ESHG 2013 (#ESHG2013)

European Human Genetics Conference
Paul de Bakker @Piwdb

Tomorrow off to Paris for #eshg2013. Promises to be a fun meeting - and great weather outside! #genetics

07/06/2013 02:28:26 WIB
Paul de Bakker @Piwdb

Speaking of HLA... There will be an excellent session on #pharmacogenetics at #eshg2013 with Ann Daly, James McCluskey and Lars Fugger.

07/06/2013 04:25:35 WIB
Affymetrix @Affymetrix

Visiting #ESHG2013? Come to our satellite meeting on Sunday 9th June, 11:40–13:10,

07/06/2013 19:13:26 WIB
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Are you going to #ESHG2013? Be sure to say hi to scientific editor Sarah Ratzel.

07/06/2013 21:30:46 WIB
Galaxy Project @galaxyproject

At #ESHG2013? Drop by the Biomedical Data Analysis Galaxy workshop w/ Anton Nekrutenko & Enis Afgan #usegalaxy

08/06/2013 02:17:08 WIB
Orli Bahcall @obahcall

Who is up for an early bird pre #ESHG cafe tweetup tomorrow am? To settle the # waffling; think we are using #ESHG2013

08/06/2013 04:32:59 WIB
Orli Bahcall @obahcall

#ESHG2013 Interested in tips on publishing in Nature journals? Come to our workshop on Monday 1140am avec @Magda_Skipper @obahcall + #EJHG

08/06/2013 05:06:31 WIB
Jeffrey Barrett @jcbarret

Step off the train in kings cross at 0829, through checkin, screening & passport at Eurostar by 0838. Take that, air travel #ESHG2013

08/06/2013 14:40:32 WIB
Wendy v. Zelst-Stams @WendyStams

Op weg naar Parijs #ESHG2013 via Schiphol. Hopelijk op tijd daar om de Thalys te halen (5 min vertraging met de trein en overstaptijd van 6)

08/06/2013 15:13:23 WIB
Toril Fagerheim @TorilFagerheim

Started #ESHG2013 with seminar on Clinical application of NGS. Variable so far. Speaker want to use NGS on embryonic biopsies. Disagree!

08/06/2013 16:50:55 WIB
Orli Bahcall @obahcall

Racing to registration and the start of #ESHG2013 en Paris, its a bit of a blur

08/06/2013 17:13:23 WIB
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Affymetrix @Affymetrix

At #ESHG2013? Come to @Affymetrix satellite meeting Sunday 9th June, 11:40-13:10

08/06/2013 19:04:31 WIB
Joakim Klar @genehuntah

Ion torrent gives less false negatives then Myseq and Pacific, still high at around 20% #Eshg2013

08/06/2013 19:30:26 WIB
Jeffrey Barrett @jcbarret

Mike Quail from @sangerinstitute giving a technical description of NGS. Handy info for small labs considering buying a sequencer! #eshg2013

08/06/2013 19:32:14 WIB
Jeffrey Barrett @jcbarret

Mike Snyder thinks exomes will be around for 5 yrs for some applictions, in contrast to his view couple years ago. Intrsting point #eshg2013

08/06/2013 20:21:44 WIB
Wendy v. Zelst-Stams @WendyStams

Arrivé! Nu op naar #ESHG2013. Veel inbreng vanuit genetica #umcn.

08/06/2013 20:54:44 WIB
Doc_Rose @Doc_Rose1

Week end à l'ESHG Le monde de la génétique s'ouvre à moi #eshg2013

08/06/2013 21:06:01 WIB
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