

@pol_antras: My #EconTop50: #33 Rubinstein’s 1982 “Perfect Equilibrium in a Bargaining Model” http://t.co/og0qN0ZbOg

16/06/2013 20:46:47 WIB
Pol Antras @pol_antras

Myerson followed up with two other influential papers in the early 1980’s: Baron & Myerson'82 and Myerson & Satterthwaite'83 #EconTop50

16/06/2013 08:39:59 WIB
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