Andrew Lawrence @TheClownKid
@USDayofRage Finally! Unite to speak out list your grievances here. Collect our voices! We are stronger than governments! #USDoR
Leo McDevitt @Leoslaire
We the People will be the next tsunami to hit the US #USDOR
RT @Maguis25: The US pretends to have 2 parties but they are just the same party, the party of the wealthy. #USDOR
Ishtarmuz dale west @ishtarmuz
RT @Leoslaire: I am PISSED at laws that erode my privacy while allowing the government to keep more secrets #USDOR
Dane @calirevolt
Follow @usdayofrage and let's start organizing massive protests to stop the military industrial complex #usdor #tcot #egypt #japan #israel
it's a matter of attention and mood in part, I'm sure, but I'm really unhappy and afraid of the state of my state, tonight. #wiunion #USDOR
Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola
@TigtheRed moderates will join once they see more and more people taking action—as they learn what we're about.#USDOR
Emily @gonyere
Ppl, we have power. Pull ur money from the big banks! Protest! We can change! But we have to all fucking do it! Or it doesnt matter!! #USDOR
J. Thompson @Obadiah6610
@spsenski #wiunion Is it possible for a state to certify it's Governor & put him in restraints? #wiunion #wearewi #USDOR
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