Norsemytho Southwood Group: Forståelse Scientologi

Demetria Reed @dmtrireed

Norsemytho Southwood Group: Forståelse Scientologi via @allvoices

17/06/2013 08:33:07 WIB
Demetria Reed @dmtrireed

Norsemytho Southwood Group: Forståelse Scientologi -

17/06/2013 08:12:07 WIB
Miranda Cosgrove @MirandaCosgrove

Watching the parade at Disneyland when I was a baby. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out…

17/06/2013 02:18:30 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

I like Piña Coladas... Not a fan of getting caught in the rain.

15/06/2013 06:32:19 WIB
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Jake Owen @jakeowen

@thejasonhaney: @jakeowen I would do ridiculous things to be at that party” You're invited. You have to play a song or two. Deal.

15/06/2013 04:50:59 WIB
Miranda Cosgrove @MirandaCosgrove

A first look at me and my love interest Antonio in Despicable Me 2

15/06/2013 04:03:51 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

I need to hire a bluegrass band and rent a dunk tank by tmrw. It's party time.

15/06/2013 03:40:19 WIB
KarlyJo @GoldadeK

@jakeowen my boyfriend is blastin summer jam right now singin it to me, he knows I love you! Think we both need a shout out?! @SheldonFrueh

15/06/2013 01:02:09 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

Thanks @mrBobbyBones for having the boys and I in to finish our CMA set this morning. You guys are awesome. Word.

12/06/2013 21:40:26 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

@Bonomo27: @jakeowen feeling bummed. Any advice?” Yeah, put a shirt on in your twit pic.

11/06/2013 09:41:17 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

Ok..I gave in. @stageit show tonight. I'll play songs from my kitchen table while you drink a beer sittin at yours.

11/06/2013 09:38:52 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

@allisons15: Hey @jakeowen do we have a stage it date tonight? Trying to decide if I need to stay up past bedtime. #weeknight” Should we?

11/06/2013 09:16:47 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

@xomgitzjenniex: If @jakeowen ever tweets me I'll cry and will seriously get a lyric from one of his songs tattooed on me.” Get the ink...

11/06/2013 09:04:07 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

@emmalane1997: I'm thinking stageit show tonight @jakeowen ;)” Not a bad idea. We can all hang out

11/06/2013 07:12:05 WIB
Jake Owen @jakeowen

@mrBobbyBones: hey @jakeowen , you are formally invited to finish your set from last night on our show.” Say when...

10/06/2013 18:57:37 WIB
Miranda Cosgrove @MirandaCosgrove

Baby alligator! Thanks to the tarongazoo for the amazing experience

10/06/2013 14:12:06 WIB


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