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#Financial news involving #IncomeTaxRates

Taxing Nannies @taxingnannies

Tax cuts may be in jeopardy: Whether it was to be in lower income tax rates or a credit for property taxes ... #tax

23/05/2012 13:11:22 WIB
Jeff Douglas @Boomerjeff

With Bush tax rates Income tax revenue, especially from the rich will break all previous records in 2012 #tcot #p2

23/05/2012 11:59:01 WIB
Joshua @jcpihama

Looks like structured tax arrangements are going coming to an end in this years budget. Not quite as sexy as raising income tax rates though

23/05/2012 05:32:39 WIB

There should also be a Robin Hood tax program implemented. With staggered tax rates based on income.

23/05/2012 04:57:38 WIB

KS: The law will cut individual income tax rates for 2013 and eliminate income taxes for the owners of 191,000 businesses.

23/05/2012 00:28:10 WIB

Old people moan abt low interest rates? They had cheap housing,free uni education & low income tax that nxt generation have to pay for!

22/05/2012 23:10:09 WIB
The Rzarim @MicWrecka

The only way to get free education is to pay higher income tax rates. Do u want that?

22/05/2012 22:26:44 WIB

Finance, budget, spendings, earnings, taxes...a few worrying words

A 30% single income tax rate could be implemented? Rather scary, isn't it?

Money is part of our daily lives and it is becoming harder to save.

But, the future could be better than we expect according to some analysts!


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