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Quadriplegic Student Views Life as a “Choice of Destiny”

( It’s been three years, three weeks, five days, and counting since paramedics arrived on the scene of an overturned vehicle on the grassy bank of Lake LU, and removed the motionless body of 16-year-old Demetrius “Chuck” Giles from the wreckage. Read More

A Choice of Destiny...

By Demetrius "Chuck" Giles

Chuck @chuckychuc

It all happened after 5 o’clock on April 23, 2009. I remember driving my friends to Pizza Hut to get something to eat.

22/05/2012 09:18:45 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I remember going around the curve at Lake LU, and my friend in the back seat said a car was headed towards us.

22/05/2012 09:19:09 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I got over in the other lane to avoid hitting it. When I swerved back, the truck we were in flipped over.

22/05/2012 09:19:23 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I remember waking up after the crash, and I tried to get out and help my little brother. He was next to me in the front seat.

22/05/2012 09:19:37 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I didn’t make it to the door. I tried to raise up but fell back down. Then I passed out…

22/05/2012 09:19:52 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I remember being told when I was in the ambulance, the paramedics couldn’t decide where to take me.

22/05/2012 09:20:37 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I’m not sure where we were headed, but when they heard me cough, they started working on me.

22/05/2012 09:20:58 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

They flew me to UAB Hospital in Birmingham where I slept for a long, long time.

22/05/2012 09:21:20 WIB (Demetrius before accident)

Chuck @chuckychuc

For a long time, my mind was blank but my head was big—it was swollen really, really big.

22/05/2012 09:21:35 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

When I finally [regained consciousness], I found out that people thought I was dead.

22/05/2012 09:21:52 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

People came to see me just to see if I was not dead.

22/05/2012 09:22:23 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I couldn’t move or say anything, but I was laughing inside…

22/05/2012 09:22:37 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

When I finally woke up, I could not remember anything or anybody.

22/05/2012 09:22:49 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

It took me a long time to get my memories back—memories like being in the band.

22/05/2012 09:23:06 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I used to play in the band. I was the “Music Man.”

22/05/2012 09:23:20 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

When I was younger, I played the French horn and at Sumter High I played the trombone.

22/05/2012 09:23:40 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

Mr. Ladson told me I needed good lungs and strong lips to play the horn.

22/05/2012 09:23:52 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I was selected section leader because my lungs were good and my lips were strong.

22/05/2012 09:24:09 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

They are not that strong anymore…

22/05/2012 09:24:20 WIB (Demetrius leads the Wildcats' horns section during after-school band practice. Before the accident, he was selected section leader because of his 'good lungs & strong lips.')

Chuck @chuckychuc

I don’t feel too bad about what happened to me. I got closer to God. He has changed my life.

22/05/2012 09:24:42 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

Because of a lot of prayers, my spirit is very high.

22/05/2012 09:24:59 WIB
Chuck @chuckychuc

I have confidence. I want to get my brain working, again.

22/05/2012 09:26:58 WIB
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