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Redskins - What's in a Name - Phil Jackson Speaks Out

Occasionally, Phil Jackson will RT my thoughts. I read Dave Zirin's open letter to Dan Snyder, "Enough," and tweeted my thoughts about a quote Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote in responding to ten members of Congress on June 11, 2013. Amazing @nflcommish stupid enough to publicly say @Redskins name is "a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride & respect." Read More
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

Amazing @nflcommish stupid enough to publicly say @Redskins name is "a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride & respect."

14/06/2013 01:14:49 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

'@nflcommish needs to fire any advisers that told him his statement on @Redskins was OK-Yes men not needed; then he needs to fine himself!

14/06/2013 01:24:50 WIB
Jonah Sachs @jonahsachs

time for reform: 10% "this is the lowest level of confidence Gallup has found, not only for Congress, but for any institution on record."

14/06/2013 04:35:34 WIB
Phil Jackson @PhilJackson11

For the past decade my alma mater has dithered about their mascot name:# The Fighting Sioux. I gave a talk some 5 yr ago when honored with

14/06/2013 06:17:30 WIB
Jeff Rothman 🌻⚾️🏒 @amazingjr87

@ClarenceGaines2 @bruce_arthur Just 1 of many dumb things that Goodell has done during his time as NFL commish

14/06/2013 06:17:59 WIB
Dog and Deuce @DogAndDeuce

@ClarenceGaines2 @PhilJackson11 @nflcommish @Redskins Couldn't agree more, not a smart but it isn't really correct either.#NFL

14/06/2013 06:19:29 WIB
Myles @myles_goo

@PhilJackson11 Redskins isn't offensive. If the Redskins change their name, should the Blackhawks, and Indians change their name also?

14/06/2013 06:19:40 WIB
game time @_ShutUpandJam

@ClarenceGaines2 @PhilJackson11 I dont think this gets enough attention. Can you imagine the outcry if it were Black/Brown/Yellow/White???

14/06/2013 06:20:00 WIB
Phil Jackson @PhilJackson11

A Phd of Phil-osophy about “change”. How each generation has to embrace change. “Unceasing change turns the wheels of life so that we may..

14/06/2013 06:20:02 WIB
Alex Robb @alexmrobb

@PhilJackson11 you are probably the only nodak alum that didn't support the nickname #stayinLA #dontcomeback

14/06/2013 06:20:37 WIB
Charles @cowboys20121

@PhilJackson11 well if u have any negativity about it that is U'r answer =change it..personally i'd b safe&change not wanting2offend any1

14/06/2013 06:21:22 WIB
Matt Busche @mrbusche

@ClarenceGaines2 @nflcommish @Redskins imagine if he used that defense for the "n" word. No difference in my opinion.

14/06/2013 06:21:51 WIB
Kim Davis @Ms_sportsfan

@PhilJackson11 Someone said how would African Americans feel if it was the Dallas Blackface or Blackies? It's just as offensive.#changeit

14/06/2013 06:22:41 WIB
Jose Gonzalez @JgJkuervo

@PhilJackson11 I remember reading about that talk on Sacred Hoops, they gave you the nickname Swift Eagle right?

14/06/2013 06:23:13 WIB
Phil Jackson @PhilJackson11

“Life in all it’s many forms…” the use of the name #Redskins is highly offensive. It is time to find a new name. I suggest the name Whigs.

14/06/2013 06:23:37 WIB
Charles @cowboys20121

@ClarenceGaines2 @PhilJackson11 @nflcommish @Redskins some people will say anything2keep the$train going=&since Indians not majority of fans

14/06/2013 06:24:27 WIB
JD @jpderose

@PhilJackson11 I suppose the Blackhawks should change their name too?? C'mon Phil

14/06/2013 06:24:38 WIB
Dan McMenamin @DanMcMenamin

@PhilJackson11 stop putting your too sense in the subject. Just shut up

14/06/2013 06:25:00 WIB
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