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Hilary Duff @HilaryDuff

This big boy is growing too fast! Almost 15 months!

09/06/2013 01:03:05 WIB
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Hilary Duff @HilaryDuff

Sorry non meat eaters(don't hate me) this Texas girl needed a steak tonight

08/06/2013 09:02:45 WIB
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Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

Why does pasta taste different when it's curved into an elbow shape?

08/06/2013 04:33:10 WIB

Check out @RyanSeacrest's web-extra video of George R.R. Martin answering #GOTQuestions:

07/06/2013 19:24:42 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

So @GameOfThrones author GRRM told me he has his own ideas for the @AmericanIdol elimination rounds :-O

07/06/2013 10:31:09 WIB
Sarah Dyer @sarahdyer

@RyanSeacrest @GameOfThrones When are the rest of the books coming out? Just finished the 5th and it's killing me. Love them. #GOTquestions

06/06/2013 02:56:36 WIB
Morgan Manning @morganameridius

.@RyanSeacrest @todayshow I want to know ANYTHING about The Winds of Winter! Any progress? And fav ep of the show so far! #GOTquestions

06/06/2013 07:11:27 WIB
Blanca Lumbreras @BiDay12

Why doesn't George R.R. Martin use twitter? Because he killed all 140 characters #gotquestions

06/06/2013 03:40:42 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

headed over now to interview @GameOfThrones author GRRM… hit me with ur last min ?s.. use #GOTquestions

07/06/2013 03:13:46 WIB
Hilary Duff @HilaryDuff

So happy beautiful peonies are back in season. Such a fluffy flower. I. Just. Love. Em.

06/06/2013 10:03:16 WIB
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Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

Talking to @GameOfThrones author GRRM for @TodayShow (he wrote red wedding!!) What do u want to know? Use #GOTquestions

06/06/2013 02:18:47 WIB
Hilary Duff @HilaryDuff

My seester @HaylieDuff is the smartest women I know. Want to/need to/ be just like her #bigbrains

05/06/2013 10:54:40 WIB
Hilary Duff @HilaryDuff

The first strawberries from my garden!!!

04/06/2013 09:02:54 WIB
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On Air/Ryan Seacrest @OnAirWithRyan

Have questions for @MileyCyrus when she's in studio with @RyanSeacrest tomorrow? Ask using #MileyOnSeacrest!

03/06/2013 03:30:46 WIB
Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest

talking to @mileycyrus tomorrow and premiering her new track..wake up early for @onairwithryan. See u

03/06/2013 11:19:33 WIB


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