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international foreigners Japan earthquake
SCIVONE, LLC @scivone
The Oil tank fire in Ichihara, Chiba was finally put out. #jishin_e
SCIVONE, LLC @scivone_en
Free Translation for Foreigners in #Japan 【BRICKs 050-5814-7230】Available in EN,CH,KO (AM9-PM8 adds PO,SP) #jishin_e
Yuji Tanaka @ug_t
Softbank makes SMS free for a week since 11 Mar, 2011. #jishin_e
#おもロシア @chingiz
горячая линии посольства РФ в Токио тел 03 35 83 42 97 (круглосуточно) #eqjpn_enginfo
SCIVONE, LLC @scivone_en
We are now moving into #jishin_e from #jishin_en, #eqjpn_enginfo #jishin_eg . So sorry for inconvenience....
SCIVONE, LLC @scivone_en
We divide hashtag into each languages. #jishin_eg for general info in Eng. ( #eqjpn_enginfo #jishin_en )
Yuji Tanaka @ug_t
keep safe from aftershocks, tsunami, landslides and snowslides. Must avoid rivers and shores to come yet. #eqjpn_enginfo
Jeff Peters @JPetersinNZ
Japan tweeps! How about getting the quake hashtags down to 1 to help flow of info. #jishin_en #eqjpn_enginfo #shorterisbetter
Jun Uwaizumi @uwajun
In Kooriyama-City, Fukushima, water supply will be started at limited area. 1pm- #save_fukushima #eqjpn_enginfo
Jun Uwaizumi @uwajun
TEPCO says they may stop supplying power in Kanto area, due to damaged power plants. 6pm-7pm #jpquake #eqjpn_enginfo
Yuji Tanaka @ug_t
viral information on facebook is here http://on.fb.me/ghLlE8 you can ask something in even English #eqjpn_enginfo
(^-^) @HiroTag
Sorry Trying to gather #jishin_eg but comments r retweeted RT @scivone_en: We are so confused now ^^; is #jishin_eg for Eng? #eqjpn_enginfo
veinmx2008 @veinmx
for non-Japanese speakers, search and check Twitter hashtag #eqjpn_enginfo Twitter website... http://bit.ly/dYn6sX
Yuji Tanaka @ug_t
You can listen to radio in some languages in Japan. here's frequency list http://bit.ly/eBLFd2 #eqjpn_enginfo
cipher @cypher07
Personal Finder is available in English, Korean and Chinese: http://bit.ly/f5qJK0 #eqjpn_enginfo #jishin_eg
Yuji Tanaka @ug_t
Tokyo Electric Power company suggested to stop electric power temporally from time to time in turn in kanto area to save it. #eqjpn_enginfo
明和住販流通センターinfo @mrcinfo
[Disaster Message Board ] For au users...If you're trying to reach your family or friends, try this #eqjpn_enginfo http://bit.ly/e1j580
明和住販流通センターinfo @mrcinfo
[Disaster Message Board ] For softbank users..If you're trying to reach your family or friends, try this #eqjpn_enginfo http://bit.ly/fmiixV
明和住販流通センターinfo @mrcinfo
[Disaster Message Board ] For docomo users...If you're trying to reach your family or friends, try this #eqjpn_enginfo http://bit.ly/fsY1k8
Yuki @yuki528
Google's crisis response site consolidates info on crisis: 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami http://t.co/6Dbw8Yl #eqjpn_enginfo #eqjpn
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