Deng insurance could cost Team GB £300,000

NBA and Team GB star Luol Deng is set to play in the olympics as part of the GB Basketball squad - although there's just the small question of the £10m insurance policy that the Chicago Bull have asked for...
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RT @gallagherbren: Why GB are right to bite the bullet and pay Luol Deng's 300k insurance bill
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Great Britain Basketball should pay Luol Deng's insurance bill, however painful it may be via @Telegraph

Insurance is a funny old business; most of us tend to ignore the whole issue, until it comes to renewal time. Normally the only time we get excited about it is when we're about to go on holiday - and in most occasions it tends to be more of a subject of frustration, a question of whether a certain item is covered by our policy, or just exactly what excess am I likely to pay if it all goes wrong.

This week the Olympics, team GB and basketball all hit the insurance headlines, after it was announced that the cost of bringing British basketball star Luol Deng to the Olympics could cost the team £300,000.

According to official the star who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls was set to have an operation to correct a ligament injury, however Deng has stated that the GB Olympic was more of a priority and as such the NBA team are now demanding that Deng be insured to the tune of £10m

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London 2012 Olympics: Great Britain Basketball should pay Luol Deng's ... -


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